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Published : 2019-09-18 15:53:49
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Outdoor lighting, when we talk about it often raises a very common question: Which lights can illuminate the outdoors of my home? This is a question that many of our customers ask us because it is not always easy to light terraces, gardens, balconies, swimming pools and outdoor passageways.

At we have an extensive catalogue of outdoor lamps to provide the right light for every corner. It is not the same to give light to a wall, to illuminate the plants of the garden or to have a good light in the swimming pool. You can use different types of lamps that adapt to the outdoor lighting you need:

Types of outdoor lights

There are two types of outdoor lighting that you can install outside your home: powerful spotlights or decorative light lamps.

The most common types of powerful light are some wall lights, ceiling lamps or outdoor ceiling lights with a slightly pointed light and when you turn them on you can see almost as if it were daylight.

The large exteriors require a light less powerful, rather decorative to leave on all night or turn on in large spaces to illuminate areas of plants or areas of passage with a light that does not disturb the view.

What is necessary for a lamp to be able to light exteriors?

An outdoor lamp needs the right IP rating to be able to operate safely outdoors. What is IP rating? In short, it is a measure that establishes the resistance to dust or water of a lamp. In detail you can see in this link much more information about the IP degree "IP degree of protection in lighting".

IP Outdoors table

It is recommended for a lamp to have at least an IP 44 rating for outdoor use. With lower IP it must be protected, or it should not be at the risk of large quantities of water. Higher than IP 44 as IP 54, IP 65, are usually used in areas that are known to receive water even in large quantities, either by frequent rains or being near a swimming pool. The IP67 - IP68 ratings are the only ones that allow to submerge the illumination, it would be the case of lights for the interior of swimming pools.

Let's start by dividing the different areas that need good outdoor lighting, because although they are similar places to each other, each needs a different light. Some of the areas you may be interested in may be:

  • Lamps for gardens
  • Lamps for terraces and porches
  • Road signs and access gates
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Decorative wall lighting

These are the most common areas that need outdoor lighting, so we're going to show you some examples of the different lamp options you can place.

Outdoor garden lighting

The garden, a relaxing place thought to have your favourite plants and flowers. It is not necessary to have a strong light in this area, generally, but it is better to look for a decorative outdoor lighting that lets you see the trees and plants with a dim light.

The best thing is to look for outdoor lamps that will last for years, there is no need to worry about the light we have in the garden every little bit. Some examples would be wall lights, bollards and outdoor lanterns to give light to roads and passageways. Some examples would be the following:

Garden wall light Lope Garden Lamppost Capri Garden Bollard light Logar

Lamps for terraces and porches

Terrace and porch lamps could be installed without IP, but we think that prevention is always better than cure. Even if only once a year, a torrential storm can strike and spoil poorly prepared outdoor lighting. In addition, IP-grade products are often very well prepared for the outdoors, not only protect against water and dust, but are usually made of materials resistant to wear and tear from the sun and wind.

Some pendant lamps or exterior wall lights can illuminate covered areas but outside.


Ohio outdoor lights Collection Elysees outdoor pendant light Michigan Outdoor lights Collection


Signposting outdoor pathways and access doors

The best way to signpost roads are the outdoor bollard lights, followed by the pedestal lights and finally the spotlights with spikes in case you want a dimmer light.

The outdoor bollard lights are the best road signs. They are of varied designs, with a perfect light to see where we step and the environment that surrounds us, they can be LED bollards so that their consumption is minimal or they can take solar panel, very simple installation and zero light expenditure.

Some examples of bollards, pedestal lights and pickets can be those ones:


Outdoor Bollard lights Plim Pedestal Light Nala Outdoor spike light Toni


The entrance doors need a pleasant dim light so that during the night we can get the key in without problems or if you have a basement or a tool shed outside is also very useful to have a light that lets you see the entrance. To illuminate this area there are two clear options, wall lights or exterior lighting with motion sensor.


Some examples of wall lights for entrances can be these two here. One has enough ambient light to see the door and the other has a sensor to make it easier to turn it on:

Outdoor wall lights Outdoor wall sconce Stand


Lighting swimming pool areas or areas in contact with water


Swimming pools are very difficult to illuminate. The degree of IP, level of resistance in this case to the water, must be very high. We cannot place a lamp without IP rating or lower than IP44 near the pool, as it could stop working or even damage your electrical installation among other things.

