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Children's ceiling lamps

Children's ceiling lamps or hanging lamps are great for lighting and decorating the bedrooms of the little ones in the house. The patterned designs of our children's ceiling lamps have everything your children might like, we have designs of animals, letters, planets, dinosaurs and even with original shapes of helicopter, formula one car and light aircraft.

Hanging lamps of moons and stars

The bedroom is the room where your children will spend most of their time playing, studying and especially sleeping. That's why lighting based on the night sky such as the stars and the crescent moon are the perfect way to decorate and illuminate children's bedrooms.

The prints and details of moons and stars are ideal for both boys and girls and fit in with any style in which the room is decorated. They never go out of fashion and tend to have a perfect design for children of any age, being suitable for baby bedrooms, children's bedrooms and even youth bedrooms.

Dalber's MoonLight collection has star or crescent moon shapes in different colours, so you can choose the one you like best. One of the most curious features of these ceiling lamps is that, even when they are switched off, the lines and details of the lamp will glow in the dark. This way, even if you turn off the light when your children have gone to sleep, they will still be able to see the phosphorescent details with the silhouette of the stars and the moon in the dark.

Lamps with movement

Some of our children's ceiling lights or pendant lights have the option to turn slowly when they are switched on. This "hanging mobile" effect is similar to the baby mobiles that are usually placed in the cot, providing a certain relaxation when turning and seeing light and shadow effects that run around the bedroom in circles. They are undoubtedly a perfect choice for baby bedrooms as they combine the lighting of the room with the effect of the baby mobile.

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