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  • Ceiling Flush Light LED Minsk (22W)

    Round LED ceiling flush light from the collection Minsk. Its simple and minimalist design makes the flush light perfectly match the ceiling of all types of rooms. You can place just one to illuminate small rooms or install several together to illuminate large living rooms and large bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Diameter 40 cm.

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  • LED Flush Light Surf (18W)

    Round ceiling flush light in white colour Surf. The flush light has integrated LED lighting, allowing you to select the model with neutral white light or cold white light. You can install the flush light as a main ceiling light in kitchens and bathrooms or to illuminate outdoor areas.Dimensions: Height 4.5 cm. Diameter 33 cm.

    14,15 € tax included
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  • LED Flush Light Aliso (55W)

    Aliso LED ceiling light modern style. Its circular ring shape has an LED illumination located at the bottom edge. It is a perfect ceiling for illuminating large rooms in your home such as living rooms, dining rooms, living rooms or offices. It is also a highly recommended ceiling panel to illuminate your business, offices and passageways.Dimensions:...

    257,26 € tax included
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  • Flush Light LED Mini (8W)

    Flush Light small size made of aluminium with matt nickel finish. It comes with light LED whose energy efficiency will allow you to save on the cost of the bill. Thanks to its IP44 degree of protection, you can easily place it in your bathroom or other rooms such as the kitchen, living room or dining room.Dimensions: High 7 cm. Diameter 9,6 cm

    141,45 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Ice (16W)

    Flush light Ice with new cylindrical design made of aluminium available in two finishes: nickel or white. Ideal for the bedroom, where you can create different atmospheres, as it has two lights that you can turn on and off independently, one 4 W (warm light) and another 12 W (neutral light).Dimensions: Height 9.2 cm. Diameter 12 cm. 

    32,89 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Tolstoi (72W)

    Flush light for rooms such as kitchen, living room or bedroom. Extra-slim rectangular design made of aluminium. LED lighting integrated of 72 W, high power for precise lighting and minimum power consumption. It will light up your home with the most modern and current touch. Dimensions: Height 2.3 cm. Length 30 cm. Width 120 cm.

    104,54 € tax included
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  • Flush light Smart lighting DW360 square

    Flush light DW360 with square shape. Manufactured with a metal-aluminium alloy structure and acrylic diffuser for better light projection. It incorporates smart lighting LED with the possibility of changing temperature and light intensity by a remote control (included). Available in three sizes. Dimensions: - Small: 33 x 33 x 7 cm- Medium: 43 x 43 x 7 cm-...

    53,21 € tax included
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  • LED Flush Light Surf (24W)

    LED ceiling flush light Surf suitable for lighting kitchens and bathrooms. The collection Surf of ceiling flush lights are very practical for lighting rooms exposed to water and humidity, even allowing you to light outdoor areas. You can select the Surf LED ceiling light with either cold white or natural white light, depending on your lighting...

    16,10 € tax included
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  • Flush Light LED Ancona (12W) Quick view
    23.95 tax included 47,90 € -50%

    Flush Light LED Ancona (12W)

    Flush Light LED surface-based (12W), made of aluminium and opal glass structure. Available in two finishes: nickel or white. Direct lighting and clear. Minimal consumption, Neutral light. Flush Light functional and simple design. Perfect for lighting kitchens, bathrooms, commercial premises and shops. Dimensions: Diameter 31.5 cm. High 7 cm.

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    47,90 €
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  • Ceiling light Led Shine 6 (18W)

    Modern design Ceiling light with Led lighting. Original shape of twist light ribbon. Made of metal in silver colored finish with opal diffuser. Creates a surprising effect when switchs on that highlights its way of turning. Perfect as an auxiliary light in living rooms or bedrooms due to its originality and innovative design. Dimensions:  High: 26 cm....

    151,92 € tax included
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  • Plafón Led Cob Panamá (7W) Quick view
    8.4 tax included 16,79 € -50%

    Flush Light Led Cob Panamá (7W)

    Ceiling Flush Light with technology LED integrated so that you save on energy costs. It stands out for its cube-shaped design made of aluminium, perfect for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens...Dimensions: High 6 cm. Length 8 cm. Width 8 cm.

    8,40 € tax included
    16,79 €
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  • Ceiling light LED Tub (4W)

    Ceiling light Tub with LED lighting of 4 W, circular base (drill 6 x 6 cm), finished in stainless steel or white. You can configure its position at a 90º angle and turn it up to 300º. Ideal to light up specific areas of your home. Dimensions: High 13.4 cm. Long 8.5 cm.

    131,68 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Modern Gianna (18W)

    Flush light with modern rounded design covered by fabric in different colours: white, grey or brown. LED lighting of 18 W, high light intensity with minimum consumption. Perfect for lighting kitchens or bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 10 cm. Diameter 37 cm.

