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Turkish style lamps

Turkish lamps. These lamps have a long history, and the manufacturing technology for these lamps dates back to Sumerian times and dates back 5,000 years. This technique has been evolving to the present day. It began in its origins by sticking pieces of pots on the walls of houses. This technique evolved from ceramics to metal and the introduction of materials such as glass and gypsum to join them and give as a result the mosaic lamps so remembered from the Roman Empire.

oriental lighting style

All these Arabic style lamps are made in a totally handmade way in Turkey and their design is based on the creation of images based on three glass sections. The set consists of a metal part made of brass and balloons composed of two layers. The first of these is a glass balloon which is covered with a second balloon that makes up the final mosaic. To show a button, look at such beautiful lamps, unique and unrepeatable pieces.

turkish table and pendant lamps

The Turkish lamps are an alternative for both private and professional spaces, to decorate and give a different point to the conventional. The manufacturer has a wide variety of lamps including in its catalogue ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, etc.... One of the aspects that surprised us the most when analysing the product was the colour of its light when it was turned on, it will surprise you!