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  • Wall light LED Bed Black (3W)

    Wall light from the collection Bed with a modern and elegant black finish. Rectangular metal wall base and 3W silicon LED reader. Configurable in the position and direction you want. It will be very useful when you read at night in your bedroom.Total dimensions: Heigth 42 cm.Base dimensions: Length 6 cm. Width 6 cm.

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  • Wall light LED Bathroom Andrea Quick view
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    LED Wall light Andrea (5W)

    Wall light with 5 years warranty. Made of zamak and steel, robust and quality materials. Integrated with 5 W LED lighting, cold colour temperature. Designed to light up the bathroom mirror, thanks to its small size and versatility, as it can be installed in different ways.  Dimensions: Height 6.1 cm. Width 28.4 cm. 

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  • LED Wall Light Wave (16W)

    LED wall light Wave . With two LED lighting strips arranged in wave form. This shape creates a different lighting effect and gives it a modern and original design. It is a perfect LED wall light for use in bathrooms thanks to its IP44 rating. Dimensions: Height 5 cm. Length 54 cm. Width 13 cm.

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  • LED Solar Outdoor Wall light (2W-250 lm)

    LED Solar Wall light for outdoors (IP65) with motion sensor (2W-250 lm). The battery is charged with sunlight. At night it turns on automatically at 1-2% power. When the built-in sensor detects movement, the light turns on at 100%, returning to 1-2% of light after 30 seconds of inactivity. Without electrical installation or cables. Dimensions: 10 x 13.8 x...

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  • Picture Light LED Magritte II

    Picture light for walls, from the collection Magritte with integrated LED. Made of steel and adjustable in up part, this  light is designed to illuminate objects on the wall such as paintings and pictures. Available in various sizes.Dimensions: - Small: Height 4 cm. Length 30 cm. Width 22 cm.- Medium: Height 4 cm. Length 45 cm. Width 22,40 cm.- Large:...

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  • LED Outdoor Wall Light TOLUCA (16W)

    Outdoor LED Wall LIght TOLUCA (16W). Modern design with which we will be able to direct the light up and down. Ideal for gardens, terraces, porches, as well as passageways or facades in outdoor environments. Made of light grey, black or white aluminium. Transparent tempered glass diffuser. IP54. Driver included. Dimensions: High 6.9 cm. Width 22 cm....

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  • Outdoor wall light LED Bruc (2x7W)

    Wall light with lighting LED, cylindrical design made of aluminium and finished in black. The glass diffuser allows light to be diffused throughout the space. It projects the light from above and below, creating a spectacular atmosphere. Ideal for outdoor areas: gardens, terraces, porches... Dimensions: High 24 cm. Diameter 12 cm.

    117,76 € tax included
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  • LED Wall light Klee (12W)

    Wall light with 12W LED lighting. A discreet design of simple and modern lines, with white aluminium manufacturing. Its small size makes it ideal for lighting the corridor. You'll get a perfect ambient light. Dimensions: Height 8.5 cm. Length 3 cm. Width 26 cm.

    35,02 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Light Shadow (12W)

    LED Wall Light Shadow modern design. It consists of two LED bars facing the wall, creating a light bath illumination. It has a simple and different aesthetics that will be perfect in any room of your home. It can be placed as a wall light in your living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway and hallway. Dimensions: Height 54 cm. Length 8 cm. Width 5 cm.

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  • LED wall light Moy (4W)

    Modern LED wall light Moy with IP44. Its current and discreet design allows it to be placed in rooms of any style. It is made of glass with metal fastening and detail in gold, chrome or bronze. It can be installed as wall or ceiling light in rooms such as corridors, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms. Dimensions: Height 14 cm. Length...

    74,52 € tax included
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  • Square LED Wall Lamp Coseno (8W)

    Modern LED wall light for the lighting of passageways. The LED wall light Coseno is composed of a semi-oval metal structure and a square diffuser. The diffuser is made of polycarbonate, so that it lights up completely generating an ideal ambient light to illuminate corridors, halls and community landings.Dimensions: Height 12 cm. Length 24 cm. width 5,5 cm.

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  • Wall light modern Sonar (2 lights)

    Wall light with two lights adjustables in Spherical form made of aluminium and glossy chrome finish. Perfect for lighting hallways, living rooms or bedrooms in a modern style. The spotlights have a GU10 base to put the Light bulb you want or buy it directly with the included Light bulbs LED (Warm light or Neutral). Dimensions: Width 20 cm. High 15 cm.

