Kit BASIC redondo fijo cromo. Wonderlamp
  • Kit BASIC redondo fijo cromo. Wonderlamp
  • Kit BASIC redondo fijo cromo. Wonderlamp
  • Kit BASIC redondo fijo cromo. Wonderlamp

Recessed Downlight BASIC round fixed chrome. Wonderlamp

Ref: W-E000025

Recessed Downlight Wonderlamp for ceilings with ceramic lamp holder GU10 included and 15 cm cable. It has a rounded design and fixed non orientable function perfect for placing in corridors, shops, bedrooms or any other type of spaces.

Dimensions: Diameter 8 cm. Height 1.5 cm.


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Recessed Light
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Wonderlamp recessed downlight with GU10 lamp holder

- Brand:
- GU10 lamp holder included (direct to 220v).
- IP: 20.
- Recessed fixed downlight non adjustable
- Drill: Ø60 mm (embedding hole in the ceiling)
- Material: Aluminium.
- 2 years warranty.
- Bulb not included


Safety distances.

1.- Between the lamp and unlighted surfaces or objects should not be less than 0.5 m.
2.- Between recessed light fixtures not less than 0.5 m.
3.- Between the highest part of the embeddable and the ceiling not less than 2.5 cm.
4.- Between the vertical walls (inside the ceiling) and the recessed light fixture body once installed should not be less than 7.5 cm.
5.- Check the correct placement of the bulb in the lamp holder.

Ceiling installation. Before starting any assembly or installation, make sure you have disconnected the electric current.

1.- Make a hole in the ceiling that ensures a minimum gap and that does not coincide with beams, pipes or electric cables (see embedding hole dimensions). Connect the GU10 lamp holder to the electrical current. Insert the recess light fixture into the ceiling and take the lamp holder out through the hole of the embeddable.
2.- Ground connection is not necessary. If there is any, make sure that it is totally insulated and it can not have any contact. Make sure that any metal part do not come in contact with another metal device with ground connection.


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