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  • Outdoor Portable Lamp LED Toc (2,2W)

    Portable lamp for outdoor areas, with Touch System to turn it on with a tap. Available in a striking yellow, white, grey or black. Integrated 7 W, adjustable intensity and warm colour temperature. Includes USB port for charging (5 hours of charging).Dimensions: High 38 cm. Width 11 cm.

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  • SOLAR Outdoor portable Lamp Faralay

    Portable lamp with pyramidal design. Designed for outdoor use with IP65 certification (dust and water protection). Its Smart Tech technology allows you to recharge your battery in sunlight. It has integrated 3 W LED light, and a light colour you may change. You can take it with you to any outdoor area.Dimensions: Height 39 cm. Width 21 cm.

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  • Outdoor portable Lamp Kurby Play

    Portable lamp Kurby Play. It contains a rechargeable battery, charging time of approximately 6 hours. Integrates RGB LED, technology with modifiable color temperature and a speaker to listen to your favorite music. Ideal for taking it to the garden or enjoy in the terrace.Dimensions: Height 45 cm. Diameter 27.5 cm.

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  • Outdoor Table Lamp Cristina

    Outdoor table lamp from the collection Cristina. It has IP44 protection grade against adverse climates such as rain and wind, allowing it to be placed as lighting in outdoor areas. Place this lamp on your terrace table as an ambient light or use it as a reading light.Dimensions: Height 52 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

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  • LED Outdoor Portable Lamp Task (2W)

    Decorative LED portable lamp for indoor and outdoor use Task. 3 intensity LED indirect lighting directed to the bottom of the lamp, very suitable as ambient light for outdoor tables. Its practical handle makes it very comfortable to carry and the integrated battery has an autonomy of 6-80 hours.Dimensions: Height 29.2 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

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  • LED Portable Table Lamp Litta Round (2.2W)

    LED portable lamp in white colour Litta. The lamp has a rechargeable battery via USB (included) and is easily switched on by pressing the top. Its modern style design makes it ideal for placing as lighting on garden tables and terraces, both in homes and restaurants.Dimensions: Height 38 cm. Length 10 cm. Width 10 cm.

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  • Outdoor LED table lamp Nell (6W)

    LED table lamp Nell designed to illuminate gardens and terraces. A combination of aluminium, stainless steel and synthetic rattan create this original outdoor table lamp. Ideal for placing on the outdoor table in terraces of homes, hotels and restaurants.Dimensions: Height 27,5 cm. Diameter 25 cm.

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  • LED Solar Portable Lamp Solei (3,5W)

    LED solar lamp for decorative lighting of gardens and terraces. The LED portable lamp offers the possibility of placing it on the floor, on or a wall or lighting an outdoor table. It has a solar battery and a twilight sensor to switch on when it detects a minimum light level. Includes base for anchoring to a surface.Dimensions: Height 24.5 cm. Length 20...

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  • LED Portable Lamp Argus (2W)

    Argus LED portable lamp for indoor and outdoor. Dark grey aluminium structure with a circular handle for convenient transport. You will be able to use it inside and outside the house thanks to the IP54 degree. The LED lighting is turned on by means of a Touch System system and has an integrated battery so that you can use it up to 9 hours. Dimensions:...

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  • Outdoor Portable Lamp LED Kerala (5W)

    Portable lamp Kerala ideal for lighting outdoor areas. Modern, elegant and functional design, as you can take it anywhere in comfort. It is LED, power of 5 W that you can regulate in intensity (100 - 250 - 400 lumens). Includes USB charger. Operating time before shutdown of 6 hours and charging time of 5 hours. Dimensions: High 26.8 cm. Width 18 cm.

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  • Outdoor lamp Versus

    Versus it is a Table lamp for outdoor use, with a certain chill-out air. Made of white polyethylene of medium density. Perfect for terraces, restaurants or outdoor environments of a Modern Style. Water resistant (IP44). Dimensions: High 48 cm. Diameter base 24 cm.  Upper diameter 50 cm.

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  • LED Portable Table Lamp Litta Square (2.2W)

    Portable table lamp with rechargeable battery. The Litta LED table lamp has a modern style with an elegant black finish. With an autonomy of up to 8 hours, this lamp is designed to illuminate a table in the garden or terrace. It is also ideal for lighting terraces in bars and restaurants.Dimensions: Height 37 cm. Length 10 cm. Width 10 cm.

