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Best ways to light a Wine cellar

A unique and particular type of lighting is the wineries one. Here are some tips currently used to lighting wine cellars. In order to lighting a winery, we must take into account the choice of a low radiation light that does not harm the wine.

The first thing to keep in mind is that lighting should not interfere with the maturation process of the wine. Light cannot vary the ambient temperature. Therefore, special attention should be paid to choosing a good lighting for cellars, whether they are available at home or in department stores, thus protecting the wine from harmful effects. For low activity warehouses we will have to use low power LED light.

For the lighting of small cellars that we can have at home we will use an indirect light, in this way we seek to enhance the wine area without the type of light can affect it. As for the wineries in large open spaces, we will have to take even more account the type of lighting. Not only for the good preservation of the wine but also because thanks to it the customers' purchasing decision is more efficient.

Wine cellars lighting

LED lighting, fluorescent tubes or induction light in tracks are currently being installed in many avant-garde wineries because of their low energy consumption and because they do not give off the heat from other light bulbs and maintain the temperature of the wine at room temperature. New lighting technologies are very efficient for wineries. They improve the quality and light distribution.

This kind of lighting can emit light that more closely resembles daylight. This means that it improves colour recognition without distorting colours and thus better recognises the product and the working environment. New technologies also mean lower maintenance costs for wineries.

Cellars lighting. Pure rustic style

The size of the room is also a factor that influences the correct lighting of the cellar. The wineries need a high level of lighting technology to somehow interfere positively with the winemaking process. Many wineries are replacing the type of lighting and replacing the old lamps with new lighting equipment for energy efficiency.

This is because there are rooms in the cellars that require 24-hour daylight. The integration of the lighting into the winery's architecture brings harmony, space efficiency and unity. All this embrace a very important aspect of wine preservation. Both in terms of ambient temperature and lighting, special care must be taken to ensure that the result is what is expected, to obtain a great wine.

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