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  • Flush light Nemes

    Nemes modern ceiling lamp with two lights. It has a decorative shape design, available in various finishes, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. With space for two points of light, it is perfect for complementing in modern room lighting. Dimensions: Height 22.5 cm. Diameter 46 cm.

    36,52 € tax included
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  • Wall lamp Led Odin (8W)

    Wall lamp Led modern style Odin. It has a rectangular design, especially for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, with chrome finish. This lamp with integrated led lighting, is perfect to complement the lighting of modern environments. Dimensions: Height 20 cm. Width 45 cm.

    32,78 € tax included
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  • Outdoor Post Lamp Bel Aire (3 lights)

    Outdoor floor lamp Bel Aire with three points of light. Made from black die-cast aluminium, this street lamp is designed to be installed as lighting in housing estates, gardens and outdoor areas. The three lampshades of the lantern have a lantern design, with transparent glass plates for better light diffusion. Dimensions: Height 220 cm. Diameter 56 cm.

    673,20 € tax included
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  • Ceiling fan with light Basic Silver Quick view
    63.31 tax included 70,35 € -10%

    Ceiling fan with light Basic Silver

    Ceiling fan made of steel and finished in silver. Lighting by E27 light bulb (NOT included). Three speed modes. Its silent motor has an ideal reverse function to ventilate the room in summer and heat it in winter. It is recommended to install it in rooms of less than 13 m2.Dimensions: High 41.5 cm. Diameter 76,20 cm. Length of the blades 32 cm. Ceiling...

    63,31 € tax included
    70,35 €
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  • WiFi Smart Plug

    Smart plug with timer. Comes with a handy power button and the ability to connect it to your phone through the Tuya Smart application. Works with Google Assistan and Amazon Alexa so you can turn on the device you have plugged in when you want, very useful for connecting heating appliances, lamps or other devices. Dimensions: Height 5 cm. Length 5 cm....

    16,45 € tax included
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  • Table lamp Nordin

    Nordin table lamp retro style. It highlights its retro vintage design, with marble structure, ideal to complement the lighting of different rooms of the home. It has cable with fabric cover, and on/off switch, available in various finishes. Dimensions: Height 13 cm. Diameter 9,5 cm.

    53,90 € tax included
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  • WiFi Smart Power Strip (4 plugs + 3 USB)

    Intelligent power strip with four plugs and three USB ports. Being a smart strip it is able to connect to the Tuya application and control the switching on and off of connected devices, including a timer mode. For example, you can leave your mobile devices charging during the night and stop at a certain time or turn on a heating appliance for as long as...

    43,95 € tax included
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  • WiFi Smart Switch

    WiFi Smart Switch that allows the connection of the lighting of your home with mobile devices and other home automation devices. Compatible with Google assistant and Alexa in addition to being able to work with your mobile through the Tuya app. This Switch driver allows you to turn on and off different lamps in your home once installed. Dimensions: Height...

    16,45 € tax included
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  • Table lamp Belle Amber cristal Tiffany II

    Belle Amber table lamp with Tiffany style crystals. It has an original design, with finishes of brown and amber colors, surrounded by a structure of opaline glass. This lamp provides an elegant atmosphere in the rooms, ideal for decorating and complementing in lighting spaces. Dimensions: Height 37 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    152,50 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Grant

    Decorative wall lamp Grant for living rooms and bedrooms. An elegant and minimalist design is the main attraction of the wall light from the Grant collection. Its characteristic spherical lampshade in white opal glass combines perfectly with its metal structure, available in brass or matt black finish.Dimensions: Height 16.40 cm. Length 14.50 cm. Width...

    49,95 € tax included
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  • Outdoor Bollard light Led 8W - 003338

    Bollard to illuminate gardens, paths and outdoor areas. The beacon has high resistance to the effects of the climate, as the rain or the wind, with degree of protection IP65. Its modern design, allows to place the beacon in exteriors and outdoor areas, has gray finish. Dimensions: Height 75 cm. Length 12.4 cm. Width 10 cm.

    108,40 € tax included
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  • Outdoor Wall Lamp Led 12W - 023243

    Wall lamp for outdoor areas. It has LED lighting with OSRAM technology, low consumption and high performance. It has a modern design, with a high degree of protection IP65, against rain. This wall light is ideal for placement in entrances, porches, balconies and terraces. Dimensions: Height 17.9 cm. Length 23 cm. Width 17.1 cm.