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  • LED Portable Lamp Holbox for exteriors

    LED portable table lamp Holbox suitable for outdoor use. The screen is made of white thermoplastic and has a rubber handle to carry it more comfortably. The LED lighting has a rechargeable battery with 6 hours of autonomy and is connected to the screen by a very practical magnetic system. Dimensions: Height 14,5 cm. Diameter 14,5 cm.

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  • Outdoor table lamp LED Acapulco

    LED outdoor table lamp from the Acapulco collection. The main structure is made of metal and is decorated by an interlaced polyamide in broken white or black. It is perfect for outdoor use as it has a rechargeable battery for LED lighting. You can place it on outdoor tables, gardens and terraces. Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Diameter 25 cm.

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  • LED Portable lamp Take Me (3W)

    LED Take me portable lamp with integrated loudspeaker . Made of polyethylene and silicone, is a lamp with LED RGB lighting with different colors. Highlights the wide variety of features such as the progessive dimming, Bluethoot, remote control and has a handle for easy transport. Ideal for indoor and outdoor placement. Dimensions: Height 25,5 cm....

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  • Portable LED Lamp Blomma (2,2W)

    Modern LED outdoor table lamp Blomma. Its original design is ideal to give a different touch to your home terrace. It has a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to 12 hours and its LED light is adjustable through the Touch system.Dimensions: Height 29.1 cm. Diameter 12.5 cm.

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  • Hue Customisable Outdoor Lamp

    Customisable outdoor lamp to create your own Hue. In this case the outdoor table lamp has wicker lampshade perfect for terraces and outdoor areas. The Hue lamp collection allows you to change the base, lampshade and structure. So you can create the outdoor lamp that you need either  for a ceiling, floor, table and even hanging it on a tree.

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  • SOLAR Outdoor portable Lamp Kurby

    Portable lamp Kurby. It contains a lithium battery that you can charge with the help of sunlight. Absence of cables for you to move around with it comfortably on your terrace or garden. Its RGB LED light has a power of 1 W and features easily configurable color temperature.Dimensions: Height 37 cm. Diameter 27.5 cm.

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  • Outdoor Portable Lamp CAT

    Portable outdoor lamp, Modern and original. Perfect light for lighting outdoor environments with the possibility of moving it and changing its position (5 meter connection cable). In black, white and red. Made of aluminium and PEMD. Suitable for outdoor use, it is IP54 protected. Dimensions: Diameter: 20 cm. High: 32 cm.

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  • Portable LED Lamp Niuet

    Portable LED table lamp from the Niuet collection. Made of natural wicker, this portable lamp has a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to 6 hours. It has an IP66 protection rating, so you can use it to light up living rooms and bedrooms as well as gardens and terraces. Includes remote control.Dimensions: Height 8.3 cm. Diameter 19.8 cm.

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  • Outdoor portable Lamp Faralay Play with speaker

    Portable lamp from the Faralay Play collection. 15 W RGB LED lighting built-in to choose the color temperature of the light, includes a 2000mAh battery. A feature that will allow you to take your lamp to any outdoor area (IP65 protection). Includes a speaker so you can also listen to music if you want.Dimensions: Height 39 cm. Width 21 cm.

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  • Outdoor Lamp Cumulus Cube M

    Decorative outdoor lamp Cumulus Cube M. This original cube shaped lamp is ideal for placing as lighting in gardens, terraces and outdoor areas. The lamp works with an E27 bulb and has a 3 meter long plug. Also available in a larger model.Dimensions: Height 40 cm. Length 40 cm. Width 40 cm.

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  • Outdoor Lamp Balda

    Lamp available in two sizes made of white opal polyethylene. Oval shape design with IP65 certification, protection against dust and water. You will be able to move it without problems in outdoor areas: gardens, terraces... Includes two meters of cable. Dimensions small: Height 32 cm. Diameter 40 cm.Large dimensions: Height 40 cm. Diameter 50 cm.

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  • Portable lamp KOHO (outdoor)

    KOHO outdoor lamp. A portable and rechargeable led lamp, perfect for placing on the ground as ambient or signage light in gardens or terraces of farms, restaurants and hotels. Warm 3W LED light - environmental. Available in three colours: grey, yellow and blue. Dimensions: Height 28 cm. Diameter: 17 cm.

