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Lamp Oups dripping

Published : 2019-01-23 17:15:00
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Lamp Oups dripping

Do you see it? Have you taken a good look at it? If you take a look, we don't need to comment in great detail on what this lamp is inspired by. Its name is Oups Dripping by Nathalie Be, a French designer who has surprised with this standing lamp with a lampshade that resembles a can of paint spilling the paint on the floor, which is represented with the foot of the lamp as a squirt of a striking color.

It measures 1.65 meters high and does not go unnoticed, both for its design and for its colors. Its jovial and funny design and its bright colours make the lamp an interesting complement for youthful and minimalist interiors. The colors available for this lamp are varied: different shades of turquoises, oranges, fuchsia, chocolate... Oups is more than a lamp, it's an interior sculpture.

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