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What is a nightlight?

A nightlight is designed to provide a small amount of light in children's bedrooms without dazzling or disturbing them. As the only light on in the bedroom, it will be enough to provide some visibility in the dark. Another of the important aspects of a sleep light is the power consumption and durability, these lamps are used to be on all night long or until the children have fallen asleep. Our nightlights use LED lighting or are prepared to work with LED bulbs, the power consumption of this type of lighting is very low, the perfect solution for lamps that will be on for long periods of time. For this reason, they are ideal lighting for babies' bedrooms or children's bedrooms, both for boys and girls.

For the little ones, having a light at night is essential, which is why the sleeplights are a perfect solution. By having a light point in the bedroom your children will be able to rest better and be calm at bedtime.

Babies or newborns wake up several times during the night, having a little light will help them to be calmer when they wake up and it will also help you to enter the room without having to turn on all the lights. On the other hand, little ones may also be afraid of the dark or need some light to go to the bathroom. Not being able to see anything in their bedroom can scare them and any noise will make them jump out of bed, with a nightlight they will be able to see what is around them and avoid startling them.

The installation system of a sleep light is very simple, you only have to place it in the socket of your choice in your son or daughter's bedroom. The sleep lamps include a switch so that you can conveniently turn it on or off whenever you need it.

Collections of Nightlights

Within the variety of night lights we can highlight the Star collection or the Cloud collection. The Star and Cloud lamps are table lamps in the shape of a star and a cloud, designed to be used as nightlights. Both collections have a children's shape and design that your children will love. The light they provide is perfect for them to sleep and rest well while it is on, without dazzling or disturbing them. They are available in bright colours to match the rest of the bedroom decor.

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