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Where to place the outdoor bollards?

Outdoor bollard lights are a very practical type of lamp for signposting paths or placing them at strategic points in your garden to light up passages and driveways. The main function of the bollards is to delimit outdoor paths and give you a reference, a light that indicates where there is a path or to light outdoor porches. But even so, they can be placed as outdoor ambient light in terraces or large balconies.

The outdoor bollard light usually has a light oriented towards the ground so that you can see your way at night. They also give a little ambient light to illuminate outdoor areas of your home that you want to be able to see at night, pots, plants, sidewalks, porches, doors, outdoor stairs, signposts at the edges of the pool or a step in your garden. These are some examples where you usually place bollards to illuminate areas at night.

Some bollard models can be installed to give a decorative light, which stays on all night. Auto-ignition bollards are suitable due to their sensor or low-power light bollards. In case you have a large entrance or a small garden that you want to have a dim ambient light which is not annoying, to use bollards can be a good solution. In addition, you can use some other type of outdoor light to complete the lighting when you want a more powerful light in your outdoor areas.

Types of outdoor bollards

The outdoor beacons can be of many types, for sure some of the items we offer in Wonderlamp.shop fits your tastes and your needs. The bollards may be high or low if you want to illuminate the environment or concentrate the light on the ground. On the other hand, there are bollards that use bulbs with a design that tends to be more classic and even retro-vintage or they can be modern LED bollards and current design.

Outdoor LED bollard lights are a very useful option to illuminate the outside of your home with a minimum expenditure of electricity. It is recommended to buy LED bollards if you intend to leave the bollards on for long periods of time or at least use LED bulbs in the bollards that use bulbs.

There are models of LED bollard lights with solar sensor or motion sensor. Both are essential options if you want to signpost outdoor paths with decorative light. On the one hand, the solar sensor or twilight sensor in an outdoor bollard light is very practical so you don't have to worry about turning on or off your outdoor lights. On the other hand, there is the motion sensor, perfect if you have a sidewalk or path that you only cross to go from one side of your household or is in the driveway, as soon as it detects movement, the sensor will light up and you can see the way you are walking.

Outdoor Bollard Lights Materials

The bollard lights are designed to withstand inclement weather such as sun, water and dust. That is why the bollard lights are usually made of metals such as aluminium, glass or plastics that are resistant to corrosion and wear. Some models of bollards have a degree of protection against knocks measured with the IK level, a very practical fact if we are thinking of placing the bollard in an area where children can hit the bollard or it is in a common area or on public roads. Finally, there are some bollards that are made of concrete or more resistant metals such as steel, these models can resist corrosion better than bollards in more common materials and could be in coastal areas near the sea or near swimming pools without any problem with water or corrosion.

Complements to Outdoor Bollard Lights

Although in this category you will find outdoor bollard lights, we advise you that you can complete the outdoor lighting of your home with similar products that adapt to the space and your lighting needs. The outdoor bollard can be enough to have light in an outdoor path, but if you also want your garden, terrace or porch to be well lit, you need to complement the bollards with other outdoor lighting products.

On the one hand you have outdoor pedestal lights, a smaller type of bollards that can be used just like a bollard to mark paths or can be installed, as its name suggests, on walls, fences or banisters. You may also be interested in lighting walls and facades with exterior wall lights and of course just as there are smaller size bollards, we also have larger size bollards that we call outdoor street lamps. Any of these three types of outdoor lighting can be combined with bollards to complete the best outdoor lighting for your home.

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