Some of our products designed to illuminate the sidewalks near swimming pools or nearby walls would be these here:

Wall light for swimming pool Swimming pool wall light Alba Decking Light

Decorative wall lighting

Exterior walls or facades can be somewhat empty without light. Large walls or passageways are left in darkness and without grace during the night, a problem of exterior lighting that is often very difficult to solve. But there are some applications a little different to conventional outdoor lighting, the light they emit is decorative and bathes the wall with a light linearly or illuminating specific areas.

There is a wide catalogue of wall lights that give a decorative light to a wall bath. The "wall bath" or "light bath" is an effect by which a wall light illuminates a wide area of the wall so that the reflection that gives that light, of a very decorative dim ambient lighting.

This creates an impressive decorative effect that fills the exterior walls of your home with light and colour. Some wall lights that have a light bath effect are these.


Outdoor wall light Beekman Wall light LED Fount Outdoor Up and Down Wall light Square

Now that you have some lamps recommended for outdoor use depending on the area you want to light, you can see some of the frequent doubts that our customers usually make.


Do I really need to put light on my balcony or terrace?

Although not often, there is going to be a moment during the night when you want to leave your home and need good outdoor lighting. It is not normal to have to rely on flashlights or other similar light sources, it is normal that you can have a pleasant outdoor light so that you turn on a button, fill your terrace or balcony with light. Just to hang clothes or do other outdoor activities, it is more comfortable to have one or more lights that let you see where you step, an option could be motion-sensing lights.


How do I install an exterior wall light?

Outdoor wall lights usually come with an access on the back or bottom of the wall light. This access is used to run the mains cables inside the body of the wall light, but safely so that water or dust cannot enter.


The first thing to keep in mind is that we will need a cable to connect to the electrical network that arrives at the wall light. The cable must be in good condition and preferably suitable for outdoor use.

Once the power is disconnected, connect the cables with the wall light and fix the wall light to the wall with a drill. It is very simple, following the assembly instructions that are included in any of our wall lights, you can have the light installed in a moment.


How do I install an exterior bollard light?

The bollards to signpost outdoor roads can be a little more complicated to install than the wall lights, but they should not take much time either.

The bollards need a good anchorage to the ground in order not to fall, so we are going to need a good resistant base to screw it to.

The light cable can reach the bollard from the ground or it can be placed glued to the edge of the sidewalk. This last option is much simpler since a bollard almost always goes next to a sidewalk. The elevation of the sidewalk will allow you to hide the light cable so that it reaches the bollard in an aesthetic way and goes unnoticed.

As with the installation of outdoor wall lights, road markers require a few simple steps. All you should do is disconnect the power, firmly fix the bollard to a stable floor and that's it.

 When should I install the outdoor lighting?

The normal thing is that you think that the light is only needed in summer, which is when we want to spend some time outdoors because it is good weather until late at night. But consider two things, the first is that in summer we have more daylight hours and the second is that coincidentally in winter at 6 pm is dark. If we want to go out for a moment to get something on the terrace or water the plants in the garden, we will need an outdoor lamp to see.

So, the time that might be best to install or improve your outdoor lighting would be in the autumn months for example, which is not bad weather and can be prepared for winter. Although the important thing is that you see during the evening night, so at any time it is a good idea to install an outdoor lamp. If it has a solar panel it will cost you a few minutes and if it needs electrical installation you may have finished in a couple of hours, as it is very simple to install any lamp as a wall light or an outdoor ceiling panel.


Is it better to put a powerful light in my garden or several lights?

The powerful light throughout the night is not necessary, with an exterior lighting of several points of dim light we will have a very pleasant light. In cases of wanting to make daily life outdoors a set of powerful lights only for specific moments. The normal thing is that you have your terraces and gardens with several points of tenuous light or with decorative light so that you can go out to the open air.


How do I light outdoor areas without having to do a complex electrical installation?

Solar panels, the solution to light those outdoor areas in which you want to have a constant light at night, but do not want to have to spend a lot of money or time installing electrical connections. Some of our solar panel lamps do not require any installation, just fix it on a wall or nail it to a flowerpot and you're done. Comfortable, fast and with enough light to see outside.

Now you know much more about outdoor lighting, enter our website to buy outdoor lamps.

Written by Sergio L.

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