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How to choose your floor lamp

Floor lamps are a versatile and complementary source of light to other lamps in your home. Some of the models incorporate auxiliary light points or offer the possibility of regulating the intensity so you can choose between using the floor lamp as a complementary light that gives more light to a corner or you can leave only the floor lamp and some table lamps on for a cozy and comfortable light. In Wonderlamp.shop you can find different floor lamps for living rooms, bedrooms and living rooms, among which we offer different lamps of retro, modern or rustic design.

We recommend using LED floor lamps that have the most efficient technology, although if you need a more classic design you can place classic fabric shade floor lamps and use an energy-saving LED bulb. All these advantages make this type of lamp indispensable for your home.

Which floor lamp is the right one?

A floor lamp has three different parts: a base, an elongated structure and a screen on top covering the bulb or structure with LED lighting. A floor lamp must be high so that the light illuminates the top of living rooms or bedrooms and can be used occasionally instead of having the ceiling lamp on. Although floor lamps are often used as ambient lighting, we also find lamps that are height adjustable and have an auxiliary light, ideal for use as reading companions.

Apart from the form and functionality of the lamp, it is very important to choose a design and style that suits the room. You can choose between a modern style with a metal structure and chrome finishes, classic floor lamps with fabric shades and light colors, Nordic style lamps characterized by wood materials and white finishes or retro vintage lamps made of metal combining gold and black finishes.

A very useful feature of the floor lamps is that they have adjustable light intensity, which allows you to have light in a very comfortable way. This reinforces the versatile side of this type of lamp as it will be used at times when you need little or a lot of light. The LED floor lamps can have in addition to adjustable intensity, adjustable color temperature that allows to fill the room with a cold white light for reading, a neutral light for eating and a warm light for relaxing moments watching TV or chatting.

Where to put a floor lamp?

It is common to find a floor lamp located in a corner of the bedroom or living room and close to sofas as a mood light. Where you place the floor lamp will depend on your lighting needs and the room. You can place a floor lamp with an auxiliary light near the sofa to use it as a reading light and as an ambient light in the quiet moments of the night. Another option is to place a high power, low energy LED lamp that provides light bright enough to replace the ceiling lamp during most hours of the day. Although it is common to think of living rooms and dining rooms when talking about floor lamps, this type of lamp is also very practical in bedroom corners, allowing it to complement the lighting provided by bedside lamps.

In this way, once you have selected your floor lamp, you can complete the lighting experience and the decoration of the room by combining it with a hanging lamp or a table lamp from the same family of lamps.

Modern floor lamps – Wonderlamp.shop

Modern floor lamps

One of the main features in modern floor lamps is LED technology. LED lighting allows us to create lamps with new shapes and finishes that will surprise you. Get your room lit and decorated with the best innovations and the latest styles of floor lamps.

Floor lamps for living rooms – Wonderlamp.shop

Floor lamps for living rooms

The living room is one of the main rooms for a floor lamp, not only do they offer great lighting throughout the room, but they can also direct the light towards a reading point. In wonderlamp.shop we offer a great variety of floor lamps for living rooms so that you can light them regardless of their style, whether it is modern, classic, rustic...

Classic floor lamps

The classic style floor lamps are ideal for creating a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the room where they are placed. Lamps composed of a metal structure in glossy gold or silver finishes; or wood in elegant light colours. Combined with white or cream fabric shades, these floor lamps will give an ideal touch to your living room or bedroom.

LED floor lamps

Many our floor lamps have integrated LED lighting or allow for the installation of LED bulbs. LED technology is commonly found in modern floor lamps designed with modern shapes, metal finishes and acrylic diffusers. Place a floor lamp with LED illumination and benefit from the low consumption and high performance of this technology for a long period of time.

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