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Anperbar- Design and innovative lighting

If modern and ultra-modern style is about you, so Anperbar, the 100 % Made in Iberian Peninsula is the right lighting brand for you. Anperbar lighting is a company dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted design lamps since 1975, being their objectives is the quality and design of their lamps. Anperbar's professional craftsmen make from the first piece to the last detail of their lamps.

The origins of Anperbar Ligthting. Antonio Pérez Barragán, motivated by his artisanal roots in wood and iron and his passion for artistic and technical drawing, in 1978 created the company Anperbar lighting, a craft workshop dedicated exclusively to decorative lighting. What was originally a totally handmade company, with the passing of the years was derived to what it is today, a company specialized in the design of pieces and lamps more avant-garde.

Innovative lighting and lamps anperbar

Anperbar lighting works with exclusive materials such as ARTECOON (Cocoon Lamps), international patent of which it is the exclusive manufacturer in Spain and Portugal.

This material is worthy of note in the production of Anperbar, especially highlighting its particular texture, consisting of thousands of fine threads almost invisible interwoven between each other. Every piece that Anperbar designs and manufactures is unique and characterized by its spectacular beauty.

Anperbar, designer lamps and lighting

In Anperbar you can find all kinds of lamps: living room feet, table lamps, ceiling lights, flush lamps, pendant lamps and wall lights.

Avant-garde designer lamps - show a very defined personality of their own, creating shapes of all kinds such as cactus lamps, trunk lamps, drops of water and even some shapes that allow the user to let their imagination run wild. Anperbar for children has a very attractive collection of pendant lights for modern baby´s room, kids´ room, lighting for boys and girls.

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