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  • Wall light Led (49W) - Picture light

    Wall light for picture lighting with metal body and folding arm. Intense LED lighting. Includes discreet switch. Satin silver, aged brass or chrome finishes. Simple and functional design of 36 cm in length. For installation in corridors, living rooms, bedrooms and passage areas. Dimensions: Total height 16 cm. Wide 36 cm. Depth 14 cm.

    67,74 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Light Lao (4,5W)

    Wall light classic and minimalist style, perfect for use in hallways, hallways, bedrooms, etc. It features innovative LED technology and a switch placed on the base for ease of use. Driver included. Four models available: white or black with copper or white or black matt part. Dimensions: High 15,5 Cm. Length 7.5 Cm Width 10.5 Cm

    35,88 € tax included
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  • Outdoor wall light LED Kerala (10W)

    Wall light vintage style made of dark grey aluminium and transparent glass. Includes 10 W LED lighting, 600 lumens. Superb light technology for its high energy efficiency. Its IP54 allows you to place it in outdoor areas: gardens, terraces, porches, etc.Dimensions: High 38 cm. Length 17 cm. Width 12 cm.

    117,65 € tax included
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  • Outdoor wall light LED Kaula (14W)

    Wall light modern style designed to illuminate exteriors: garden areas, terraces, swimming pools or places with water. Rectangular shape made of stainless steel and opal PMMA diffuser. It integrates 16 W LED lighting, Warm light, top quality technology and efficiency.Dimensions: High 9 cm. Length 5 cm. Width 18 cm.

    81,88 € tax included
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  • Outdoor wall light LED Pill (4W)

    Wall light with compact dimensions and semicircular shape. IP54 for lighting any outdoor area: gardens, terraces or porches. It can be installed with the light up or down depending on your needs and the type of environment you want to create. Available in brown, white or dark grey.Dimensions: High 8.5 cm. Length 3 cm. Width 10 cm.

    56,35 € tax included
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  • LED Wall light Sabrina (2W)

    Wall light Sabrina with 5 years warranty. Cylindrical design and simple and functional clamping method for surfaces such as wood or glass. Includes 2 W LED lighting, driver built-in in the design. Light angle of 236 degrees.Dimensions: Height 11.74 cm. Diameter 3.74 cm.

    27,60 € tax included
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  • LED Wall light Celia (7W)

    Wall light Celia, rectangular design of ABS and aluminium with chrome finish. 5 years warranty. Modern and minimalist style. LED lighting of 7 W and cold colour temperature. IP44 Certification against dust and water ideal for lighting the bathroom mirror with forms of fixing adaptable to different materials. Dimensions: Length 10.5 cm. Width 30.3 cm. 

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  • Wall light LED Celia (15W) Quick view
    51.79 tax included 56,29 € -8%

    LED Wall light Celia (15W)

    Wall light Celia made of aluminium and ABS with IP44 certification (protection against dust and water) ideal for bathrooms. Designed to light up the mirror homogeneously with LED lighting of 15W. Easily installed by two coupling arms. 5 years warranty.Dimensions: Length 10.5 cm. Width 80.3 cm. 

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  • Wall light LED Bed White (3W)

    Wall light with a silicone LED reader ideal for directing lighting and reading with good visibility in your bedroom (power button located on the base). Main body of white metal. Its design will fit perfectly into modern and contemporary decorations. Total dimensions: Heigth 42 cm.Base dimensions: Length 6 cm. Width 6 cm.

    38,96 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Light Eclipsium II (10W)

    Wall light with integrated LED lighting and eclipse design. Thanks to its adjustable colour temperature you can create beautiful lighting of different types. Manufactured in aluminium and polycarbonate with white finish. Ideal for the corridor, living room or dining room. Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

    86,37 € tax included
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  • Bathroom LED Wall Light Curves

    LED Curves bathroom light , available in two sizes to adapt to the size of mirror you have. It is an application designed to be placed on mirrors, being ideal to put in bathroom mirrors, but can also be placed on mirrors in other rooms, such as the foyer or corridors. Dimensions:- Small: Height 4 cm. Length 30 cm. Width 11 cm.- Large: Height 5 cm. Length...

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  • Wall light LED Hoste (2 X 3W)

    Wall light LED Hoste. It has two independent lights, an ambient light and a more focused directional light. It also has two switches to turn on each of the lights. Its minimalist aesthetics and modern style, make this wall light ideal to place in bedrooms, youth bedrooms and hotel rooms.Dimensions: Heigth 20 cm. Length 9 cm. Width 3 cm.

