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  • Linear rail Masta

    Masta for rail spotlights, is made of aluminum. With this rail you will be able to illuminate the zones that you want of your home, when being able to place the spotlights along the rail. It is ideal for lighting halls, dining rooms or corridors. Dimensions: Height 3.4 cm. Length 100 cm.

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  • Ceiling Spotlight LED Dube (9,2W)

    LED spotlight for installation on the ceiling Dube. Spotlight with tubular design in white or black, designed to illuminate all types of home and business interiors. The spotlight is installed on the ceiling by means of a driver adapter, and several spotlights can be installed in the form of a flush light or a strip (see available adapters).Dimensions:...

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  • Three-phase rail for spotlights Track (3 meters)

    Three-phase rail for spotlights from the collection Track.  The rail is available in a white, black or anodised aluminium finish to match or enhance the spotlights you are installing. Designed for ceiling mounting in supermarkets, stores, shops and showrooms. Dimensions:  Height 3.2 cm.  Length 300 cm.  Width 3.6 cm.

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  • Spotlight in a track Cylinder

    Cylinder LED spotlight for installation on track. The cylindrical spotlight is orientable which allows to distribute the light in a uniform way or on the contrary it can be used to highlight elements of the room. Compact and ideal for commercial lighting such as showcases, displays, counters or different products in your store.

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  • LED Spotlight Rail / Surface Enigma (35W)

    LED spotlight to be placed on rail or surface Enigma. This spotlight with the adjustable light beam is designed for professional lighting of shops and clothing stores. Its design allows it to be installed on the ceiling (accessory included) or on a rail (check for available rails).Dimensions: Height 30.1 cm. Diameter 10 cm.

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  • LED Spotlight for rail Lira (41W)

    Adjustable LED spotlight Lira to be placed on a rail. Natural white LED lighting (4000ºK), designed to illuminate shopping centres, clothing stores and supermarket shelves. The light point is adjustable both vertically and by rotating on itself. Check the available three-phase rails.Dimensions: Height 23.47 cm. Length 14,1 cm. Width 9 cm.

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  • LED Spotlight for rail Lira (26W)

    LED track spotlight from the collection Lira. The spotlight has integrated LED lighting with a colour temperature of 4000ºK (natural light). Designed to be installed on a three-phase track (not included) for the lighting of shops, clothing stores and supermarket shelves. Available in white or black colour.Dimensions: Height 23,47 cm. Length 14,1 cm. Width...

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  • Three-phase rail for spotlights Track (1 meter)

    Three-phase, one-meter rail Track designed for commercial lighting. The rail can support a load from 2 to 5 kilos, leaving a maximum distance between the fixing points of 100 and 50 cms respectively. Three-phase track (3x3680W) for spotlights to be installed in shops, stores and supermarkets.Dimensions: Height 3.3 cm. Length 100 cm. Width 3,6 cm.

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  • Three-phase rail for spotlights Track (2 meters)

    Three-phase rail for spotlights Track. With a length of 2 meters, this three-phase track is designed for commercial and professional indoor installations. The rails Track collection offers accessories to join several tracks or to install them in suspension (see information).Dimensions: Height 3.2 cm. Length 200 cm. Width 3,6 cm.

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  • Spotlight in a track Sigma

    Sigma track lighting with LED light. The electrical equipment is integrated in the spotlight and does not need an equipment box. The advantage of rail spotlights is that you can orient it and change the direction of light at any time being ideal for commercial lighting projects. Ideal for installing in shops, offices, commercial premises and large areas...

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  • LED Rail Spotlight Indus (30W)

    LED spotlight for rail Indus. It has freedom of movement in vertical (90º) and on itself (350º), besides a special optic 60ºx10º. Projector designed to illuminate shop windows, stores and supermarkets, installing it on a three-phase track. Possibility of ceiling installation by means of a adapter.Dimensions: Height 24 cm. Length 14,5 cm. Wide 3,8 cm.

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  • Spotlight in a track Fokus

    LED spotlight to place on Fokus track modern design and square shape. It is perfect for focused lighting and retail technology of all kinds such as fashion shops, shop window and office lighting. It can be oriented horizontally and vertically so that you can focus the light comfortably. Available in three colours to choose the one that best suits your...

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  • Spotlight in a track LED Fuga

    LED Lane Floodlight designed for commercial lighting projects. Can be oriented to direct the light where you need it and is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. Ideal for technical business lighting as store interiors, shop stands and for lighting fruit, fish or meat. The rod can be hidden if the spotlight is oriented vertically.

  • LED Spotlight for furniture Ibiza (3,2W)

    LED spotlight Ibiza to be installed on the ceiling of furniture. These LED spotlights stand out because of the versatility of the lighting offered by their design. You can install it on a kitchen furniture to illuminate the worktop, in the bathroom or on a bookcase to illuminate the objects. In addition, the spotlight is available in several...

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  • Kit Rail for spotlights (1 metre)

    One metre long track for spotlights. The rail includes the necessary accessories for installation, such as the power supply and locking head and a bracket. It can accommodate up to three spotlights with a distance of 40 centimetres between each one. Track kit for the realisation of contract lighting projects. Dimensions: Height 3.30 cm. Length 100 cm....

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