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  • Outdoor portable Lamp Nomada Play light&music

    Portable lamp with rechargeable battery, charging time approx. 6 hours. You can change the colour temperature of the light to your liking. You can take it with you everywhere. Ideal for nightly meetings with your friends in outdoor areas, garden, terraces. Cylindrical design made of white ABS. It has light&music functions.Dimensions: Height 30 cm....

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  • Outdoor LED portable lamp Erice (2,2W)

    The LED portable lamp Erice has been designed for decorative outdoor lighting. It has an 8h battery life, rechargeable via USB port (charger included). In addition, its design allows the lamp to be placed both on surfaces and hung from the ceiling by means of a rope.Dimensions: Height 40.7 cm. Length 14 cm. Width 14 cm.

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  • Portable lamp LED Move It (2W)

    LED portable lamp Move it . It has a speaker to play music through your device, connected by Bluethoot. Possibility of regulating the lighting to choose the intensity you prefer. It can be used outdoors thanks to its IP 44 rating, making it ideal for lighting areas such as terraces, garden tables and other outdoor areas. Dimensions: Height 23 cm....

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  • Sobremesa Peq.1X2G11SBombill Ona Quick view
    239.55 tax included

    Table Lamp Ona

    Table lamp certified IP65, dust and water protection for your terrace or garden. You will create a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere. Complete white finish will illuminate with a modern and contemporary style. Designed by Jordi Jané. Overall dimensions: Height 46.7 cm. Diameter 26.7 cm Base dimensions: Diameter 25 cm.

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  • Outdoor LED Table Lamp Mafalda (1.1W)

    Table lamp Mafalda. With RGB LED, the light changes its colour. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use thanks to its IP65. It has a 1000 mAh lithium battery with an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours. Light opening angle 360º.Dimensions: Height 30 cm. Diameter 22 cm.

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  • Outdoor Portable Lamp JARRETT

    Portable lamp for outdoor use, Jarret. Modern style in the form of a pitcher to be placed on the floor, useful both for decoration and as a seat. Available in various colours: orange, green, grey or fuchsia. Perfect for ambient lighting in terraces, gardens or outdoor tables to give a chill out touch to the environment. IP44. Dimensions: Diameter: 45 cm....

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  • Ceiling light outdoor AMS - B.Lux

    Curious outdoor lamp cube shaped. Made of steel corten. AMS is a family of geometrically shaped outdoor luminaires, available in three different sizes. Combining several light cubes to achieve a beautiful result in gardens, terraces, outdoor environments, terraces or hallways. Dimensions: see image.

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  • Outdoor Lamp Cumulus Cube L

    Decorative lamp Cumulus Cube L for outdoor lighting. This type of lamp is designed to be placed as decorative lighting in different types of exteriors. You can place the lamp in the garden of house, in the terrace of a bar or a hotel or in any other zone with lawn.Dimensions: High 60 cm. Length 60 cm. Width 60 cm.

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  • Portable lamp Night

    Night portable lamp with included hanging accessories . It is made of polyethylene and ABS, ideal for outdoor use as it has an IP54 rating. It has a geometric detail in the lampshade that gives it an original touch. It is ideal for interiors as well as for exteriors, terraces, gardens and balconies. Dimensions: Height 37,5 cm. Diameter 25,5 cm.

    70,84 € tax included
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  • Hue V Customisable Outdoor Lamp

    Hue customisable table or floor lamp for outdoor use. Dark grey aluminium structure and medium density polyethylene (PEMD) opal shade, a material resistant to temperature changes. These outdoor lamps can be placed on porches, terraces or gardens as ambient lighting. Each piece of these lamps can be changed to get the lamp you need.

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  • Outdoor Table lamp Lola

    Lola mini version of the Lola floor lamp, able to decorate any area of the garden, terrace or tables or environments chill out of hotels, restaurants and pubs more "cools" at night. Choose your outdoor model in cold light with cable or the version RGB LED Wireless. Dimensions: Lola 20 - Height 20 cm. Diameter 10 cm.Lola 30 - Height 30 cm. Diameter 17...

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  • Outdoor portable Lamp Samba

    Portable Lamp from the Samba collection. Its pineapple-shaped design will not leave you indifferent. Made of ABS with LED RGB light so that you can modify the colour of the light to your liking. It has IP65 for you to place it in any outdoor area and an internal rechargeable battery to move it easily from one place to another.Dimensions: Height 40 cm....

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