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  • Pendant light Vanja

    Hanging light Vanja modern style, metal part with different colour depending on the model: dark grey or white and spherical glass lampshade that lets the light through in a fantastic way. A simple design but with great charm ideal for placing in rooms such as the kitchen, living room or dining room.Dimensions: Height 145 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    69,00 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Flush Light Zibal (22W)

    Modern ceiling flush light with integrated LED Zibal. The ceiling flush light has a diffuser along the outside of its original structure. In this way, it is evenly illuminated by projecting the light towards the ceiling. You can install it as main lighting in a bedroom or small living room.Dimensions: Height 7 cm. Diameter 39 cm.

    95,60 € tax included
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  • Wall Lamp Kyoto (3 Lights)

    Kyoto wall lamp with modern style. Minimalist design with white wooden structure covered with glass. With space for 3 points of light, it is perfect for providing a pleasant atmosphere of excellent lighting in corridors and rooms.Dimensions: Height 69,5 cm. Width 22 cm.

    84,18 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lamp Manufacture

    Pendant lamp from the Manufacture collection. Steel structure and details of copper and black finishes, ideal to give an original touch in the spaces you decide to illuminate. With adjustable structure of each shade individually, changing the direction of illumination according to your needs.Dimensions: Height 62 cm. Diameter 35 cm.

    92,20 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Ellen

    Nordic table lamp Ellen for living rooms and bedrooms. Its stylish and minimalist design allows this table lamp to be placed on different surfaces in the home. The dome-shaped lampshade is lighted from the inside creating a warm and pleasant ambient light. You can select the lamp in white, black or green. Dimensions: Height 40.50 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    39,95 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Grant

    Decorative wall lamp Grant for living rooms and bedrooms. An elegant and minimalist design is the main attraction of the wall light from the Grant collection. Its characteristic spherical lampshade in white opal glass combines perfectly with its metal structure, available in brass or matt black finish.Dimensions: Height 16.40 cm. Length 14.50 cm. Width...

    44,95 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Galaxy

    Galaxy modern style outdoor floor lamp. It features a resistant plastic lampshade and steel structure especially for gardens and outdoor areas of the home. It has a cable to connect it to any power source easily. The finish of this lamp is in white and silver colors.Dimensions: Max. height 155 cm. Diameter 27,5 cm.

    119,14 € tax included
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  • Wall Lamp Honey

    Children's wall lamp from the Honey collection. Beautiful design in the shape of a bear made of plywood and hearts ideal for decorating the bedrooms of the little ones. Finished in cream and pink colors, it creates an original and cute atmosphere of excellent lighting.Dimensions: Height 22 cm. Length 26.5 cm. Width 16 cm.

    34,96 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lamp Bio Ibiza Sphere

    Ibiza Sphere ceiling lamp for dining rooms and kitchens. Steel structure with simple spherical glass shade and adjustable cable. This lamp is ideal for the rooms of the home, obtaining a pleasant lighting, adapting to modern and minimalist decorations.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

    110,40 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lamp Cora

    Cora ceiling lamp in classic style for kitchens and dining rooms. It highlights its elegant shape of decorative appearance with space for two points of light, offering excellent illumination in the spaces of the home. With glass shade and steel structure available in various finishes.Dimensions: Max. height 130 cm.  Width 78 cm.

    146,40 € tax included
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  • Wall Lamp Alice IV

    Wall lamp from the Alice IV collection. It stands out for its simple and modern style perfect for various rooms such as hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. The design of the screen that surrounds this wall lamp is what catches the eye. Available in brown and cream color finishes.Dimensions: Height 23 cm. Width 20 cm.

    26,22 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Craft

    Track Light from the Craft collection for living and dining rooms. It draws attention to its elegant and modern shape, especially for rooms that require ample lighting. With steel structure and space for three separate points of light. Available in black finish with white interior.Dimensions: Height. 115 cm. Width 115 cm.

    174,80 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Fan Taku

    Ceiling fan with silver blades Taku. Silent DC motor with five rotation speeds, ideal for providing ventilation in medium-sized rooms. Black steel structure and polycarbonate blades in silver finish. The fan includes two stems and is suitable for installation on sloping ceilings.Dimensions: Height 34-46,50 cm. Diameter 122 cm.

