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  • E27 Smart LED Bulb (8W)

    RGB LED smart bulb. Dimmable in light intensity with five different intensities, in addition to having three light temperatures (warm, neutral and cold) and illuminated with different colors to be RGB LED. It can be controlled from the mobile application "Tuya Smart" and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Dimensions: Height 10.8 cm....

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  • WiFi Smart Plug

    Smart plug with timer. Comes with a handy power button and the ability to connect it to your phone through the Tuya Smart application. Works with Google Assistan and Amazon Alexa so you can turn on the device you have plugged in when you want, very useful for connecting heating appliances, lamps or other devices. Dimensions: Height 5 cm. Length 5 cm....

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  • LED Smart Flush Ceiling Light Chic (62W)

    LED ceiling light Chic with smart lighting. High power ceiling light with the possibility of regulating the intensity of the light and the colour temperature in order to have the lighting you need at all times. These functions can be controlled from your mobile phone. Textured glass structure with a decorative aluminum plate. Dimensions: Height 7.5 cm....

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  • LED Wall Lamp with camera WiFi Orwell (12W)

    Outdoor LED wall lamp Orwell with surveillance camera, microphone and speaker. Through the Tuya Smart mobile application you will be able to control the recordings in real time, consult the log and send data. In addition, you can easily regulate the color temperature and light intensity.Dimensions: Height 30 cm. Length 9 cm. Width 12.7 cm.

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  • WiFi Smart Switch

    WiFi Smart Switch that allows the connection of the lighting of your home with mobile devices and other home automation devices. Compatible with Google assistant and Alexa in addition to being able to work with your mobile through the Tuya app. This Switch driver allows you to turn on and off different lamps in your home once installed. Dimensions: Height...

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  • WiFi Smart Power Strip (4 plugs + 3 USB)

    Intelligent power strip with four plugs and three USB ports. Being a smart strip it is able to connect to the Tuya application and control the switching on and off of connected devices, including a timer mode. For example, you can leave your mobile devices charging during the night and stop at a certain time or turn on a heating appliance for as long as...

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  • LED Smart Flush Ceiling Light Chic (58W)

    Smart LED Ceiling Light Chic. It allows to connect the illumination of the ceiling to your smartphone to control the on, off, regulate the intensity of the light and the temperature of colour. The textured glass is perfect for good ambient lighting and the aluminum piece on the side gives it a very modern and decorative touch. Dimensions: Height 7.5 cm....

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  • LED Smart Flush Ceiling Light Gioia (58W)

    Ceiling lamp with LED Gioia adjustable through a mobile phone or tablet. Using an application you will be able to regulate the light in intensity and colour of the light in addition to being able to turn on or off the lamp at a distance. It has a textured glass structure and a decorative aluminum ring. It has an asymmetrical decorative shape. Dimensions:...

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