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  • Wall Light Rope

    Wall light Rope formed by a structure covered with natural hemp rope. The fiber of hemp creates a rope that gives that original and rustic touch to this wall lamp with bulb in the air. You can use a decorative LED bulb with smoked glass or caramel to add an original touch to this wall light.Dimensions: Height 19 cm. Length 18 cm. Width 20,5 cm.

    52,90 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Berry

    Floor lamp Berry with fabric shade and natural wood base. Nordic and rustic design thanks to its combination of fabric and wood thought to give a nice and warm touch to the decoration of the room. It could be placed in the corner of the living room, bedroom and large areas of your home where you want an auxiliary ambient light.Dimensions: Height 165 cm....

    171,24 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Light Habitat (3 Lights)

    Ceiling lamp Habitat with three points of light adjustable in drop. The great length of each cable allows to place each point of light where you want. The base can be installed on the wall or ceiling and place the three points of light at the drop and distance you want. For any room even suitable for lighting shops.Dimensions: Base diameter 19 cm. Length...

    79,35 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Hera (2 Lights)

    Classic wall light Hera of original design. Although it looks like a simple wall lamp, it has the particularity that its two points of light, have a lampshade of different size. Its golden metal structure combines very well with the opal glass lampshades, creating a wall light for living rooms and bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 29 cm. Length 15 cm. Width 23 cm.

    83,49 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Arizona

    Wall light in modern style Arizona. This collection of lamps is characterized by its original design, great for giving an extra point of light and decorate living rooms, halls and corridors of houses. The wall lamp combines a matt white metal base with a cylindrical piece of wood with a pine finish.Dimensions: Height 18 cm. Width 14, 5 cm.

    32,09 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Boeme

    Table lamp in classic style Boeme. Chromed metal structure with K9 pendant glasses and polyvinyl lampshade with a decorative pattern. Being slightly transparent, the shade creates an original lighting effect. You can complete the lighting of the room with the wall light or the chandelier from the collection Boeme.Dimensions: Height 44 cm. Diameter 16 cm.

    62,68 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Rope

    Rustic table lamp Rope. The decorative rope of hemp that covers all the structure of the lamp reinforces its rustic aesthetics thought to give a different touch to dormitories and lounges. Its fabric shade in a sand tone combines perfectly with the structure to have a similar tone.Dimensions: Height 48 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    91,89 € tax included
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  • Wall Sconce with pulley Arkita

    Wall light with pulley to adjust the drop of the light quickly and comfortably. Arkita is a collection of lamps with retro-vintage style pulley inspired in the industrial era. You can place this light on dining tables or in corners of your living room or bedroom and change the intensity of light by changing the drop of the lamp head.Dimensions: Height...

    207,34 € tax included
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  • Bamboo Table Lamp Zen

    Zen table lamp made of interlaced bamboo. The bamboo strips create a beautiful decorative lampshade that lets light through the top and through the holes in the lampshade. It includes a diffuser in the inner part so that the light is ambient and pleasant, without annoying flashes. This lamp could be placed on bedside tables.Dimensions: Height 31 cm....

    116,96 € tax included
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  • Tripod Floor Lamp Studios

    Floor lamp Studios with cherry wood tripod. The white lampshade combines perfectly with the natural wood structure designed to give a rustic touch to your home. It can illuminate the corner of a living room or can be placed as an auxiliary light in large bedrooms. Its legs are adjustable in height to adapt to the room.Dimensions: Height 151 cm. Diameter...

    162,84 € tax included
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  • Children's Wall Light Mou Mou

    Children's wall light Mou Mou. Wall light with the drawing of a nice cow on the base, ideal for placing on the wall of children's rooms. You can place the wall lamp anywhere in the room, next to the bed or just above a desk. It includes a handle to turn on the wall light in a simple way.Dimensions: Height 16 cm. Length 11 cm. Width 24,5 cm.

    30,71 € tax included
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  • Flush Light LED Mystral (36W)

    Flush light LED Mystral of 36W. Two pieces of white aluminium with wavy shapes cross each other creating an original ceiling flush light. Each side includes a decorative spherical element that completes the modern design of the flush light. The LED lighting is projected along the entire length of the lamp through a silicone diffuser.Dimensions: Height 30...

