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  • Flush light Zeti

    Flush light of the Zeti collectionwith a cage-shaped structure finished in chrome and a decorative transparent glass cover. It is a very striking lamp that is perfect for lighting modern environments: dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc.  Dimensions: Heigth 25 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    101,32 € tax included
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  • Power strip 6 plugs with triangular design

    power strip with 6 sockets with earth connection and 1.5 m cable connection. It has an off switch for when not in use. Grey/black ABS plastic. Triangular design of this power strip plug allows to be arranged in several positions for greater comfort of use with 2 integrated USB ports for charging electronic devices and overload protection.

    24,84 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Rada (3 Lights)

    Ceiling track light Rada with three independently drop-adjustable light points. You will be able to place the light to the height that you prefer creating a lighting to your measure. Black metal structure with transparent glass plates perfect for placing on dining tables or large rooms.Dimensions: Height 70 cm. Length 60 cm. Width 12 cm.

    118,45 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Pastelo (3 Lights)

    Three-light ceiling track light Pastelo. Each of the lights is housed in a large decorative tubular bulb that illuminates in a focused manner towards the bottom of the lamp. As it is a directed light, you can place it on dining tables, kitchen worktops or specific areas you want to light.Dimensions: Height 50-100 cm. Length 30 cm. Width 5 cm.

    84,18 € tax included
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  • Chandelier Letizia II (5 lights)

    Ceiling light Letizia with decorative figures. lampshade designed with translucent curtains, also decorated with figures made of ceramic and metal frame finished in bronze. Its design is ideal for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms... with a classic and elegant touch. Dimensions:Height: 44 cm. Height with chain: 104 cm. Diameter: 53 cm. 

    302,34 € tax included
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  • Chandelier Lea (3 lights)

    Ceiling light with 3 lights, classic style,collection Lea. Its "white gold" canvas lampshade features floral decorations with a collection of metal frames. Its beautiful design is suitable for lighting home rooms such as the dining room, living room, living room... Dimensions:Height: 37 cm. Height with chain: 87 cm. Diameter: 40 cm. >

    260,59 € tax included
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  • Shade Chandelier Orfeo

    Ceiling light Orfeo. lampshade decorated with fabric, cord and ribbons. It features metal frames with a white finish and handmade decorative elements. Its design in is an excellent option to decorate with a classic and elegant style the dining room, living room or bedroom. Dimensions:Height: 38 cm. Height with chain: 78 cm. Diameter: 50 cm. >

    207,81 € tax included
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  • Ceiling light LED Caelum (24W)

    Ceiling light Caelum with six 4 W G9 Light Bulbs included. It has a striking Lampshade made of glass with a copper or chrome finish and decorated with elegant strips of faceted glass. It will fit perfectly in rooms of a Modern Style: in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms etc. Dimensions: High 150 Cm. Diameter 50 Cm.

    499,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling light Moka (2 lights)

    Ceiling light with two lights from the collection Moka with an elegant and simple design suitable for illuminating dimly lit areas of your home such as closets or dressing rooms. Also suitable for shops. It is manufactured in steel and zamak and finished in satin nickel.Dimensions: High 17 Cm. Length 35 Cm. Width 8 Cm.

    27,83 € tax included
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  • Dining Table Mirna (200x90)

    Mirna dining table with transparent tempered glass surface. The Mirna table collection stands out for the original triangular shape of its legs made up of glass plates. Place this modern style table in your living room or dining room to give an innovative touch to your lunches and dinners.

    604,00 € tax included
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  • Wave LED light Pendant bar Rever (49W)

    LED Pendant light Rever. Modern and innovative design to have the lighting screwed into a wooden rod to generate a uniform light at 360º. This modern hanging lamp can be placed on dining tables, large rooms or passageways and rooms with rectangular shape.Dimensions: Max height 115 cm. Length 100 cm. Width 12 cm.

    437,00 € tax included
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  • LED Smart Flush Ceiling Light Chic (62W)

    LED ceiling light Chic with smart lighting. High power ceiling light with the possibility of regulating the intensity of the light and the colour temperature in order to have the lighting you need at all times. These functions can be controlled from your mobile phone. Textured glass structure with a decorative aluminum plate. Dimensions: Height 7.5 cm....

