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Welcome to, the lighting and lamps online shop where you will find lighting products of all types, sizes, colours and shapes to decorate your home or your business with style, whether you are a lover of classic decoration or if you are looking for modern and innovative lamps.

In this category you can buy lamps according to their type: ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, downlights, floor lamps... and most importantly, almost all our lamps include LED lighting technology!

LED lighting will allow you to save on the next electricity bills, since it is a more efficient technology and with which you will achieve a more powerful and uniform lighting. Change your old halogen bulbs with LED bulbs and start saving!

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Here you have our main categories to help you choose the perfect lamp for your decoration. You can also use our filters to easily choose the type of lamp you are looking for next to the room or style.

Buy ceiling lamps online

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lamps are one of the most sought after in online lighting stores and this is for something. A ceiling lamp is one of the most important elements to consider in your decoration.

That is why it is crucial to choose the right type of lamp depending on the size of the room, the style of the decoration and the amount of light you need.

Flush lights are a perfect option for low ceilings. Also if you are looking for a lamp that is not so big or you do not need too much lighting in the room where you place it.

Table lamps and desk lamps online

Table lamps

With a table lamp you can give the most appropriate lighting to that favorite corner of your home. If you are looking to decorate your new home or just renew its style, you can not forget the table lamps to give a cozy touch to every space in any room of your home.

If what you want is a table lamp to work, study or do activities in which you need a light to concentrate, then take a look at our desk lamps.

Buy floor lamps in

Floor lamps

Buying a floor lamp for your living room will always be a success. The floor lamps are very decorative and will surely be perfect wherever you place it.

Make sure that the floor lamp you choose is in keeping with the decoration style of your room. Choose among classic, rustic or modern floor lamps.

If you are looking to save on your light consumption then it would be best to buy a LED floor lamp, with maximum efficiency and more powerful lighting.

Wall lamps & Wall sconces online

Wall lights

Wall lights are lighting fixtures perfect for ambient lighting or concentrated at one point. For example, Wall lights are ideal to place on either side of the mirror in the bathroom or in passage areas such as the corridor or the entrance.

A good idea is also to place them on each side of your bed in the bedroom. Buy Wall lights of the decoration style you prefer: rustic, modern, classic, design... and get the lighting you're looking for!

Buy LED Downlights and spotlights


Downlights are the ideal lighting products for passage areas or all types of ceilings, both low and high. With downlights you can direct the lighting point where you want and create unique light environments.

Because of this recessed downlights are also perfect for rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom where we need a specific lighting. Decorate your home with style while lighting each of its corners. With the downlights your home will look like a sky full of stars!

LED lighting, lamps & light bulbs

LED Lighting

As we have already mentioned, LED lighting has great advantages compared to the old halogen lighting. There is no longer any reason why you do not have to change your old bulbs for ones with LED light.

That's why all our lamps include LED lighting or you have the possibility to install it with LED bulbs. This will ensure that your entire home has LED technology in every corner with maximum energy efficiency!

Ceiling fans with light wonderlamp

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a good option to place in your living room or dining room and regulate the temperature at different seasons of the year.

Thanks to the inverse function that our fans include, you can cool your room in the hot summer months and warm it in winter.

In addition, many of the ceiling fans available in incorporate LED lighting, so you can replace your old ceiling lamp with a fan with light and illuminate while enjoying the ideal temperature.

Classic and modern chandeliers.


If you really want a type of lamp that stands out and impresses all your guests, then you should buy a chandelier.

Chandeliers are the most spectacular hanging lamps. You may be imagining a classic chandelier with a candelabrum shape, but in you can buy chandeliers of different styles. Take a look in our chandeliers category.

Just make sure you choose the right measures and number of lights and surprise all your guests!

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