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How to choose kitchen lamps

Although it can be a difficult task to think about which type of lamp I choose to light the kitchen, there are numerous options for lamps to be placed on the ceiling or wall. We can even place lighting directly on cabinets, furniture or the extractor hood. When thinking about lighting in the kitchen, it is common to resort to the typical white ceiling light, a very helpful solution. But as we say, we have at our disposal a wide variety of kitchen lamps, such as ceiling lamps, recessed or downlights, wall lights or ceiling strips. It is important to choose the right lighting for the kitchen, as good light is needed for day-to-day cooking and even for lunch or dinner if there is a table to serve the food.

What kind of lamp does my kitchen need?

As in all rooms of the home, there is no fixed lamp for all kitchens, as each kitchen is totally different from the other. The ideal recipe does not exist, since the type of kitchen lamp we install will depend mainly on the size of the kitchen and the distribution of the furniture and the place to cook. It is not the same as a small kitchen which can be fully lit by a ceiling light or by several recessed ceiling lights, as a large kitchen with a space for lunch and dinner, which will need lighting for cooking with a ceiling or ceiling light strip and a ceiling light for the table area. We can also find what is known as an open kitchen, which is connected to the living room or the rest of the house. For this type of kitchen, one or more ceiling lamps will be installed on the kitchen worktop. Below, you can see one by one the models of kitchen lamps you can choose from, with applications according to the dimensions and type of kitchen.

Ceiling lamps have always been one of the most used lighting options in kitchens, they are very compact lamps that give very good lighting to prepare the best recipes. The lighting provided by a ceiling light is more than sufficient to illuminate a medium sized kitchen. Even if you have a larger kitchen, it is always possible to install two or more ceiling lights or a multi-light ceiling, so that you can complete the lighting of the kitchen. In the case of multi-lamp ceiling lights, there is also the option of a ceiling strip with swivel lamps. This type of lamp is composed of at least two points of light or spotlights distributed in a linear manner. In this way, the ceiling strips allow each point of light to be directed in a different direction, adapting to kitchens of various dimensions. In terms of style and shape, you can fit a classic round ceiling light with a glass diffuser, a square ceiling light, a cylindrical ceiling light with a spotlight shape or a modern style white LED ceiling light. Ceiling LEDs provide high performance while reducing light consumption, and some allow you to regulate color temperature and light intensity.

A similar lighting solution to ceiling flush lights are downlights or recessed lights, which are perfect for use in small kitchens with low ceilings or limited space, as well as in large or open kitchens. For small kitchens we will install a few downlights in a row or in the corners of the kitchen ceiling to provide light at different points. In a large kitchen, a pack of recessed lights will be installed along the ceiling, either by placing the downlights vertically or horizontally with respect to the position of the worktop or table. You have at your disposal aluminium recessed lights, white recessed lights, recessed lights with integrated LED, downlights or recessed lights with the contour of some color.

Kitchen pendant lights are often used when the dimensions of the room are somewhat larger, in case you have a high ceiling in your kitchen, and even find a table for dinner or lunch. In these cases, you can install a ceiling lamp in the centre of the kitchen, halfway between the table and the worktop, so that the light from the lamp can illuminate both spaces at the same time. If the distance between the worktop and the table is large, a worktop light will be used, such as several ceiling lights in a row or a ceiling light, as well as another table light, which can be another ceiling light or a ceiling strip with the lampshades suspended. This type of ceiling strip is a very practical solution for areas above a table as a replacement for a ceiling lamp. The last type of kitchen we can find is an open kitchen, which is connected to the rest of the house or to the main dining room. In these kitchens we can place a ceiling strip of several lights, or several single light ceiling lamps placed in a row so that they illuminate the entire surface of the worktop.

Kitchen lamp designs

The recipe for combining the lamp with the kitchen is very simple. The ingredients for choosing the best kitchen lamp are found in the furniture and appliances. If you have natural wood furniture and gas stoves, you are usually looking for rustic kitchen lamps or retro lamps. On the other hand, kitchens with white or black furniture with an aluminium fridge fit very well with modern kitchen lamps. Finally, the most common furniture is usually white with fridges and appliances also white, color very easy to combine with classic lamps, current design or very simple models of ceiling lights.

In any case, you can see that the design of a kitchen falls on the cabinets and colours of the walls or the appliances such as the fridge if they stand out a lot in the kitchen. So all you have to do is choose a lamp that matches the style of the room. If you don't happen to have a totally defined style, the lamp may be the spice you need to go for one style or another. And if you're still undecided about style, you can always opt to use a white-tinted glass ceiling light as your main lighting, which can be LED so you can adjust the light depending on whether you're cooking, eating or just popping in for a glass of water in the middle of the night

Types of kitchen lamps

Kitchen flush lights

Ceiling flush lights are the most common lighting solution in kitchens. Kitchen flush lights are perfect for use in small kitchens by installing a round or square ceiling light or in large kitchens by placing a high power LED ceiling flush light or several ceiling lights together. It is advisable to install a LED ceiling light to benefit from reduced light consumption.

Kitchen pendant lamps

Ceiling lamps or multi-light strips are used to illuminate large kitchens with the worktop in the middle or that have a table for lunch and dinner. A pendant lamp can be placed in the centre of the kitchen, several ceiling lights can be installed in a row on the worktop or a suspended ceiling strip can be placed in the table area or on the worktop itself.

Modern lamps for kitchens

To give a modern touch to our kitchen, we recommend installing white-coloured lamps with integrated LED lighting. Ceiling lights both round and square, recessed or downlights, elongated LED panels, design strips, etc. It is also an optimal solution to give a minimalist touch to the kitchen with designer lamps and tubular ceiling lights in the form of a soffit.

Retro lamps for kitchens

You can install a ceiling lamp with a metal lampshade and finishes such as black, brown, copper or blue to give a retro touch to your kitchen. Within the retro style for kitchens you can also opt for hanging lamps with opal or transparent glass shades with the bulb in sight, which combine with gold or brass metal structures.

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