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Published : 2019-11-22 10:00:00
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We are going to discuss the topic of smart lighting in this edition, as well as introducing you to our new smart lighting products. Here we will tell you a series of advantages of this new way of programming all kinds of lamps in your home in an easy way and give you reasons why it is the new reality of home and business lighting.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is the latest technological advance in lighting in recent years. The first thing is to understand this new term of connected lighting or smart lighting. The " Smart Lighting " products are called lamps that can be programmed, turned on and off remotely, using a mobile phone or "Smartphone".

These smart lamps can also be connected to tablets or other devices via WiFi so you can perform all lighting functions from a single device. An economic and simple way to turn your home into a "Smart Home".

smart home

Key features of Smart Lighting

Just a few years ago, the ability to synchronise the lamps in a household or turn on the lights in common areas in neighbourhood communities required a complicated and costly installation. They could be called as domotic systems, which allowed to program the lamps but in an inaccessible way, having to go to a switchboard to be able to change the programming.

alexa smart control

Now everything is simpler, the preliminary installation is minimal or not even necessary to program the lamps. In addition, the programming can be changed easily by pressing a single button from your mobile phone. And of course, something very important is to be aware that smart lighting is cheap compared to a home automation installation, in addition to providing a comfort that is worth its price.

The main feature of a "Smart" product is that you can connect to other devices and perform complex functions that are easier for the user as they are simplified to use a button.

smart tuya

However, the smart lighting of our products has its own characteristics:

  • You can manually turn a lamp on/off from your phone.
  • You can turn on/off a lamp while you are away from home.
  • You can program the on/off of a lamp.
  • You can create a timer so that the lamp goes out automatically at the end of the time.
  • Change the light intensity and/or colour temperature of the light.
  • Join several lamps to turn them on at the same time.
  • They are compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to program by voice commands.
  • Smart lighting is very simple, requires little installation (in many cases connects as a normal product)

Smart Lighting Products

Here you have the intelligent lighting products that you can see on our website. So far we have four Smart lighting products, to be able to connect all the lamps you want from your home to the same phone.

E27 LED Smart Bulb

To start with, we have the best smart product on the market, a smart LED bulb that can do everything a bulb can do. Like other Smart Lighting products, it can be programmed, turned on and off remotely, but has many more functions. This smart bulb is designed to give you the light you need at any time, you will be able to program it and it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control the bulb by voice commands.

smart bulb

Outstanding features of our smart bulb:

  • You will be able to regulate the intensity of the light.
  • You can change the colour temperature of the light. Choose between warm white light, neutral white light or cold white light.
  • Coloured LED Lighting: RGB LED that allows you to change the colour of the bulb to colours such as green, red, yellow or blue and many more.

WIFI Smart Plug with timer

This intelligent programmable timer plug is the perfect solution for connecting floor or table lamps to the smart lighting of your home. It can program the lighting you plug in and is perfect for using its timer mode.

smart plug

You will be able to leave a device charging and program the plug to disconnect automatically after a couple of hours. Perfect to increase the useful life of the batteries of your mobile or tablet and do not have to be plugged-in all-night charging, just the time they need.

WIFI smart strip (4 plugs + 3 USB ports)

As with the plug, the smart socket can connect several devices to the same point. In this case you can focus on the lighting or see the advantages of connecting different devices such as a radio, television or USB-charged devices such as mobile phones, tablets or small electrical devices.

Smart Power strip

WIFI Smart Switch

This product is a smart driver that can regulate the electricity received by a lamp by programming the on or off. Perfect for installations with several lamps, ceiling lamps that do not use E27 bulbs or for somewhat complex lighting installations with several points of light.

smart power strip

The Smart Switch Driver is perhaps the most technical product as it requires an installation. But don't worry, like all Smart Lighting products, it can be easily connected by following a few steps. And once you have it installed you can turn on and off the lamp or lamps you have connected, just like pressing the switch on the wall, only with more functions and the option of programming.

How do our smart lighting products work?

As you have seen in our products, everything is an advantage. But you may be wondering if there is anything wrong with the installation and commissioning of these products. Well no, there are no problems, moreover the smart lighting is very easy to install, our products especially three of them, do not require installation. Our fourth product, the Smart Programmable Driver, is something more technical but it can be installed in a few simple steps.

The functions are simple and intuitive, and you will be able to operate them without problems in a very comfortable way. The programming and voice control only should be linked once, and the application will save your data for next time you want to make changes in your lighting.

Do I need to place Smart Lighting products in my home?

Let's give you some examples so that you can see that smart connected lighting is very useful for your everyday life. Of course, the smart LED bulb is impressive to be able to put the light you want in a lamp with a single button.

But here are two very useful examples to get the most out of your lighting products:

Charging Wifi smart power strip with a desk lamp and a mobile phone

smart power strip

Here you can see the power strip connected to various devices to function normally and we can disconnect all from the button as a normal power strip. But we can also use the timer function to disconnect everything after a few hours, prolonging the battery of your Smartphone.

Wifi Smart timer plug

smart plug

Here we have one of the LED pots we have in the office, connected to a smart plug. Scheduled to turn on and off at the hours and days we are working in the office, so we don't worry about putting it on and taking it off every day.

Some examples of the smart lighting applications

That's right, we've already explained how Smart Lighting works, what products we have and their functions. But you're probably wondering, what use can I make of these products?

