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Outdoor Spike Spotlights

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  • Spotlight with spike Aramo

    Spotlight with spike to nail on the floor Aramo. Very practical spotlight thanks to the fact that it has a pick on the bottom. This way, you can place the spotlight on ground or grass surfaces on the terrace or in the garden of your house. In addition, the spotlight is vertically adjustable.Dimensions: Height 43.2 cm. Diameter: 9.8 cm.

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  • LED Spike Spotlight Drop (7W)

    Outdoor LED spotlight with spike Dro. Designed with IP65 protection grade, thinking specially in outdoor lighting. Very practical for nailing to the ground or grass and highlighting specific areas with its LED light point. It includes a pickaxe in its structure and allows a turning angle of 120º.Dimensions: Height 39 cm. Diameter 10 cm.

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  • Solar LED Spotlight avec spike (2W)

    LED spotlight with solar panel and spike for outdoor lighting. The spotlight has a lithium battery that can be recharged through the solar panel that is incorporated. Thanks to its twilight sensor, the light automatically comes on when a minimum light level is detected. Ideal spotlight for signaling lighting in terraces and gardens.Dimensions: Height 42...

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  • Spotlight with spike Nettuno

    Spotlight with pick to nail on the floor Nettuno. This spotlight is perfect for lighting gardens and terraces, nailed to different surfaces such as the ground, grass or plant pots. You can use it to illuminate outdoor paths or highlight specific areas of the garden. The light spot can be swivelled in a vertical direction.Dimensions: Height 23 cm. Diameter...

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  • Spike Spotlight Geronimo

    Outdoor spotlight with spike Geronimo. With an IP65 rating, the light can be placed in outdoor spaces with a saline atmosphere. The spike is removable, allowing the spotlight to be used nailed to a surface or simply supported. With the spotlight located on the spike, it can be oriented in a vertical direction.Dimensions: Height 34.3 cm. Length 9 cm. Width...

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  • Spotlight with spike Jasmin

    Outdoor spotlight with a built-in pick for nailing to the floor. The spotlight Jasmin is specially designed for signaling lighting in outdoor areas. Thanks to its spike you can fix it in different surfaces and points like the grass or the earth. In addition, the spotlight can be directed up and down.Dimensions: Height 16 cm. Diameter 12 cm.

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  • Outdoor LED Spotlight with spike Kat (12W)

    LED spotlight with spike for lighting gardens and terraces. The spotlight stands out for the versatile design it offers by allowing two installation modes. On the one hand, you can install the spotlight in a grassy or earthy area by driving it in with the spike. On the other, you can install the spotlight on the wall in the form of a wall...

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