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Track Spotlight

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  • LED Lane Floodlight designed for commercial lighting projects. Can be oriented to direct the light where you need it and is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. Ideal for technical business lighting as store interiors, shop stands and for lighting fruit, fish or meat. The rod can be hidden if the spotlight is oriented vertically.

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    Sigma track lighting with LED light. The electrical equipment is integrated in the spotlight and does not need an equipment box. The advantage of rail spotlights is that you can orient it and change the direction of light at any time being ideal for commercial lighting projects. Ideal for installing in shops, offices, commercial premises and large areas...

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    LED spotlight to place on Fokus track modern design and square shape. It is perfect for focused lighting and retail technology of all kinds such as fashion shops, shop window and office lighting. It can be oriented horizontally and vertically so that you can focus the light comfortably. Available in three colours to choose the one that best suits your...

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  • Cylinder LED spotlight for installation on track. The cylindrical spotlight is orientable which allows to distribute the light in a uniform way or on the contrary it can be used to highlight elements of the room. Compact and ideal for commercial lighting such as showcases, displays, counters or different products in your store.

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