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Trio - Lighting For You

Trio Lighting seeks with its general catalogue to create an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable. You can find the latest trends in lighting, with lamps designed to illuminate any room in a personalised and sophisticated way. Whether in classic, modern or retro styles, or in more modern styles such as natural or Nordic. Trio also offers a catalogue called Reality (RL), made up of lamps that seek to satisfy both the functional lighting of the home and to add a decorative touch to any room. Finally, an outdoor catalogue is available, focusing exclusively on lighting solutions for gardens, terraces, balconies and other outdoor areas.

Natural Style - Trio Lighting

Natural Style - Boho

Lighting trend for nature lovers and cosy atmospheres. Natural boho style lamps make use of materials such as rattan, sisal, cotton or wood, creating exotic and colourful atmospheres that are at the same time cosy and natural. The harmonious combination of light and nature radiates comfort and tranquillity, exactly what we are looking for in our home.

Nordic Style - Skandi

Nordic Style - Skandi

This style of lighting is inspired by the simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle, which is reflected in both the decoration and lighting of the home. It is common to use materials such as wood and metal and colours such as white, black or pastel tones. This combination of materials and colours creates a relaxing and cosy atmosphere in the room, typical of the Scandinavian philosophy of life.

Industrial Style - Trio Lighting

Industrial Style

The industrial style is characterised by its rustic factory charm. It is common to find metal as the main material in industrial lamps, combined with grey, cement colours and/or worn effects. Its love for the imperfect and the "unfinished" makes this style an ideal solution to decorate in a different way and give a causal touch to flats, lofts and modern style businesses.

Modern Style - Trio Lighting

Modern Style

Modern lamps offer timeless designs, making use of both simple, clean lines and elegant, curved shapes. It is common to find spherical glass shades with finishes such as opal, smoked or mirrored grey. As for the structures, the use of gold or black metal stands out, creating a sophisticated combination with the glass of the lampshades.

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