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  • Ceiling Track Light Craft

    Track Light from the Craft collection for living and dining rooms. It draws attention to its elegant and modern shape, especially for rooms that require ample lighting. With steel structure and space for three separate points of light. Available in black finish with white interior.Dimensions: Height. 115 cm. Width 115 cm.

    144,46 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Oda

    Pendant lamp from the Oda collection for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. Scandinavian style design that combines a steel lampshade with a decorative piece of beech wood. Its conical shape with the light projected from the bottom makes it the perfect lamp to illuminate a dining table or a kitchen worktop.Dimensions: Height Max. 150 cm. Diameter...

    75,46 € tax included
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  • Granada Lantern Boabdil III

    Lantern grenade Pendant. Also known as lantern or Arabic style lamp. Ornaments in geometric form and Transparent glass. Finished in brass colour. Perfect for terraces, patios or halls as well as corridors, halls or cellars with Heights ceilings.  Available in three sizes: - Small: 30 x 20 cm. - Medium: 55 x 30 cm. - Big: 75 x 48 cm.

    91,05 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Flush Light Awinion

    Ceiling flush light Awinion with four points of light. The flush light Awinion has a modern look and is ideal for lighting both bedrooms and living rooms. The four lampshades can be individually adjusted, allowing the flush light to be adapted to the lighting requirements of the room. The flush light is available in two finishes.Dimensions: Height 28 cm....

    131,82 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Wall Lamp Wood

    Wall lamp Wood. Given the characteristics of its materials, the Wood wall light is ideal for lighting bedrooms and living rooms in a rustic style. The structure is made of beech wood and the lampshade is available in white or earth cotton or in beige ecopiel.Dimensions: Height 20 Cm. Length 20 Cm. Width 23 Cm.

    43,72 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Mallorca

    Ceiling lamp for the lighting of bedrooms and living rooms Mallorca. A harmonic combination of colours and materials gives rise to this decorative pendant lamp. The natural raffia lampshade allows to create a cosy and soft lighting in the room. The upper part made of cotton gives an original colourful touch to the design of the lamp.Dimensions: Max....

    41,24 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Velvet

    Pendant lamp made of cotton and velvet. The harmonic combination of materials and colours offered by this ceiling lamp is striking. The white part is made of cotton while the velvet part can be selected among several colours. The lamp includes a decorative golden strip in the centre.Dimensions: Max. height. 100 cm. Diameter 38 cm.

    32,98 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Ellen

    Nordic table lamp Ellen for living rooms and bedrooms. Its stylish and minimalist design allows this table lamp to be placed on different surfaces in the home. The dome-shaped lampshade is lighted from the inside creating a warm and pleasant ambient light. You can select the lamp in white, black or green. Dimensions: Height 40.50 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    33,02 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Grant

    Decorative wall lamp Grant for living rooms and bedrooms. An elegant and minimalist design is the main attraction of the wall light from the Grant collection. Its characteristic spherical lampshade in white opal glass combines perfectly with its metal structure, available in brass or matt black finish.Dimensions: Height 16.40 cm. Length 14.50 cm. Width...

    37,15 € tax included
    In Stock
  • LED Ceiling Flush Light Zibal (22W)

    Modern ceiling flush light with integrated LED Zibal. The ceiling flush light has a diffuser along the outside of its original structure. In this way, it is evenly illuminated by projecting the light towards the ceiling. You can install it as main lighting in a bedroom or small living room.Dimensions: Height 7 cm. Diameter 39 cm.

    79,01 € tax included
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  • Textil flush light RONDO

    Flush light round-shaped by Luxcambra. Textile lampshade available in different colours: black, white, grey and beige. The modern style of this ceiling makes it perfect for placing in homes or businesses, from restaurants or bars to bedrooms or living rooms. Consult for other finishes. Dimensions: Diameter Lampshade: 60, 50 o 40 cm. Bottom: 14 cm.

    111,20 € tax included
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  • Ceiling fan with light Basic Silver

    Ceiling fan made of steel and finished in silver. Lighting by E27 light bulb (NOT included). Three speed modes. Its silent motor has an ideal reverse function to ventilate the room in summer and heat it in winter. It is recommended to install it in rooms of less than 13 m2.Dimensions: High 41.5 cm. Diameter 76,20 cm. Length of the blades 32 cm. Ceiling...

