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What kind of bath lamp do I need?

When choosing the lighting for the bathroom we must take into account that there are several types of lamps depending on our lighting needs and the place where we are going to install it, whether on the wall, on the ceiling or on the mirror. For the main lighting of the bathroom we can install in the center of the room a bathroom ceiling lamp, a ceiling light suitable for bath, a ceiling strip of several lights or install several downlights. The number of lights and the size of each lamp will depend on the lighting need and the size of the bathroom. We can install a square or circular bathroom ceiling flush light, flush lights with integrated LED lighting or flush lights with several fixed or adjustable light points. With regard to bathroom light tracks, an ideal solution is to place a ceiling strip with several light points or spotlights that can be swivelled in several directions, to direct one light point towards the bath and another towards the wash basin, for example. Recessed or downlights can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling and provide very practical points of light for small bathrooms. Several downlights can also be installed together in the ceiling to complete the lighting in large bathrooms.

Mirror lighting is another important point to illuminate our bathroom. We use bathroom mirrors in our daily life to dress up and do our hair. There are several types of bathroom lights which are installed as wall or mirror lights. On each side of the mirror you can install an elongated LED wall light that provides extra light in the room or a wall light that can be adjusted to direct the light towards the outside or towards the mirror. As far as bathroom mirror lighting is concerned, the most common way is to place a wall light on the mirror or to install the light directly on the mirror. These types of wall lights project the light downwards and become ideal lighting as a complement or substitute for the main lighting provided by a ceiling lamp.

As far as the style of the bathroom lamps is concerned, it is common to find white lamps, a colour tone that combines harmoniously with almost all the colours of the tiles and the walls of the bathrooms. Among the bathroom lamps, two styles predominate over the others, finding mainly modern lamps and classic style lamps. Classic bathroom lamps are usually wall lights with a classic metal and glass design reminiscent of the wall lights in old bathrooms, with a small cord handle to turn the light on and off. Another type of classic bathroom lamps are circular ceiling lights made of glass with a metal structure. For more modern bathrooms, there are modern bathroom lights such as ceiling lights with LED lighting, metal ceiling lights in finishes such as nickel or chrome or lights with several adjustable spotlights.

Grade of protection IP44 for bathrooms

Depending on where we are going to place the lighting in our bathroom, it is important to ensure that it has an adequate IP protection degree against water and the humidity that occurs in everyday life. The higher the IP rating, the more resistant the lamps are to elements such as water or dust. As for the lighting of bathrooms in homes, an IP44 degree of protection is more than sufficient and recommended so that the lamps, soffits and wall lights in bathrooms that we install can withstand the humidity and possible splashes of water from the shower or sink.

Apliques de pared para baño -

Bathroom's wall lamps

The bathroom wall lamps provide an extra point of light in the bathroom very practical for use in our day to day. They are wall lights to be placed on the wall next to the mirror on each side, which include a discreet handle to turn the light on and off. There are also wall lights that can be placed on the mirror or directly on it, providing direct lighting on the mirror. Modern LED wall lights with uniform illumination and acrylic diffuser or classic wall lights with one or more points of light.

Plafones de techo para baño -

Bathroom's ceilling flush lights

Placing a ceiling flush light in the bathroom is an ideal solution for providing ambient lighting in all types of bathrooms. In a small bathroom we can install a circular LED bathroom ceiling that provides a point of light to illuminate the entire bathroom or a square ceiling ceiling with two or three adjustable spotlights that allow us to adapt the points of light to the room. For larger bathrooms there are rectangular ceiling lights with high power LEDs and ceiling lights with several light points to be placed in the centre of the bathroom.

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