E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)
  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)

E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)

Ref: W-A000132
€21.95 Tax included
Tax included

RGB LED smart bulb. Dimmable in light intensity with five different intensities, in addition to having three light temperatures (warm, neutral and cold) and illuminated with different colors to be RGB LED. It can be controlled from the mobile application "Tuya Smart" and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Dimensions: Height 10.8 cm. Diameter 6 cm.

€21.95 Tax included
Tax included


Approximate date of delivery is between Thursday 25 August 2022 and Friday 26 August 2022

Data sheet
Height (Cm.)
Diameter (Cm.)
Power (W.)
Lumens (Lm.)
Temperature (ºK)
2700 - 4000 - 6500
Voltage (V.)
220 - 240
Frequently asked questions
More info

- Manufacturer Wonderlamp
- Lighting: LED 8W + LED RGB
- Cap: E-27
- Adjustable colour temperature (3 modes): Warm light - neutral light - cold light (2700º K - 6500º K)
- Luminous flux: 800 lm.
- Five dimmable light intensities.
- Life span: 25.000 hours.
- Functions controlled via mobile application.
- Mobile Application Requirements: Superior Android System 4.1 or iOS 8.0
- Supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
*It needs a Wifi Internet connection to be able to manage its functions.

Smart Lighting - Wonderlamp.shop

Discover smart lighting

Smart lighting makes it easy to change the light on this ceiling panel with a mobile phone or tablet. It does not require complex installation and the steps to follow for the ceiling to work with remote control are simple, getting a lighting of home automation systems for a much cheaper price.

The functions that can be regulated in this ceiling LED light are the power to change the intensity of light and the colour temperature.

Download the Tuya application for Android or iOS

If you want to download the Tuya Smart application and be able to manage the functions of this Smart product, click on one of these icons, depending on whether you have an Android or iOS device.:


Take control of your lighting with the Tuya Smart application for smart connection

The application Tuya Smart lets you connect multiple smart lighting devices and even to create groups of lighting to give the light of the lounge turning on several ceiling lights Chic at the same time or to link this lamp with other products of lighting. With just one mobile you can change the lighting of your entire home.

Tuya - Wonderlamp.shop

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

This intelligent lighting product is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so through voice commands you can turn on or off your lamps. For example you can say "Turn on room light" and program that voice command to turn on the main lights of the room.

logo-google-assistance.jpgAmazon Alexa - Wonderlamp.shop

How does this smart bulb work?

The Smart Bulb has a very simple installation, you just have to screw the bulb into your lamp and it's already connected. To be able to control its functions you need to use the application Tuya, although the on and off can also be done with the light switch, as with any other bulb.

The main functions are to be able to give the light you want in every moment, changing the intensity and colour of light. You will be able to change the intensity of light and colour to your liking at the touch of a button. Even if you have RGB LEDs you could turn the bulb red, green, yellow, blue and many more colours.

You can also set the bulb to turn on at certain times, for example that the bulb is turned on from 20:00 so that as soon as it starts to get dark the bulb starts to work. And of course with just one button light the bulbs of a lamp you want, for example in a lamp of 10 lights only light 5 bulbs or 10 bulbs.


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