    530,27 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Milo

    Ceiling lamp composed of three lampshades Sapajou. The two inner lampshades are made of natural raffia while the outer lampshade is made of cotton. The lamp is designed with jungle motifs of trees and monkeys that will bring a natural style to the home. Pendant lamp designed to install on the ceiling of modern living rooms and bedrooms.Dimensions: Max....

    59,80 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Aldo

    Pendant lamp Ado for the lighting of kitchens and bars. Its original glass lampshade, open at the bottom, allows a very practical lighting for kitchen worktops and bar counters. The bulb is visible through the amber or clear glass, ideal for a decorative E27 filament bulb.Dimensions: Height Max. 150 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

    70,30 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Lamp Dino

    Ceiling lamp with spherical glass lampshade for kitchens and bars. The pendant lamp Dino is available in amber colour and brass structure and with transparent glass and nickel metal part. Both pendant lamp models are ideal to combine with an E27 LED filament bulb.Dimensions: Height Max. 150 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    74,70 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Vita

    Ceiling lamp for restaurants and kitchens Vita. Glass lampshade open at the bottom, ideal for lighting tables, worktops and bar counters. You can choose amber or transparent glass depending on the style you want to give to the environment. See the full collection of pendant lights.Dimensions: Max. height. 150 cm. Diameter 14 cm.

    38,90 € tax included
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  • Flush Light Chico

    Flush light for youth and children's rooms. This ceiling light offers an original design in the shape of a football. In this way, the ceiling lamp is ideal for lighting the bedroom of young lovers of this sport. You can install the ceiling light in the ceiling as the main lighting in the room.Dimensions: Height 7,50 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    26,90 € tax included
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  • Dimmable LED Flush Light Samurai (21,50W)

    Square flush light with starry effect Samurai. It regulates the colour temperature of the light from warmer to cooler to adapt the lighting at any given moment. The ceiling light has a night light mode and a power-on memory to leave the last light setting fixed. Square LED ceiling light to illuminate bedrooms and living rooms.Dimensions: Height 6 cm....

    75,30 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Lamp Will

    Ceiling lamp for modern kitchens. Illuminate your dining room or kitchen in an original way with this pendant lamp from the Will collection. You can select the lamp in copper for a vintage touch or in a matt nickel finish for a more industrial style. Ceiling lamp designed to illuminate dining tables and kitchen worktops.Dimensions: Max. height 22-150 cm....

    44,80 € tax included
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  • Pendant Lamp Will

    Ceiling lamp for modern kitchens Will. The industrial style design of the lampshade allows you to illuminate tables and worktops in kitchens and living rooms in an original way. The lamp is made of single-colour metal, available in white or cement finish. Pendant ideal for ceiling installation in both homes and restaurants.Dimensions: Max. height 22-150...

    44,80 € tax included
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  • LED Desk Lamp Boa (3,5W)

    LED desk lamp with flexible structure Boa. With a modern and youthful style, this LED light is very practical to use as a study light. The light is easily switched on by pressing on the base, allowing you to choose between three brightness levels. The desk lamp is available in various modern style finishes.Dimensions: Height 36-45 cm. Length 11 cm. Width...

    35,00 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Prinz II

    Table lamp with orange glass lampshade. The original design and finish of the Prinz table lamp is striking. By placing a dimmable E14 LED bulb, this lamp has a functionality that allows you to set 3 levels of brightness. Modern table lamp ideal for placing as lighting in living rooms and bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Diameter 12 cm.

    23,90 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Prinz

    Decorative table lamp Prinz for living rooms and bedrooms. Circular metal base combined with a simple and elegant spherical lampshade in white glass. The lamp has three light level positions and requires a dimmable E14 bulb. You can select the finish of the structure between rust, matt brass or matt nickel.Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Diameter 12m.

    23,90 € tax included
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  • LED Floor Lamp Luke (15W+3W)

    Floor lamp with adjustable LED reader Luke. The lamp is designed in such a way that both the main light and the LED reader can be directed. It has a switch integrated in the structure to turn the light on and off and another one to regulate the light intensity. You can place the floor lamp in a corner of the living room or next to the sofa.Dimensions:...

    134,50 € tax included
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