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Lighting by room

If you are renovating the lighting of your home, it is possible that you instead of buying lamps by types (ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps ...) you are looking to buy lighting by room.

Do not worry, at we have worked to make your task easier so you can buy your lamps for each room. If you are interested in buying your lamps by room then continue reading!

Buy lighting by room in

We know it, every room in your house is totally different, that is why it is important that you can buy lamps and lighting products by room.

These are the products categories that we have prepared so that you can choose the lighting of your house easily.

If you wish, you can also buy lamps by lamp type or decoration styles. Among these styles, you will find modern lamps, classic lamps, designer lamps, rustic... Just come in and check out the selection we have available for you!

Living room lighting and lamps

Living - Dining room lighting

The living room is one of the rooms where we spend the most time at home. Therefore it must be a comfortable room where we can disconnect and relax.

The living room lighting requires that it be cozy and pleasant. If you are looking to buy lamps for the living room, the ceiling lamps, pendant lamps and chandeliers are ideal for you. Also, if you have less space you can place a flush light or downlights to obtain a direct lighting.

You should not forget neither about the dining room lighting. If you want to surprise your guests with a spectacular meal, keep in mind that the lighting for the dining room should be direct and focused on the table. So your presentation will be much more amazing.

The perfect lamps for the dining room can be pendant lamps or even decorative chandeliers according to the style of your home.

lamps for the bedroom


The bedroom is the room where we need to rest and relax. The main lighting for the bedroom should be cozy so that we can enjoy our rest time.

If you are a book lover, then you are interested in buying reading lamps to place next to the bed and thus enjoy your reading time before sleep.

To give ambience to your room you can choose a table lamp with a decorative light bulb that matches your style and the rest of the lamps of the bedroom. Do not forget to choose the bulb with the right light temperature, warm, neutral or cold depending on your tastes.

For more inspiration, visit our bedroom lighting category and find the perfect lamps to renew the lamps and lighting fixtures in your bedroom: table lamps, ceiling lamps, flush lights and wall lights.

Lamps for children's room

Children's Room

Light up the children's room with the funniest and happiest kids' lamps. If your children are bored with the old decoration of their room and the boring kids' lamps, it's time to change.

At we work with the best children's lighting brands . Find the ideal lamps for childrens in this category: night lights, portable lamps, ceiling lamps of all colors, designs and fun drawings that will delight the little ones.

Discover brands such as Dalber, A Little Lovely Company or Vidavi and We are sure that both your children and you will be delighted with all their lighting products.

If you have just had a baby and you are looking for children's lamps and nursery lighting to decorate your room we also have on our website the appropriate lamps for babies.

kitchen lamps & lighting


Believe it or not, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the home where we spend most time. The kitchen requires a decorative and practical lighting at the same time, since we want that, apart from having the best decoration and style, we can cook with the most adequate lighting.

From we offer you a serie of ideas so you can choose the best lighting for the kitchen.

Choose a pendant lamp or ceiling lamp as the main lamp that is decorative and highlight your style. If you have an island in your kitchen, a pendant track light can be ideal to decorate while you illuminate your dishes.

For areas where you need a direct lighting in the kitchen, the ideal choice is the adjustable LED downlights to be able to direct the light.

buy lamps for the bathroom


Surely the bathroom is the room of the house where more times we enter and leave throughout the day. For some it is the most important house room and we all wish to have a dazzling and well decorated bathroom.

Lighting is an aspect to take into account together with the decoration. You can choose different options to light up your bathroom. Here are some ideas for you to buy the most appropriate bathroom lamps for you.

You can buy a flush light for the ceiling of your bathroom as general lighting or some downlights to give an ambient lighting. The most important thing to light up in the bathroom is the mirror. A good option is to place two wall lights on each side of the mirror or a track light on top of it.

buy wall lamps for the hallway


When it comes to decorating our house and choosing the lamps for the rooms, we should not forget areas like the hallway. If you are looking for where to buy lighting for the hallway online, I am sure that at you will find the ideal hallway lamps.

Although we do not spend much time in spaces like the hallway in our house, it is important that we choose the right lighting to make it look as good as possible.

Some good ideas to illuminate the hallway is to buy wall lights or recessed led downlights to provide an ambient and decorative light.

Buy outdoor lamps. Exterior lighting


Exterior lighting can be used for many purposes: light up the entrance to your home, decorate your terrace with style, give a personal touch to the decoration of your garden or even avoid the entry of unwanted people.

Whatever the reason you are looking to buy outdoor lighting, at we have hundreds of products ready for you. Choose your ideal outdoor lamps: outdoor Wall lights, bollard lights, portable lamps, post lights, festoon lights...

Lamps and chandeliers for wine cellar

Wine Cellar

The cellar is a special stay in the house, so we must pay special attention to its decoration and lighting. In general, the lighting that we will look for a cellar will be rustic style, such as rustic wall lights or a stunning chandelier on the table.

However, a great idea may be to buy modern lighting for your cellar. You will get a unique decoration that will surely surprise all your guests.

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