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LED G9 Bulbs

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  • LED bulb G9 5W (Warm light)

    Bulb G9 of 5W LED that emits a neutral light of 3.000ºK and a luminosity of 350 lumens. It has an instantaneous ignition system as it achieves 100% power in just 0.2 seconds. Dimensions: Height 4,9 cm. Diameter 1,6 cm.

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  • LED Bulb G9 (2.5W) Quick view
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    LED Bulb G9 (2.5W)

    LED Bulb G9 with 2.5W power (Equivalent to 25 W in an halogen) and colour temperature in warm or neutral white (to choose). Functioning at maximum power at 0.5 seconds. Light output of 270 lumens. Energy class: A++. Opening angle: 360ºDimensions: Height 5.4 cm. Diameter 1.6 cm.

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  • 3x Capsule Bulbs g9 LED (2.5W) Quick view
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    3x Capsule Bulbs g9 LED (2.5W)

    Pack of 3 capsule bulbs with G9 cap. Each with a power of 2.5 W, 250 lumens of intensity and warm or neutral color temperature. Choose the one that best suits the needs of your room. Manufactured in extra clear glass. Lifespan approximately 25,000 hours.  Dimensions: Height 4.85 cm. Diameter 14.5 cm.

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  • LED Bulb G9 (2.5W) Quick view
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    LED Bulb G9 (2.5W)

    Bulb with G9 cap. LED lighting of 2.5 W and great lighting angle: 360 degrees. Adjustable intensity. Available in two colour temperatures: 3000º K (warm white) or 4000ºk (neutral white). Life expectancy: 25.000 hours.

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  • Light bulb LED G9 (2.5W)

    Light bulb LED to be installed in G9 cap. LED lighting with 2.5W of power and light intensity of 250 lm. Available in two colour temperatures: warm (3000ºK) or neutral (4000ºK). Instant startup. Perfect for lamps with small lampshades with bases.Dimensions: High 3.8 cm. Diameter 1.6 cm.

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  • LED Bulb Adjustable G9 (2.5W) Quick view
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    LED Bulb Adjustable G9 (2.5W)

    Bulb with G9 cap fitting, LED lighting (minimum consumption), 2.5W power and 200 lumens. Adjustable intensity and neutral or warm white colour temperature. Lifespan of 25.000 hours. Great lighting angle: 360 degrees and instant switch on at maximum power. Dimensions: Height 4.8 cm. Diameter 1.6 cm.

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  • LED Bulb Light G9 (5W)

    LED G9 bulb of 5W. You can select the bulb in warm (2700ºK) or neutral (4000ºK) colour temperature. Bulb for wall lights, table lamps and pendant lights with G9 bulb thread. Opening angle of the light 360º.Dimensions: Height 6 cm. Diameter 1,60 cm.

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