    375,71 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Habitat (6 Lights)

    Adjustable drop pendant lamp for personalised lighting. Discreet base suitable for ceilings and walls with 6 points of light that you can place at the distance you need. Perfect to distribute the light in large rooms and give an original touch to living rooms or bedrooms. Also suitable for all types of shops.Dimensions: Height 120 cm. Diameter 66 cm.

    140,65 € tax included
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  • Wall light with shelf and USB Flash

    Wall light with shelf and USB port Flash. This practical wall lamp offers a point of light at the same time as a surface to leave objects such as a mobile phone or a book. Its design allows you to move the point of light horizontally along the shelf as you wish. It also includes a USB charging port and on/off button.Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Length 33 cm....

    100,28 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Light Antitesi (4 Lights)

    Ceiling lamp Antitesi designed for decorative lighting of homes and businesses. Black metal structure with gold details and four spherical opal glass lampshades. It includes two mechanisms thanks to which the inclination of each of the two bars can be adjusted independently.Dimensions: Max. height 85 cm. Length 91 cm. Width 18 cm.

    246,33 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Kruk

    Pendant lamp Kruk available in dark grey and pink brown. The spotlight has a tubular design made of natural cement, ideal for lighting modern rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Two or more Kruk ceiling lamps can be placed together to complete the lighting of the room.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Diameter 7 cm.

    66,82 € tax included
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  • Bamboo Hanging Light Zen

    Zen bamboo hanging lamp. Designed for all types of rooms and give them a rustic touch. Beautiful lampshade made with natural bamboo fibers with an opal diffuser so that the bulb you place does not dazzle. The light passes towards the lower part of the lamp and in an ambient way towards the sides when passing through the holes of the lampshade.Dimensions:...

    116,96 € tax included
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  • 4 Bar Pendant Lights Amarcord

    Amarcord ceiling track light designed to illuminate tables in dining rooms and modern kitchens. A metal pipe from which four points of light hang gives rise to this original track light from the collection Amarcord. Available in a rust or zinc finish, this lamp is ideal for placing decorative E27 filament or globe-shaped bulbs.Dimensions: Max. height 110...

    128,11 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Flush Light LED Chic (Square)

    LED square ceiling flush light Chic. Fluhs light with neutral white LED light perfect for lighting small bedrooms and living rooms. The glass diffuser is designed with an embossed finish and includes a silver coloured aluminium decorative detail in one of the corners.Dimensions:- Small: Height 7.5 cm. Length 25 cm. Width 25 cm.- Large: Height 7.5 cm....

    123,85 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp Neutron

    Modern table lamp Neutron. Textured black metal structure with a point of light. The fact that the opal glass lampshade is hooked to one side of the metal frame, gives a very original design to this table lamp. It can be placed in modern living rooms or as a bedroom table lamp.Dimensions: Height 31 cm. Length 10 cm. Width 19,5 cm.

    77,97 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Dream

    Floor lamp for living room Dream with arched structure. Its curved structure is extensible, allowing the lamp to adapt to the lighting needs of the room. This characteristic makes the lamp an ideal solution to place in any corner of the room as ambient light.Dimensions: Height 205 cm. Length 40 cm. Width 152 cm.

    318,66 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Tholos

    Ceiling pendant lamp Tholos with metal lampshade of different colours on the outside and inside gold. This contrast with any of the tones and the interior make a very decorative combination. This lamp can be placed on areas such as the dining room table, illuminate the sofa area of the living room or for large bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 45-200 cm....

    301,99 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Bloom

    Pendant lamp from the collection Bloom. This pendant lamp stands out for its flower design, consisting of several pieces in the shape of leafs made of aluminium. Ceiling light available in satin gold or silver white finish, designed to decorate and illuminate living rooms and modern bedrooms.Dimensions: Max. height 150 cm. Diameter 65 cm.

    329,82 € tax included
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  • Chandelier Evolution (6 Lights + LED 32W)

    Six-light chandelier Evolution. Attention is drawn to the double lighting that includes, with six points of light distributed evenly and integrated LED lighting along the steel structure. Modern design ceiling lamp for the main lighting of living rooms, dining rooms and large bedrooms.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Diameter 75 cm.