    54,70 € tax included
    60,78 €
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  • Wall Lamp with LED reader Mambo (3W)

    Mambo wall light with LED reader for bedrooms. Main lighting with bulb protected by a cannage style braided rattan lampshade. Black metal structure with focused LED reading light. You can control each light individually with two switches located on the base.Dimensions: Height 17,30 cm. Length 21 cm. Width 17 cm.

    129,73 € tax included
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  • Flush Light Alehandro LED 100 (16W)

    Modern Flush Light Alehandro LED 100. Designed with a delicate fabric shade combined at the bottom with satin glass. Ideal for main lighting in the living room, bedroom and bedroom. Has space for 9 points of light complemented with built-in LED technology for ample illumination.Dimensions: Height 18 cm. Diameter 100 cm.

    440,61 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Flush Light Alehandro 70

    Flush Light Alehandro 70 for living rooms and bedrooms. It highlights the glass that contains at the bottom combined with the perfect screen for modern rooms. It draws attention to its wide diameter design ideal for large rooms or open spaces. Features available space for up to 7 light sources.Dimensions: Height 18 cm. Diameter 70 cm.

    238,36 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Flush Light Alehandro 45

    Modern Flush Light Alehandro 45. Elegant round design is ideal for different spaces in the home, offices and premises. In the lower part contains a white glass which provides excellent light dispersion. The Alehandro 45 ceiling light is available in various finishes.Dimensions: Height 13 cm. Diameter 45 cm.

    120,99 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Pendant Lamp Mambo

    Pendant lamp for living and dining rooms. This ceiling lamp from the Mambo collection offers a perfect design to illuminate a dining table or a small living room. The lampshade is designed with a cannage style braided rattan shade which creates a cosy lighting effect in the room.Dimensions: Max. height 200 cm. Diameter 45 cm.

    130,78 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Suspended Lamp Mambo

    Ethnic style pendant lamp for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The lampshade is made of interlaced rattan, creating an original lattice design. The lampshade has black metallic edges that complete the ethnic style of the Mambo lamp. You can install it on the ceiling lighting the room or a dining table.Dimensions: Max. height. 195 cm. Diameter 32 cm.

    103,50 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Ceiling Lamp Mambo

    Pendant lamp for lighting modern kitchens. Round cannage style braided rattan lampshade with black metal edges and structure. Install this lamp on the ceiling of your kitchen to give an original touch to the lighting of worktops and tables. Mambo collection of ethnic style lamps.Dimensions: Max. height. 190 cm. Diameter 21 cm.

    88,10 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Floor Lamp Mambo

    Floor lamp with rattan lampshade in cannage style Mambo. Black metal structure with a small integrated power button. The braided cannage rattan allows you to create a cosy illumination in the room. You can place the lamp in the bedroom next to the bed or in the living room next to the sofa.Dimensions: Height 154 cm. Diameter 33 cm.

    250,72 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Table Lamp Mambo II

    Table lamp from the collection Mambo for bedrooms and living rooms. The rattan of the lampshade is braided in a way that creates an original lattice design reminiscent of the furniture of yesteryear. Give your bedroom an ethnic touch with this table lamp with cannage style shade.Dimensions: Height 49,50 cm. Diameter 22 cm.

    153,11 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Table Lamp Mambo

    Table lamp with braided rattan lampshade Mambo. Black metal structure harmoniously combined with a cannage style rattan shade. The light is projected through the rattan creating an original lighting effect in the room. Place this lamp on the bedside table or over a console.Dimensions: Height 44,50 cm. Diameter 15 cm.

    119,28 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Wall Lamp Samba II

    Wall light Samba to be installed in corridors and hallways. The fabric lampshade is available in various colours and blends harmoniously with the black structure. Install a wall light next to a door or at different points in the hallway as lighting.Dimensions: Height 17,30 cm. Length 21,50 cm. Width 19 cm.

    94,47 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Wall Lamp Samba

    Wall light to illuminate hallways and corridors Samba. With a white structure, the wall lamp allows you to select the colour of the fabric lampshade from beige, yellow or green. Its design is designed to be installed next to the entrance door or a room to illuminate the passageway.Dimensions: Height 17,30 cm. Length 21,50 cm. Width 19 cm.

    94,47 € tax included
    In Stock

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