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Children's table lamps

Children's table lamps are designed to achieve a pleasant lighting in our children's rooms. This type of lamp can be placed as auxiliary lighting in different parts of the room depending on needs and ages. For babies and young children, it is common to place this type of lamp on the bedside table next to the bed or on a high piece of furniture to provide lighting in the cot so that the child can see the colours and shapes of the lamp. Children's table lamps offer fun animal designs such as frogs, bears or dogs, shapes such as stars, moons and hearts and bright colours such as green or pink. These types of table lamps can also be placed on children's desks for use as a study light or homework light. The lamps include a switch on the cord so that the little ones can easily turn the light on and off before bedtime or when you need to use the lamp. Some children's table lamps in the shape of animals such as bears and frogs have the power switch located on the lamp itself, making the process of turning the light on and off fun.

Children's portable lamps

Children's portable lamps are characterised by their practicality. Their design allows them to be placed permanently on the bedside table, providing auxiliary lighting like a table lamp. But they are also perfect for our children to sleep peacefully and they can take them with them around the house so that they are not afraid at night. These lamps are made of safe materials such as silicone so that our children are not in any danger when they grab them and carry them around the room with them. These lamps are soft and easy to handle, and can be switched on by simply pressing or lightly squeezing them. You can place the lamp on the bedside table for your child to take with them if they have to go to the bathroom at night or are afraid. The portable RGB LED lamps for children have different modes, colours and lighting sequences to create different atmospheres when lighting up the room. So you can set a blue, green or red light or set a nice sequence of gradually changing colours.

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