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Led lighting and lamps

Most of the lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights that you can find at have integrated LED lighting or allow LED bulbs to be fitted. LED technology is usually found integrated in modern style lamps, made of materials such as metal or aluminium and white, chrome or nickel finishes. However, if you are looking for a more classic or traditional style, you have the option of buying a ceiling lamp or wall lamp in a classic style and installing an LED bulb in it. This way, you can install a floor lamp or table lamp with a fabric shade in any corner of your living room and still benefit from the advantages of LED lighting by fitting an energy-saving LED bulb.

Whether they are LED ceiling lamps, LED floor lamps, LED table lamps, LED ceiling lights or LED wall lights, they all save on light consumption while providing high-quality, high-performance lighting. In addition, a large number of LED lamps can be dimmed, both in terms of lumen intensity and colour temperature. An LED floor lamp or LED table lamp is ideal for illuminating any bedroom or living room, and if it has dimming functionality, the lamps will provide more or less light or a warmer or cooler tone at any time. The same goes for LED ceiling lamps, perfect for any room in the house, whether it is a living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. LED wall lamps with dimmable light are also very practical to place next to the bed, regulating the light intensity to illuminate the room or simply to read in bed before going to sleep. In addition, many LED wall lights have an adjustable LED reader, giving the possibility of only having the reader switched on to illuminate a specific point or for a specific lighting need. An LED ceiling light is a very common solution nowadays for kitchen lighting, due to the long periods of time during the day when we have to keep the light on. Finally, there are LED outdoor lamps, designed to illuminate gardens, terraces, balconies and outdoor passageways, allowing less light pollution and greater protection against dust and water. Some LED outdoor lamps such as LED outdoor wall lights or LED outdoor beacons have motion sensor functionality, including twilight. Motion sensor wall lights or motion sensor beacons allow for even greater light savings, as these types of outdoor lamps only switch on when they detect movement around them, remaining off at all other times.

Advantages and benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting, lamps with integrated LEDs and LED bulbs can bring us a wide range of advantages and benefits in our daily life and in the economy of our home. Among the many advantages of LED lighting, we can distinguish, on the one hand, the benefits and functionalities when it comes to lighting the home and, on the other hand, those we get in consumption savings and impact on the environment.

There are several benefits that LED technology brings to our home lighting. LED lamps, whether they are LED ceiling lamps, LED table lamps or LED wall lights, emit a light that is easy on the eyes, and they also avoid flickering when they are switched on. They are very easy to install, as lamps with integrated LEDs do not require any bulbs to be fitted. One of the most outstanding features of LED lighting and LED lamps is that many models allow the light to be dimmed, both in terms of colour temperature and luminous intensity. In this way, you can adjust the light emitted by your LED ceiling lamp or floor lamp, adapting the lighting to your needs or the conditions in your living room or bedroom. Some LED lamps allow you to select between various levels of colour temperature such as 3000-4000-6000ºK (warm-neutral-cold light), while other lamps allow you to regulate the level of colour and/or lumens, going from one level to another gradually. Finally, in addition to the social and economic benefits, LED bulbs and LED lamps have a long lifetime, which can range from 15,000 to 40,000 hours, depending on the bulb and the lamp. Their long lifetime means that we don't have to worry about changing the bulb every so often and buying new bulbs.

As we said, LED lighting also brings social, environmental and energy saving benefits. The useful life together with the characteristic of low consumption lighting, allow LED technology to give us the possibility of saving more energy than traditional halogen bulbs. This saving can mean, in some cases, up to 80% less in the amount of the electricity bill. LED lighting, whether LED bulbs in lamps or integrated LED lighting, are more resistant to vibrations or shocks than traditional bulbs. This is because they do not have filaments, which can break with an unexpected bump or any sporadic act. In LED lamps with integrated technology, the light is usually protected by an acrylic, polycarbonate or glass diffuser. This means that they are better protected against impact, dust and even water than traditional lamps and bulbs. And speaking of protection against dust or water, outdoor LED bulbs and outdoor LED lamps produce low light pollution, which is particularly useful and beneficial for outdoor lighting. Finally, lamps with integrated LEDs and LED bulbs do not contain mercury inside, which makes them environmentally friendly.

LED ceiling lamps and ceiling lights

LED Ceiling lights

LED ceiling lamps are the most important lighting products for any home or business. At we have thousands of pendant lamps, ceiling lights and semi flush lights of different sizes, colors, styles and types to give your house a unique touch or captivate your customers in your store or restaurant.

LED downlights

LED Downlights

The LED recessed downlights are perfect to light up accurately any part at home. The downlights are especially useful to place in places like the corridor, the kitchen or the bathroom. In addition, the lighting is perfect for rooms where the light is turned off and on many times throughout the day.

buy led wall lights wonderlamp

LED Wall lights

The wall lamps are ideal for lighting spaces like the living room or dining room of your house. Discover in wall lights for all types of spaces and styles. Include LED lighting in your wall lamps and start saving energy!

LED table lamps and desk lamps

LED Table lamps

Choose your table lamp, desk lamp, work lamp or reading lamp with LED lighting. You will ensure the highest energy efficiency and get an incredible light effect to light up your stay widely while decorating it with style.

LED recessed downlights for outdoors

LED lighting for outdoors

The LED technology is perfect for lighting outdoor spaces such as the garden, the terrace, the porch or balcony. Buy lighting fixtures and lamps with the appropriate degree of IP protection against dust and water and integrated LED technology: bollard lights, post lights, strip lights, floodlights, spotlights. Decorate your garden and surprise your guests with the most efficient lighting on the market.

led light bulbs

LED light Bulbs

The LED bulbs installation in your lamps and spotlights allows savings up to 80% in your consumption. We have a wide range of LED bulbs for your home in We invite you to try both bulbs with E27, E14, GU10, MR16, R7s, G9 cap fittings, LED tubes, as well as decorative LED filament lamps in the form of diamond, pear shape and decorative mirror bulbs.

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