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  • LED Panel Dimmable DALI (48W)

    Adjustable LED panel available in two colour temperatures (neutral and cold white light). Includes DALI dimming control, which allows several LED panels to be dimmed from the same interface. Since all the lighting can be controlled at the same time, this type of dimming is very practical for technical lighting in working environments.Dimensions: Length...

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  • LED Panel Lauria (70W)

    LED panel designed for technical lighting. Its built-in high-power LED lighting offers energy efficiency and high performance. Made of aluminium and finished in white, this ceiling panel is designed to be placed on the ceiling of shops, offices and large rooms.Dimensions: Length 119,5 cm. Width 59.5 cm.

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  • LED Panel Lauria (48W)

    LED panel with integrated 48W LED lighting. Its rectangular and elongated shape make it very practical to place on the ceiling of large places such as offices or passageways. It is available in two colour temperature options (neutral or cold white light) and emits a luminous flux of 4,100 lumens.Dimensions: Length 119,5 cm. Width 29,5 cm.

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  • LED Panel Dimmable 1-10V (48W)

    LED panel adjustable by dimming type 1-10V. This type of LED panels allows to regulate by means of a rotation controller the power of the light, from a minimum of 1V to a maximum of 10V. Ceiling panel with LED lighting very practical to place in workplaces such as offices, offices and halls.Dimensions: Length 119,5 cm. Width 29,5 cm

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  • Dimmable LED Panel UGR 19 (50W)

    Dimmable LED panel with index UGR<19. Thanks to its low glare level, this ceiling panel is suitable to illuminate work areas, halls and study rooms. It emits a neutral white light of 4.000ºK and is available in two dimming models to select between 1-10V or DALI.Dimensions: Length 59,5 cm. Width 59,5 cm.

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  • LED Panel Himmel (40W)

    LED panel for installation in modular office false ceilings. With its square shape, the recessed LED panel Himmel is designed for technical lighting of interiors. It must be installed in a modular false ceiling, designed to illuminate offices and work spaces.Dimensions: Height 8.5 cm. Length 59.5 cm. Width 59.5 cm.

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  • LED Panel UGR 19 (50W)

    Ceiling panel with integrated LED lighting (50W) for high performance and low power consumption. It is designed with a UGR<19 level, making it ideal for indoor lighting such as offices, hospitals and schools. In addition, it provides a low level of glare and helps mitigate visual fatigue.Dimensions: Height 59,5 cm. Length 59,5 cm.

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