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How to choose your children's lamp

The children's bedroom lamps we have in have a design that will please both girls and boys. We have a wide variety of children's ceiling lights, flush lights, night lights, table lamps and floor lamps with which you can illuminate the rooms of the little ones.

When choosing the best lamp for a children's bedroom, there are different styles, more or less childish, depending on the age of the child. For example, lamps with animal prints, letters, numbers or lamps with moons and stars are usually for babies or younger children. On the other hand, lamps with pictures of astronauts, little red hoods, submarines or lamps shaped like airplanes are usually liked by somewhat older children. We also have other types of lamps with geometric patterns that can be combined with any children's room and can serve in the near future as youth lamps.

Darkness is usually one of the biggest fears of the little ones in the house, one of the solutions to help them sleep better are the night lamps. These small plug-in lamps are ideal for use in children's bedrooms and provide a small point of light so that girls and boys can sleep peacefully.

The night lights are lamps that emit a light so that the little ones can see what is around them, without being so intense that it does not allow them to sleep comfortably. In addition, by joining it with LED technology we have a lamp with the minimum power consumption, the best solution for a safety light that will be on all night.

Another solution we have are the glow-in-the-dark children's lamps. These lamps incorporate a sticker that illuminates the drawings on the children's lamps so that the little ones are not afraid during the night. One of the most characteristic collections is the moonlight that has moons and stars that shine during the night.

Children's Pendant Lamps

The children's bedroom is the room where they will study, play and spend most of their time, so we will have to take care of the main lighting in the room, the ceiling lamp. When choosing a children's ceiling lamp, it is important to choose good lighting and at the same time a design that adapts to the age and tastes of the child.

Children's Table Lamps

The children's table lamps are very useful points of light to illuminate a reading area and have a more direct light. In addition, we can install an LED bulb to be able to use for long periods of time without making a great consumption of electricity. They are perfect lamps to complete the decoration of the room and that the children of the house have the room of their dreams.

Night Lights

A night light is the best solution to keep children calm if they wake up in the middle of the night and will help them to fall asleep with a light on. All of our night lights use either integrated LED lighting or LED bulbs. Thanks to this technology we will reduce to the minimum the consumption of a night light that will be on for many hours.

Children's Wall & Flush Lights

The children's wall lamps are great to use as ambient lighting or to switch on at night without using the main light. Ceiling flush lights are ideal for main lighting and provide more space in the bedroom. We have models to suit all tastes, with colourful or more discreet patterns for children's bedrooms of all styles or with fun shapes for planes or racing cars.

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