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Halloween Decor

Published : 2019-10-10 17:40:31
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Halloween Decor


Halloween lamps perfect for decorating your home or a shop, a reception desk or even your office. We want to share with you the new LED night lights with 7 colour LED decorative that we have in

We know that decorating for Halloween is often complicated, you never know whether to put a lot of ornaments or put a simple detail. No matter that you want to decorate your home or in the lobby of your business, Halloween decorations are often difficult to choose from. That's why we've chosen these 3D lamps for Halloween.

How to choose the decoration for Halloween?

If we think about this well-known celebration at the end of October, the costumes, candies, cobwebs, pumpkins and skulls come to mind. Just these last three Halloween symbols are the three 3D lamp models we bring for you.

Halloween lamps

They are very practical lamps as the installation is simple and then they can be folded and picked up for next year with ease. They have two parts the methacrylate plates and the base with coloured LED light. The base has a button for a comfortable on or off.

Halloween Lamp Models

Now we are going to show you the different models of lamps to place on Halloween:

3D Skull Lamp

This lamp with skull silhouette is perfect to give a different and very original touch to your Halloween adornments. In addition, it is a design that you could place in a junior bedroom all year round.Skull 3D Lamp halloween

The different colour lights of the RGB LED are perfect for serving as a bedroom night light as a secondary use and on Halloween days place it in your hallway to complete your spooky décor.

Pumpkin Shape 3D Lamp

The pumpkins, one of the decorative elements par excellence in this festivity that we have brought from the United States. Now we can't see a pumpkin without imagining it with two eyes, a nose and terrifying teeth. Pumpkins are very typical of Halloween when used as decorative lamps.

Pumpkin table lamp

This 3D lamp is shaped like a pumpkin and it's also a lamp! just like American pumpkin lamps. It's a winning combination when you put it on your store counter, in a corner of your bar or in the lobby of your home to scare your guests.

Halloween Lamp 3D Web

Finally, we have the lamp in 3D with drawing of spider web, other of the most known symbols in Halloween. Are you tired of having to buy spider webs to put in your business? They only last a few days and then are very difficult to save for use next year. This won't happen to you with this spider web lamp, which you can store back in its box comfortably and use year after year, what better way to decorate your business or home than with such a Halloween symbol?

Halloween decoration

This spider web lamp with a spooky chandelier on the web is perfect for terrifying your visitors or customers if you place it in your business.

 Halloween Lamp Functions

This decoration for Halloween has different modes that are triggered by the button on the base. It has an RGB LED light of 7 different colours. These colours you can put them with fixed light in the colour you prefer, or you can change the 7 colours little by little, so it would have two modes.

The first mode allows you to fix the colour of the light, so that the lamp always looks with a shade of the 7 available: White, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Lilac.

The second mode allows you to slowly move the 7 colours from one to the other in order. It is a very good option to see all the colours automatically.

You can switch between one lighting mode and another in a simple way. In the assembly instructions you have detailed how to change the modes and functions, but before buying this lamp you see that it is simple, we leave you the functions and how to handle them.

With your finger press the touch ON/OFF button to see each of the 7 different colours.

If you press the button again, it activates the automatic sequence of seven colours.

If the button is pressed again, you turn off the lamp.

Very simple, isn't it? With just one button you can operate the ignition, leave a specific colour, set the colour sequence and turn off the lamp.

These Halloween lamps work with two methods, either with batteries or with a plug connected to the mains. Simple to place in any area to be able to turn it on these two ways.

The packaging of these lamps allows you to keep the lamp between each year, in these two photos you can see how it is packaged:

Unpacking Halloween Lamps Unpacking Halloween Lamps

 Where do I put these lamps for Halloween?

Of course, we've explained the Halloween lamps we have, the ways it has, and we've let you see where to place them. But we can explain it to you a little more.

First, it would be to decorate a home and we could even divide it into houses that do celebrate Halloween and decorate a lot their homes and houses where Halloween is not celebrated as such, they keep a few trinkets and candy in case someone knocks on the door and little more.

 For households that do celebrate Halloween, it is normal to place a large decoration that includes pumpkins, skeletons, witches, black cats, cobwebs and endless decorations. Since you're going to imitate the great decorations of American homes, why not place a 3D lamp like the ones we just showed you? They are discreet and easy to pick up, a sure hit.

 On the other hand, there are the homes that don't care about Halloween. They're not going to spend time or money filling their home with decorations for a night of celebration, but who knows, maybe they'll knock on the door and you'll want to have a little something with your neighbours by giving them some trinkets. In these cases, our 3D lamps are a great solution to decorate with a single lamp the hall of your home. You do not need to invest more in decoration, only with this lamp in 3D you will see that you celebrate this holiday.

And on the other hand, we have the decoration of businesses and trades for Halloween. Whether you have a bar, a shop, an English academy, a fruit shop... In any case you can place a simple ornament to indicate to your customers that you celebrate this type of festivities. How to place the typical snowman or Santa Claus for Christmas.

Being a portable product you can place it during the last week of October, then keep it in its box until next year, easy and simple, in just 1 minute you will have the decoration for Halloween mounted and in another minute you can pick it up.

Do you already know which model you want for your decoration? On our website you have the 3 models for you to decide to buy Halloween lamps.

Written by Sergio L.

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