Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)
  • Bed warmer with pilot (450W)

Bed heater with pilot (450W)

Ref: 2200346
€30.80 Tax included
Tax included

Beds warmer with pilot 450W. Thermostat light turns on when plugged in and turns off after about 3 minutes to warn to disconnect. It provides between 3 and 5 hours of heat. Perfect for warming the bed on cold winter nights. Includes cover and plug connection cable (220v). Always use with the protective cover.

Dimensions: Height 5,5 cm. Diameter: 19 cm.

€30.80 Tax included
Tax included


Approximate date of delivery is between Thursday 14 July 2022 and Friday 15 July 2022

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- Manufacturer: F-Bright
- 3 - 8 minutes plugged in provides 3 to 5 hours of heat.
- Safety thermostat.
- Includes cover and connecting cable.
- It makes cold nights pleasant and warm with 5 hours of duration.
- The heat is progressive so that it increases after having disconnected it from the power supply.

How to use the bed heater

1) Open the Bag that contains the bed heater through the edge that has the connection to the plug.
2) Switch on the appliance for 3 minutes. After this time it starts to produce heat, handle with caution.
3) Disconnect the bed heater from the socket and store it in the safety bag. (Velvet bag)
4) Place the bed heater  between the bed sheets.
5) It can be left at the bottom of the bed as it emits heat for 3-5 hours.
6) If you are sensitive to heat, you can skip step 5 and just pass the bed warmer between the sheets before going to bed.
7) Do not remove the bed heater from its bag once it starts to release heat, as it is a device designed to be used exclusively inside the protective velvet bag.


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