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Aromas del Campo. Lighting made in Spain.

Aromas del campo is a lighting manufacturer with products such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, hanging lamps and table lamps. The Aromas brand was founded in 1986 in Llíria (Valencia) and was dedicated to the sale of flowers and aromatic products, hence its trade name. Not long after, it began to create table lamps decorated with dried flowers and today it markets a wide variety of lamp models without flowers. Today Aromas del campo is a supplier focusing on avant-garde lighting and design.

Aromas del campo's products have a distinctive stamp that makes them unique by using high quality materials in all its products, from metals and glass to the use of marble and fine woods. The most common style in Aromas lighting products is a retro or vintage design that can fit in rooms of all kinds; it also has models in other styles such as rustic or modern.

Aromas lamps are perfect for lighting and to decorate at the same time, they are ideal to place in areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, corridors and bedrooms. Another factor that makes Aromas a highly original lighting brand is the use of unconventional shapes and the union of different concepts, seeking an avant-garde design in all its lamps. Finally, its extensive catalogue allows you to choose from a variety of finishes in many of its products so that you can customise the lamp to your liking.

Lighting fixtures that looks like an element of the interior´s decoration can change an entire space. Decorative lighting can anchor an entire room and our super exciting Spanish brand Aromas del Campo does exactly this. Every piece of this lighting brands walks on the line between the simplicity, beauty and balance. Their Collections of standing lamps, original pendant lights, fantasy explosion wall lights, and elegant table lamp to functional desk lamps are very impressive with their design and utility.

The lighting product created by Aromas del campo has pure and simple lines. Every ear the Lighting Collections of the Manufacturer is changing, improving, innovating. The avant-garde style with materials such as marble, wood, ceramic and mainly metal with glass – are on the basis of Aromas del Campo Lighting fixtures.

Therefore, you can follow the Aromas de Campo line in each lighting item is created by designers with talent. They make each Collection distinctive with a harmonious style, where you can see an elegant connection with the nature.

Moreover, you can see the Aromas del Campo lighting fixtures are elegant and Nobel, with a quite accessible price for such a marvellous  work. It is very attractive for interior designers that can enrich their projects with those decorative and functional pendants lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps by Aromas del Campo.

Above all, the designers’ team that is working with Aromas del Campo is creative with avant-garde approach. Each one has his own style, but they all together follow some features, lines and characteristics that makes Aromas del Campo easy to distinguish. Here below you will find the list of Collections of each designer that is available right now, and we will emphasize some lighting design of those artists: AC Studio, Jana Chang, Pepe Fornas, Jf Sevilla, Fornasevi, J.l. Ballester and ESTUDIO COSÍ.

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