 WIFI Smart bulb

You can use our bulb to upgrade a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or table lamp. With this bulb you can regulate the intensity of the light and even use a coloured lighting. This gives a lot of comfort when it comes to lowering the power of the light while you're watching a movie at night or to program the light to turn off after a certain time, either not to forget or just in case you fall asleep. The colours of the bulb give an original lighting that you can use to create a different decoration when playing with the colour of the lighting.

smart bulb rgb

WIFI Smart plug

You will be able to connect any lamp that does not use an E27 bulb and turn it on and off whenever you want. A few interesting uses that have occurred to us are to be able to program a lamp to turn on automatically at night and you can also turn on other equipment without problems such as televisions, radio or other appliances. You could also make the plug disconnect after a few hours so that your mobile is not charging all night, increasing the life of your phone.

WIFI Smart power strip

Like the plug but with more connection possibilities. You can charge up to 7 phones or devices and program to turn off after a few hours and thus avoid spending more time than necessary charging. You can connect devices that use USB for charging that require many hours to charge and make the App Tuya warn you when the power strip has been turned off.

WIFI Smart Driver Switch

A little more technical and for professional use than the rest of intelligent products. The normal thing is that you want to install the Driver to be able to turn on and off lighting in an automatic and programmable way. It is very useful to place this driver if you are doing a reform or changing the lamps in your home because you take advantage of the installation to connect the driver. Although this Driver is compatible with all types of lamps (provided it meets the specifications of the Driver) so you can also connect it to your favourite lamps and be able to turn them on and off automatically.

Other examples for smart lighting use

  • You could make people believe that your house is lived during your holidays by programming the lighting of concrete lamps or television. Perfect for going on holidays or weekends because you can program the on and off or even turn on and off from wherever you are connected devices.
  • To program portable heaters, humidifiers or fans to work when you need them. Whether it's before you get home or work.
  • Program outdoor lighting or signage lamps so that when you get home you have light. (These Smart products are not suitable for outdoor use; proper protection is recommended if they are to be used outdoors.)
  • Disconnect remotely devices that you do not want to operate when you are not at home, such as your WiFi Router, although if you remove WiFi with one of our smart products you could not turn it on remotely by losing its Internet connection.
  • Savings in light costs when you program to turn off certain lamps, televisions or other devices after a certain time. You can set a time limit in which your TV and lamps turn off just in case you fall asleep. Saving all the time you wouldn't need those devices, wasting light without you needing it.
  • Disconnect the video console or computer. Yes, it's a bit crazy, but we wanted to give you all sorts of examples. You can make the plug to which a computer or console is connected switch off after a certain period of time. You can even turn on the console from outside the house with your phone and turn it off whenever you want, if the plug is inaccessible can be a way to regulate the use of video games. Switching off these devices is safe because the plug/socket doesn't suddenly disconnect the power as if you were pulling the cable, it reduces the power gradually in a few seconds. (It can cause loss of data saved in games and other programs for which we are not responsible).
  • Frequently asked questions about Smart Lighting

Are Smart Lighting products easy to install?

Yes, they are very easy to install because they are designed to make your life easier, so installation and programming is not a problem. The driver does require a minimum of knowledge in electricity but following a few simple steps can be installed without problems.

- Does a smart bulb work in a normal lamp?

Yes, our smart bulb can work without problems in a ceiling, floor or table lamp that uses one or more E27 bulbs.

- What do I need to make these smart lighting products work?

You need to have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to be able to program these Smart products (This is the most common Wi-Fi configuration). Although they all function as a product that is not intelligent by means of an On /Off button.

It is also necessary that you have a mobile electronic device or tablet with an Android 4.1 operating system or higher. Or in the case of iPhone, an iOS 8.0 system or higher.

Finally, you will need to download the Tuya Smart application, available at these links:


Apple Smart

- Does any phone or tablet allow you to control the lighting?

If it meets the requirements described in the previous point, it should work without problems when connected to WiFi.

- Is it easy to program my home lighting with these products?

Using the Tuya Smart application, all programming commands are easy to understand and operate in a very intuitive menu. In addition, it allows you to change the name of each device so that you can know what each of the smart products is.

- Can I control the lighting in my home when I'm away from home?

Yes, while the product is still connected to the WiFi network you will be able to turn the product on and off normally through your smatphone or tablet. Of course, you need to use mobile data or another WiFi network for the phone to send a signal to your smart product.

- How do voice commands work in these smart products?

Currently the Tuya application does not allow you to control the lighting through voice commands. It works with other platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you have a product with any of these systems installed, you only have to connect them to each other so you can turn on or off the light with your voice, add programs or activate the timer mode.

Google Assistant Alexa 

- Can I turn several lamps on and off at once?

Yes, with the Tuya Smart app you can create groups of lamps and join several intelligent products to program them all at once. For example, you can join all the lamps in the room to turn them on or off, group two bulbs that are in one lamp to change them at the same time.

- Does the power strip allow each plug to be switched on and off separately?

The power strip is designed to connect more than one device at a time, such as several televisions in a shop, a television with DVD and Home cinema, a computer with screen and sound system or simply all your mobiles and tablets at the same time. Any of these product groups will turn on and off at the same time when you interact with the power strip.

- I can't connect the product to WiFi

These Smart products need a few seconds connected to the mains in order to work. We recommend a little patience when connecting to WiFi and if it does not work restart the product by pressing the ON / OFF button that all products have integrated. On the other hand, you need a 2.4Ghz connection and there are WiFi routers that do not work on this frequency. Normally you can change the configuration of the router to work at 2.4Ghz.

What do you think about our new intelligent products? If you want, you can visit our website to see in detail these smart lighting products:

Written by Sergio L.


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