    101,40 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Lamp Lizer (21W)

    LED ceiling lamp Lizer for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The lampshade has a minimalist ring design with an acrylic diffuser on the inside. In this way, this pendant lamp provides ambient light in the room without disturbing the eye. You can adjust the height by means of its three cables. Dimensions: Height Max. 300 cm. Diameter 40 cm.

    160,55 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Fan Hvar (24W)

    LED ceiling fan Hvar designed for small rooms. Fan with adjustable colour temperature (3000-4500-6500ºK), timer to program its switch-off and inverted winter-summer function. Steel structure and ABS blades in matt white for ventilation and lighting of rooms <13 m2. Dimensions: Height 54.90 cm. Diameter 97 cm.

    300,63 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Fan Barth (24W)

    Modern ceiling fan Barth. Bring pleasant ventilation into your living room or bedroom with this ceiling fan with five rotational speeds and a silent DC motor. It features a knob to control the colour temperature of the light and fan speeds and program the fan to turn off. Dimensions: Height 29.10 cm. Diameter 132 cm.

    319,99 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Fan Vedra

    Ceiling fan for small rooms. The ceiling fan Vedra is controlled by a wall-mounted controller (included) and can be directed up and down. The motor is made of black steel and the three blades are made of dark brown plywood. The fan is suitable for installation on sloping ceilings. Dimensions: Height 54 cm. Diameter 46 cm.

    318,56 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Lamp Moy Black (4W)

    Modern wall light with integrated LED lighting. The LED wall light Moy offers a versatile design for decorative lighting in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Its opal glass diffuser illuminates evenly creating a homogeneous ambient lighting. The wall light is suitable for installation in bathrooms. Dimensions: Diameter 14 cm. Width 13 cm.

    74,14 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Costas

    Pendant lamp made from rattan for living rooms and large spaces. Its minimalist rattan lampshade with a diameter of 100 centimetres is the main attraction of the lamp. You can position the shade completely horizontally or diagonally by means of a small hook. Try installing the lamp on the living room ceiling providing light on a table. Dimensions: Height...

    184,20 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Lamp Costas

    Pendant lamp in a natural Costa style. Its minimalist disc-shaped rattan lampshade leaves the bulb visible for better light projection. Using a cable with a hook, you can position the shade at a slight angle to play with the light and the position of the lamp. Ceiling lamp ideal for placing on a table. Dimensions: Max. height. 150 cm. Diameter 60 cm.

    118,97 € tax included
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  • Wall Lamp with LED reader & USB Duas (3W)

    Wall light for bedrooms and hotel rooms. The wall lamp Duas has a practical LED light point that can be swivelled for use as a reading light or auxiliary light. In addition, you can charge your smartphone while resting in bed thanks to the USB port on the bottom. Dimensions: Height 18,30 cm. Length 11,40 cm. Width 6.50 cm.

    106,48 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Haka 53

    Pendant lamp for living rooms, restaurants and shops Haka 53. Its natural rattan lampshade will give a Mediterranean touch to any space you decide to illuminate. The light is projected through the rattan lampshade creating a cosy illumination in the room. Ideal for restaurant areas, shops and homes. Dimensions: Max. height 240 cm. Diameter 40 cm.

    233,97 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Lamp Haka 30

    Pendant lamp with rattan lampshade Haka 30. Give a boho chic touch to the lighting and decoration of your home with this ceiling lamp from the Haka collection. The shade is made of braided rattan so that the light is projected slightly creating a cosy illumination. Boho chic ceiling lamp for living rooms and bedrooms. Dimensions: Max. height 223 cm....

    96,36 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Lamp Haka 25

    Boho chic pendant lamp Haka 25. Ceiling lamp designed to give a Mediterranean touch to living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. The shade is made of braided natural rattan creating a boho chic design that will fit perfectly in your home. Rattan ceiling lamp from the Haka collection. Dimensions: Max. height 219 cm. Diameter 25 cm.

    80,30 € tax included
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  • Table lamp Truman

    Truman table lamp in modern style. It has a striking design, with metal structure and wood details, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and modern spaces. This white color finish lamp, is ideal for complementing in lighting. Dimensions: Height: 47 cm. Diameter 40 cm.

    79,75 € tax included
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