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  • LED Wall Light Fanny (12W)

    Wall light LED Fanny modern style. It has four circular light points, placed on a metal base in white textured finish. It is a bathroom light that can be installed on the wall over the mirror thanks to its IP44. Although thanks to its original style it fits in corridors, dining rooms, passageways and bedrooms. Dimensions: Height 12 cm. Length 38,5 cm....

    92,81 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Laika

    Wall light Laika in white textured metal. It has two different LED illuminations, an ambient light and a focused light. Both can be oriented and have an independent switch. It has a USB to charge different devices. With two versions it can be placed on both sides of the bed in the bedroom. Dimensions: Height 13 cm. Length 24 cm. Width 12,5 cm.

    140,53 € tax included
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  • Wall Light LED Volga

    Wall light Volga with aluminium structure and PMMA diffuser with integrated LED lighting. Its modern design together with its IP44 degree of protection make it ideal for use as lighting in bathrooms. Available in various sizes.Dimensions: - Small: Height 4 cm. Length 31 cm. Width 8 cm.- Medium: Height 4 cm. Length 60 cm. Width 8 cm.- Large: Height 4 cm....

    80,73 € tax included
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  • Wall Light LED Adame (7W)

    Adame LED wall light with metal structure available in black and matt white finishes with gold and silver interior respectively. You can direct the head to the point where you need light at any moment. It includes a decorative brown handle that gives a classic touch to the modern design of the wall light. Dimensions: Height 20 cm. Length 15 cm. Width 25 cm.

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  • Outdoor LED Wall Light New Era (12W)

    New Era LED wall light for outdoor lighting with two points of light. Made of aluminum with IP54 grade that makes it resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind. Its integrated LED lighting is projected in two directions, lighting the wall from both the bottom and top of the wall light.Dimensions: Height 9 cm. Length 17,5 cm. Width 2,8.

    43,79 € tax included
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  • Pictures Light LED Painting

    Pictures light LED to illuminate specific areas of your hallway or living room. Designed to be installed on pictures, tables or sideboards to give that extra lighting and make these elements stand out. The structure has a beautiful black finish with some gold details.Dimensions:Small: Height 11 cm. Length 51 cm. Width 19 cm.Large: Height 11 cm. Length 70...

    160,65 € tax included
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  • Wall Light LED Bach (5W)

    Bach LED wall light with double lighting. The wall light is composed of a 5W LED strip at the top and a 3W flexible arm reading spotlight. The included wooden shelf can be used as a small auxiliary surface to support objects. Very practical wall light to place in bedrooms next to the bed.Dimensions: Height 7,5 cm. Length 22 cm. Width 11 cm.

    113,85 € tax included
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  • Wall Lamp with LED reader Savoy (3W)

    Wall light Savoy with double lighting. Light point with fabric lampshade on the upper part and LED reading light on the lower part. It is designed to be placed on the wall near the headboard of the bed or near the sofa. Structure and shade available in various finishes.Dimensions: Max. height. 49,9 cm. Length 23 cm. Width 26,5 cm.

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  • Wall Lamp LED Joy (3W)

    Modern wall lamp LED Joy. Circular shapes define the design of this decorative wall light for living rooms and bedrooms. Metal structure available in white or black, combined with a spherical opal glass shade. Place this wall lamp on the wall of your living room or bedroom to give an original touch to the room.Dimensions: Height 15,6 cm. Length 10 cm....

    74,52 € tax included
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  • Outdoor LED Wall Lamp Tom XL (11W)

    Outdoor wall lamp with integrated LED technology Tom XL. Its simple circular design makes it ideal for placing in all types of exteriors and outdoor areas. You can also install it as a wall lamp or as a ceiling flush light. It has IP65 and IK10 degrees of protection.Dimensions: Width 6 cm. Diameter 22 cm.

    43,82 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Lamp Dual (15W)

    LED wall light Dual for living rooms and bedrooms. The wall light stands out for its versatile design, which allows to direct the light with a 360º turn. In this way, you can direct the light towards the top, bottom or diagonally with the angle you need at any given moment. You can place this wall lamp next to the bed or sofa.Dimensions: Height 4 cm....

    105,80 € tax included
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  • LED Wall Light Secante (10W)

    Modern wall light with LED lighting Secante. The wall lamp draws attention by its modern design, designed to dress both indoor and outdoor walls. The light is projected from the lower and upper part of the wall lamp lighting the wall in a direct and indirect way. Wall light designed to illuminate specific areas and passages.Dimensions: Height 20 cm....

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