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Types of ceiling fans

There are different models of ceiling fans, to make it easier for you to choose and buy your ceiling fan we have divided them into different types. On the one hand we have fans with or without light, fans sorted by size, silent ceiling fans that do not make noise and outdoor fans.

Ceiling fans with light

Lamps Fans with light to have a ceiling fan with a lamp that allows you to ventilate and illuminate the room. You can choose from ceiling fans with light which are ceiling fans with light bulbs and ceiling fans with integrated LED light. Many of our fans with light include a remote control and some allow you to regulate the intensity of the light or the colour temperature of the fan lamp.

Ceiling fans without light

Ceiling fans to be placed in living rooms and bedrooms that already have enough light points. You can place this type of fan in large rooms and combine it with lamps of all kinds. Fans without light are more discreet and compact, ideal if you already have enough lamps to illuminate a room. You can find ceiling fans without a light point in all styles and sizes to ventilate your rooms.

Silent ceiling fans

Silent ceiling fans are the DC motorised DC fan models. These noiseless fans are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. You can have the fan on without hearing the motor, you will only hear the air moving in the room and you can rest easy with the fan on. The DC fans include a remote control for a convenient and silent fan start.

Fans for small rooms

Small bedrooms and living rooms need a small ceiling fan to move the air in the room. The blades should not be too large so that the fan does not take up all the space on the ceiling. It is ideal to place a small fan in children's bedrooms, guest bedrooms, small living rooms, kitchens or walk-through areas of your home. You can install a fan with folding or compact blades to better fit the space.

Fans for medium sized rooms

Medium fans or simply ceiling fans are the most common. They are usually fans with a diameter of 130 cm and can fit in any room of your home or business. In the medium fans you can buy ceiling fans for installation in master bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Compare between the different models and choose the fan size you like best.

Fans for large rooms

Large ceiling fans are used to ventilate large rooms or rooms with high ceilings thanks to their long blades. Buying a large fan is often the best solution for ventilating dining rooms, main living rooms, master bedrooms or open spaces without walls such as shops, restaurants or offices. Large ceiling fans allow large spaces to be ventilated from a single point in the room.

Outdoor fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are resistant to water and dust, allowing them to be outdoors, but always under a roof to which the fan will be attached. It is very suitable to buy an outdoor fan if you plan to place it on terraces, porches, balconies or outdoor places. If you have a flat on the beach or near the sea, it is advisable to buy an outdoor fan as the fan will withstand the corrosion of the sea better.

Wonderlamp fans

Our Wonderlamp fans can be placed in any room in your home. You can see fan models of all sizes and styles, as well as fans with three blades, four blades, folding blades or silent DC fans. Fans available in different colours and finishes using a chain mechanism or fans with remote control for convenient control of speeds and light.

How to choose your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are the best option to regulate the temperature of the room in which they are placed, highly recommended for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and other areas such as the kitchen. In these rooms having a ceiling fan that can move the air in the room is very useful, it helps to bear the heat with very little energy expenditure, you will hardly notice it on the electricity bill. Most fans include a light point to fulfill a dual function of providing fresh air and lighting. Thanks to this, you can use the fan every day as the main light in the room and when you feel like having a small breeze or moving the air around in the room, you can turn the fan on.

There are a variety of models of ceiling fans with different functions and sizes that can make the decision somewhat complicated, so from Lamparas.es we want to help you make the best decision and choose the fan that best suits your needs.

There are three factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan: the size, the option of incorporating a lighting point and the mode of ignition. The style and color will allow us to integrate the fan into the room and complete the decoration of the room. In addition, there are other extra features that some fan models have such as folding blades, timer, reverse function for year-round use, among many others.

The size of the fan

In order to know the first point, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room in which the fan is going to be placed with respect to the diameter of the fan to be chosen. The size of the fan, including its height, is always one of the most decisive aspects. The objective is that the fan fulfils its function in an optimal way and is in accordance with the room.
Dimensiones ventiladores - Lamparas.es
As you have seen in this explanatory table, the ceiling fans are placed according to their diameter and the room. Ceiling fans in rooms larger than 28 meters can be large or you have the option of placing two fans, the use of two small fans will move the air flow optimally throughout the room.