    829,38 € tax included
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  • Chandelier Aida (20 Lights)

    Spectacular oversized chandelier with twenty lights Aida. Perfect to place in large rooms such as large living rooms, bedrooms or even in businesses of all kinds. The white metal structure fits any decoration and its two rows of curved arms are the most original, as well as distributing the light better.Dimensions: Height 42-133 cm. Diameter 96 cm.

    729,22 € tax included
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  • Tiffany style Pendant Light Ninfa

    Pendant lamp from the collection Ninfa. Inspired by Tiffany style lamps, this pendant lamp stands out for its decorative mosaic with coloured flowers and butterflies. Pendant lamp ideal for lighting tables in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. You can combine it with other lamps from the collection Ninfa.Dimensions: Max. height 107 cm. Diameter 45 cm.

    352,13 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED Mystral (40W)

    LED pendant lamp from the collection Mystral. Modern style lamp composed of two stylized pieces of aluminum of curved forms. The lamp is traversed by a silicone diffuser through which the 40W LED lighting is projected. Place this ceiling lamp as main lighting in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Length 115 cm. Width...

    417,45 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Hera (5 lights)

    Classic pendant lamp Hera with dots of light. Each light has a spherical opal glass lampshade diffuser of various sizes to create a very nice decorative effect. This lamp gives a very suitable ambient light to use as main light in rooms of all kinds.Dimensions: Height 72-180 cm. Diameter 47 cm.

    268,64 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light with pulley Arkita

    Arkita drop adjustable hanging lamp with pulley and counterweight. Metal structure in a precious slate colour designed to reinforce the industrial design of this lamp. Being a lamp adjustable in drop you can place it on dining tables or lounges to give more or less light depending on your needs by changing the drop of the lampshade.Dimensions: Max height...

    207,34 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Imagine

    Glass pendant lamp Imagine. An aluminium structure surrounded by glass diffusers gives rise to this ceiling light from the collection Imagine. The glass is finished in white, a colour that adapts perfectly to all types of decorations. Ceiling lamp ideal for lighting living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Diameter 47 cm.

    345,12 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Neutron (8 lights)

    Modern pendant lamp with eight light points Neutron. Textured black metal structure and opal glass lampshades create this striking lamp for living rooms, bedrooms and large rooms in your home. Flashless ambient light will be distributed evenly throughout the room.Dimensions: Height 28-125 cm. Diameter 77 cm.

    542,69 € tax included
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  • Table Lamp with pulley Arkita

    Table lamp with pulley Arkita in vintage retro style. The focus of the lamp can be adjusted in drop to have a hanging head. The pulley and the weight give it such a decorative industrial touch, ideal for being a decorative element in living rooms and large rooms. Its precious slate colour fits any decoration without any problem.Dimensions: Height 60 cm....

    251,97 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp Rope

    Rustic floor lamp Rope. The sand-coloured fabric shade combines beautifully with the structure and base covered with natural hemp, both in brown tones. Along the structure you can see decorative areas that mimic the end of a rope. This floor lamp can fit into your living room or clothing stores for a cozy touch.Dimensions: Height 150 cm. Diameter 38 cm.

    214,36 € tax included
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  • Bamboo Pendant Light Zen

    Rustic pendant lamp with natural bamboo lampshade Zen. To illuminate dining tables, kitchen tables, living rooms and even bedrooms and give them a rustic touch. Light with decorative effect when passing through the lampshade but without dazzling thanks to its diffuser.Dimensions:Small: Height 120 cm. Diameter 40 cm.Large: Height 120 cm. Diameter 60 cm.

    146,17 € tax included
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  • Wood Bar Pendant Light Rope (6 Lights)

    Wood Bar Pendant Light Rope with six points of light hanging from a wooden rod. You can place to the drop that you prefer each one of the bulbs that you will put in this lamp of the collection Rope. They can all be at the same height or play with each natural hemp string and create your own lighting to your liking.Dimensions: Max. height 150 cm. Length...

    244,95 € tax included
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  • Desk Lamp LED Hume (4,5W)

    Wooden desk lamp with LED lighting adjustable in light output and colour temperature. Desk lamp Hume of minimalist rustic design ideal to place in bedroom tables for study and reading. It can be left in any corner of the room and put on the table for more light when needed to be portable.Dimensions: Height 46 cm. Length 11,5 cm. Width 48,5 cm.

    132,25 € tax included
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