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How to choose your ceiling lamp

Before choosing a ceiling lamp for the living room, dining room, bedroom... it is advisable to know the dimensions and style of the room as it will help us find the ideal lamp. The style of the ceiling lamps is very varied from modern lamps to retro lamps as even classic, rustic... One of the main features of these lamps is the effect of hanging lamp, although there are different designs such as pulleys, chains, ropes, bars...

In addition, in we have a great variety of LED ceiling lamps, offering greater efficiency with a lower consumption compared to conventional lamps. All our ceiling lights have integrated LED or can be installed with a LED bulb.

Which ceiling lamp is the right one?

The ceiling lamp is the most important lighting in a room as it is the main light that we have to place in each room. It is important to choose ceiling lamps that are suitable for the bedroom, living room or dining room depending on the size and distribution of the decoration. Depending on the room we will choose a ceiling lamp with a light point to place in the center of the bedroom, a hanging lamp with several lights to illuminate the living room or a chandelier to light the dining table. We should also take into account the design of the ceiling lamp so that it fits in with the style in which we have decorated the rest of the room. In you will find lamps of various styles, ranging from modern ceiling lamps to classic lamps, as well as other styles such as retro vintage or rustic.

The lamps can have two types of illumination, the one that uses traditional bulbs or with integrated LED. An LED ceiling lamp has an integrated LED or allows for the placement of an LED bulb. Ceiling LED lamps are often accompanied by innovative designs, metal and finishes such as nickel and chrome. LED technology stands out for its higher performance and lower consumption than conventional lamps.

Choose your ceiling lamp according to the room

A ceiling lamp can illuminate the entire room or give a focused light to a specific point such as a dining table or illuminate the kitchen countertop.

The parts of a lamp usually have a rosette, a cable or chain and one or more shades depending on the points of light from the pendant lamp. For small rooms or low ceilings, height-adjustable ceiling lamps are very practical so that you can place them at different levels. If you are looking for a ceiling lamp for small bedrooms, a single-lamp pendant light can be more than sufficient for day-to-day use.

If you want to illuminate large living rooms or dining rooms, it is usual to install ceiling lights with several points of light or with linear shapes to light elongated rooms or tables or, on the contrary, to place circular ceiling lights to distribute the light uniformly throughout the room. Another type of ceiling lamp for living and dining rooms are chandeliers, which at the same time give a decorative touch. For floors with large living rooms and open kitchens it is common to install several ceiling lights in order to provide adequate lighting without shaded areas.

To light up children's rooms you have children's ceiling lamps with pleasant drawings and shapes, safe materials and designs that glow in the dark. Children's ceiling lamps are ideal for lighting the bedrooms of the youngest in the house and for making them feel safe at night.

To decide between one ceiling lamp or another depends not only on the dimensions of the room, but also on the decoration and style. Classic ceiling lamps usually feature circular fabric shades with finishes such as white or beige and structures made of aged gold or silver metal. A chandelier is ideal for illuminating traditional bedrooms and living rooms with a classic style decoration. For more contemporary kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, there are modern ceiling lights with innovative designs, white and chrome finishes and integrated LED lighting. You can also install a rustic-style ceiling lamp with light tones and materials such as wood to create a cosy atmosphere in your home.

Ceiling lamps for living room -

Ceiling lamps for living room

One of the key rooms for placing this type of lamp is the dining room. The great variety of ceiling lamps means that we can light up the living room to our liking, placing several lamps, lamps with several points of light... Another aspect that we have to consider besides style is the colour temperature, in we recommend that the ceiling lamps for the living room illuminate with warm light. Discover a wide variety of lamps for the dining room.

Retro-vintage ceiling lamps -

Retro-vintage ceiling lamps

If you want to create a nostalgic yet original effect, the retro-vintage style is ideal for you. With just a ceiling lamp and a decorative bulb you can create an industrial effect in your living room as well as in any room. Retro-vintage ceiling lamps have many original and surprising designs: pipe lamps, cage lamps, industrial lamps, lamps with rust effect or antique color...

Ceiling lamps for bedrooms

Choose a ceiling lamp that fits your bedroom decor. At you will find ceiling lights made of metal, with fabric shades, with glass shades or with LED lighting. Select your bedroom ceiling lamp with a single point of light or with several points if you want to fill your room with light. Choosing a height-adjustable ceiling lamp will ensure that the lamp fits perfectly into the layout of your bedroom.

LED ceiling lamps

LED ceiling lamps provide high performance and durability while consuming less light than traditional lamps. Most of our ceiling lights allow for the placement of LED bulbs or have integrated LED lighting. It is common to find LED technology in modern metal ceiling lights with white, chrome and nickel finishes.