    215,28 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Flush Fan Coriolis (64W)

    Ceiling flush fan with LED lighting Coriolis. White steel structure, polycarbonate diffuser and ABS blades inside. The ceiling lamp provides a great flow of lighting in the room while generating a pleasant air flow thanks to the fan included inside. You can regulate the colour temperature of the light.Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Diameter 60 cm.

    206,54 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Fan Cierzo (24W)

    LED ceiling fan suitable for installation on porches and terraces. The Cierzo fan offers a simple yet functional design with a quiet DC motor with six rotational speeds. It is IP44 rated so that it is suitable for use both in rooms in the home and on outdoor roofs. Reverse winter-summer function and dimmable LED lighting.Dimensions: Height 31 cm. Diameter...

    315,79 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Fan Bora (18W)

    Ceiling fan with reversible blades in white and wood. The fan fits perfectly in modern rooms as well as in rustic style rooms. White structure and reversible blades on one side white and on the other side finished in wood. You can regulate the colour tone of the light from warm to cool.Dimensions: Height 37-52 cm. Diameter 106,60 cm.

    234,95 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Watson II

    Floor lamp for living rooms and bedrooms Watson. Its white cotton lampshade is designed to create a comfortable lighting in the room. You can orient the shade to project the light downwards or diagonally. Ideal floor lamp to place as lighting next to a sofa in the living room.Dimensions: Height 155 cm. Length 35 cm. Width 60 cm.

    70,00 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Watson

    Floor lamp for living rooms Watson. Brushed aluminium finish metal structure combined with a white cotton shade. The lamp allows the direction of the lampshade to be adjusted slightly to direct the lighting downwards or diagonally. You can place this floor lamp in a corner of the living room or next to a sofa.Dimensions: Height 155 cm. Length 35 cm. Width...

    70,00 € tax included
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  • Side Table Dekala II (54x46)

    Design side table for living rooms and sitting rooms Dekala. Its golden stainless steel structure blends harmoniously with the tempered glass top and the black marble base. It is recommended to place this elegant side table next to a sofa or an armchair to place different objects.Dimensions: Height 54 cm. Diameter 46 cm.

    235,00 € tax included
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  • Side Table Dekala (54x46)

    Stainless steel side table in gold colour Dekala. Elegant combination of materials and finishes, with golden stainless steel structure and white marble base. The table top is made of tempered glass also finished in white marble to match the base.Dimensions: Height 54 cm. Diameter 46 cm.

    235,00 € tax included
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  • Sideboard Kerala (160x76)

    Three-door sideboard for living and dining rooms Kerala. The three front doors are in porcelain stoneware with a white marble finish and grey veins. This type of furniture is an ideal solution for storing different objects such as books, magazines or tableware.Dimensions: Height 76 cm. Length 160 cm. Width 45 cm.

    1 104,00 € tax included
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  • TV stand Kerala (180x42)

    TV stand Kerala for living rooms and family rooms. The furniture has three porcelain drawers finished in marble with grey veins. These drawers are very practical to store different objects such as TV cables, remote controls or books. The top is made of black ash finish MDF wood.Dimensions: Height 42 cm. Length 180 cm. Width 40 cm.

    941,00 € tax included
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  • Decorative figurine Asana

    Decorative polyresin figure Asana. The figure shows a person performing a stretching position typical of Yoga. Its design is intended to be placed as a decorative element in yoga and pilates centres and schools. Figure made of polyresin with silver leaf finish.Dimensions: Height 42 cm. Length 92 cm. Width 36 cm.

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  • Decorative figurine Yoga

    Decorative figure for centres and schools of Yoga. Male figure performing a meditation body position typical of the discipline of Yoga. Ideal to place as a decorative element in pilates and yoga businesses on a counter, in the hall or even on the floor. Made of polyresin with gold leaf finish.Dimensions: Height 48 cm. Length 82 cm. Width 41 cm.

    341,00 € tax included
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