If the room in which you want to place it is not a perfect square, which is very common, consider choosing a fan that is a little smaller than the square meters indicate. But don't worry, as long as the blades are far away from cupboards and walls you don't have to worry, even if the room is not easy to measure. As always, these are approximate measurements to make it easier for you to calculate the size of your next ceiling fan.

Lighting points

If we want to take advantage of all the functions that a fan can provide, we should choose one that incorporates a light point. This light point can be with a bulb or with integrated LED technology that offers more light with less consumption. If we add the low consumption of the LED with the consumption of the fan that is also very reduced, we have a device that is able to give us fresh air and illuminate the whole room in exchange for the consumption of one or two traditional light bulbs.

On the other hand, whether it is light bulbs or LEDs, there are three types of light points that a fan can have, with ceiling, tulip or spotlights. The ceiling provides a more general light throughout the room and is also usually an ideal solution if you want an LED ceiling fan with integrated lighting. Glass shades are often used in more classic models that give a warmer feeling to the room. The option of spotlights is used in cases where we need to orient the points of light and we want direct light. In all the options we can put LED lighting either with integrated LED or with LED bulbs.

Modes of operation of the fan

Depending on how the fans are operated, we will have a greater comfort or functionality. The ceiling fans can be operated in three ways, with remote control, chains or wall regulator.

The most comfortable option and the one most fans usually incorporate is the remote control, some models with programmable remote control to leave it on if we go to sleep. The chains offer a more classic and rustic style to the room. Another option would be a wall regulator, very useful to place in busy rooms such as hotels.

Summer-Winter function

Ceiling fans are mainly used in the hot season to create a breeze and give us a cool feeling, although with the summer-winter function they are also useful in the cold season. In winter these fans help to improve air circulation in the room and make the heating more efficient.

Summer use Fans and Winter use Fans

The summer function causes the blades to turn counter-clockwise and the fresh air to move downwards, generating a breeze. The winter function reverses the direction of rotation, the air is blown upwards and circulates the warm air trapped in the ceiling, improving the efficiency of your heating without increasing your energy bill. Just think, even though having the heater and the fan at the same time may seem like a big expense, it's the opposite. When you turn on the fan, the warm air will be in the lower part of the room, not the upper part, helping you to turn on the heating for less time, reducing the expense of each month.

AC motor o DC motor

Today's ceiling fans make very little noise, usually only moving air is heard rather than the blades or the motor running. Despite this, there are two types of motor on the fan market, AC motors and new DC motors.

The AC motor usually has between 3 speeds of rotation and makes a little more noise than a DC fan although the difference is minimal as both fan motors are very quiet. The DC motor is a newer technology that typically uses between 3 - 7 speeds of rotation and is ultra quiet, the only noise you will hear is that of the moving air.

The difference between choosing a ceiling fan with one motor or the other depends on your needs, if you think you will need different types of speed to have smooth air up to a large air movement.

Other features of ceiling fans

The timer mode can be a mode to consider if you want to fall asleep with the fan on and have it automatically turn off after a couple of hours. This way you can fall asleep thanks to the refreshing breeze from the fan without having to worry about turning it off.

The folding blades can be the solution if you think the ceiling fan is a bit too bulky and big to fit in your bedroom or living room. By hiding their blades above the fan, these fans, which usually have a point of light, will be used as a ceiling lamp for most of the year. When the summer heat arrives, you will only have to unfold their blades and enjoy the refreshing air.

Finally, there are ceiling fans with different numbers of blades and with very varied designs. The fans that you can buy on our website are varied and different, as they are designed to decorate the room according to your tastes, being a decorative element of the room as well as the sofa in your living room, the bedspreads, the closets, the painting of the walls. Each of these elements make up the style you have chosen to decorate that room, so there are modern ceiling fans, rustic ceiling fans, classic fans and retro or industrial fans. Feel free to browse through our extensive catalogue and choose your next ceiling fan.

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