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Lighting of corridors and hallways

The corridors and hallways are a part that we should not forget when it comes to lighting our homes. There are many options available to us when choosing lamps to light up corridors, entrances and hallways. The type of lamp and the number of lights will depend on whether we want to illuminate corridors, passageways or hallways, as well as the dimensions of that part of the home. For corridor lighting it is common to put ceiling strips or corridor lamps in a linear fashion. Finally, there is the option of installing several ceiling strips or downlights in a row, which fit perfectly with the environment and provide a very practical light.

Lamps that perform a similar function to recessed lights are spotlights. Ceiling spotlights are installed in the form of a flush light and, without protruding too far from the ceiling, provide a downward point of light that resembles a recessed light. Another common solution is the ceiling flush light, allowing a flush light to be placed in the centre of the corridor ceiling or a passage so that the light emitted bathe the whole corridor in light. We can place both a round ceiling flush light and a flush light with several lights, adjustable and fixed. If the dimensions and height of the ceiling are appropriate, a ceiling light can also be placed to illuminate the entrance of your home, either with one point of light or in several in the form of a chandelier, for example.

As supplementary lighting, there is the option of practical wall lamps for passageways. The wall lights are another of the most used solutions to illuminate passages and corridors of homes. We can find wall lights with one point of light or several lights and wall lights with adjustable points of light, which allow you to direct the light towards areas of the corridor or the wall that you want to highlight. The wall lights provide a very practical ambient light to illuminate those areas of the corridor that are not reached by the light from the ceiling lamps, such as corners or the beginning of the corridor. All of the above options are also useful for entrance and hall lighting, again depending on the dimensions of the room. It is common to install an LED ceiling light in the centre of the hall, a pendant light with one or more lights or a classic style chandelier. In the entrances of the homes we usually find some kind of furniture such as a console or a sideboard with drawers. These pieces of furniture allow you to place a table lamp that provides an extra point of ambient light to complement the ceiling lighting.

Lamps for corridors

As for the style of the corridor lamps it is usual to find all kinds of styles and designs, depending on the decoration of the home, although to decorate passageways or halls simple designs are usually used or in accordance with the decorations of nearby rooms. Modern wall lights made of metal with finishes such as matt black or white, or classic wall lights with a metal base and fabric lampshades in light tones. We can also find classic ceiling lights, with a circular shape and glass diffuser or modern ones with adjustable LED lighting. Classic style chandeliers with decorative crystals are often used to illuminate the entrance or hall of the home.

Lamps for foyers and halls

On the other hand, to illuminate and decorate the hall of your home, it is important to place a suitable light, designed so that we can close and open the main entrance door with sufficient lighting. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the hall is the first room your guests or relatives see when they enter your home, so at least the light should be abundant and decorative. If you don't have natural light coming into the foyer, which is usually the case, you should put at least one ceiling lamp for the foyer, either a flush light or a pendant lamp. In some cases if the foyer is large it is best to place on the typical table or furniture that we have at the entrance of the home, a table lamp for the foyer or a wall light for the foyer. Both lamps are an auxiliary light very indicated to light in some occasions and to receive the visits with a decorative light that surprises them.

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