    111,44 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Diamond (24W)

    Flush light in the shape of diamond made of metal ideal for lighting rooms such as the kitchen or living room. Available in two finishes, white or silver. Includes 24 W LED lighting, neutral colour temperature. Lighting angle of 120 degrees. Dimensions: Diameter 36 cm.

    24,84 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Diamond (18W)

    Flush light from the collection Diamond in hexagonal form made of metal and available in two modern and current finishes: silver or white. LED lighting of 18 W integrated, ideal for being on for hours with minimal consumption. For kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms... Dimensions: Diameter 26 cm.

    19,90 € tax included
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  • Flush light LED Radium (36W)

    Modern Flush light available in four sizes, lampshades with different diameters. Different powers and intensities for each model, LED lighting integrated. You can regulate its color temperature and intensity in three positions.Dimensions Small: Diameter 26 cm.Dimensions Medium: Diameter 34 cm.Dimensions Big: Diameter 39 cm.Dimensions XL: Diameter 49 cm. .

    21,16 € tax included
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  • LED Flush Light Turin (36W)

    Turin 36W LED Ceiling Light. Rectangular shape and simple aesthetics has a white textured metal frame. The diffuser is made of opal acrylic and creates a uniform illumination in the room. You can choose between a warm shade for kitchens and living rooms or neutral lighting for corridors, passageways, offices and offices.Dimensions: Height 5 cm. Length 90...

    108,91 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Flush Light LED Minsk (42W)

    Ceiling flush light LED Minsk. This LED flush light of 42W is designed for the lighting of living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is made of metal and available in black or white finishes, colours that are very easy to combine with the decoration of the room.Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Diameter 60 cm.

    184,40 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Flush Light Lifo (40W)

    Round ceiling flush light Lifo for interior lighting. This LED ceiling flush light allows you to select from three colour temperatures (warm, neutral or cold light) and to choose a night light. Made of plastic and PS, its simple design makes it ideal for ceiling mounting in all types of rooms in the home.Dimensions: Height 9.5 cm. Diameter 50 cm.

    103,50 € tax included
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  • LED Ceiling Flush Fan Raki (80W)

    Flush ceiling fan with LED lighting Raki. Original ceiling fan with LED light to be installed on the ceiling or on the wall in the form of a wall lamp. Using the included remote control you can control the fan speed and adjust the light colour between three temperature levels (warm white, neutral or cold light).Dimensions: Height 19 cm. Diameter 55 cm.

    91,77 € tax included
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  • LED Flush Light Yakarta (90W)

    Ceiling flush light with adjustable LED lighting Yakarta. Round design with black frame and polycarbonate diffuser with a decorative effect. The ceiling flush light has integrated LED light with a selectable colour temperature of warm, neutral or cold light. With this fluhs light you can illuminate your living room, dining room or bedroom.Dimensions:...

    52,21 € tax included
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  • Flush Light LED APOLO

    Flush Light modern style with LED lighting. Brass frame finished in matt nickel and glass diffuser. A perfect Flush Light for lighting modern kitchens, hallways, bathrooms or living rooms. Very elegant. Available in three sizes and power capacities (12W-15W-21W). Dimensions: - Small:20 x 20 x 7 cm.- Medium: 35 x 35 x 7 cm.- Big: 50 x 50 x 7 cm.

    247,19 € tax included
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  • Flush Light steerable Veleta (4 lights GU10)

    Flush Light with adjustable spotlights, modern design, tubular headlights with white metal structure and black support, for Light bulbs GU10. Perfect for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and other areas for targeted lighting. Option to select the Light bulbs.- WITHOUT Light bulb.- WITH Light bulb LED GU10 7W mate. Warm light (2700ºK) or neutral/day...

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  • LED Wall flush light Boomerang (30W) Quick view
    33.41 tax included 66,82 € -50%

    LED wall light Boomerang (30W)

    Modern Wall flush light, a luminous 2 Boomerang shape. Chrome plated metal structure with PVC Lampshade. Nice effect when illuminated evenly. Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms or corridors decorated in modern style. It can also be installed as Ceiling Flush Light. Dimensions: High: 7 cm. Width: 20 cm. Length: 64 cm.

    33,41 € tax included
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  • Lamp-Ceiling light Led RODIUM (24W)

    Modern Ceiling light LED. Includes kit to install as a ceiling lamp. With original double-level design in a circle with indirect lighting. Manufactured in aluminum in silver leaf finish. Ideal for the lighting of living rooms, bedrooms or restaurants decorated with contemporary style. Dimensions: High Max 120 cm. Diameter 50 cm.

    191,25 € tax included
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  • Ceiling flush light Led for Bathroom Cloe (24W)

    Ceiling flush light special for bathroom with LED Lighting. Rounded shape and metal frame finished in chrome. Diffuser in OPAL glass. Ideal for use on bathroom ceilings or in rooms with a damp environment. IP 44. Driver included.  Dimensions: Height 6.5 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

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  • Ceiling flush light LED Andrómeda (30W)

    Ceiling flush light> from the collection Andromeda with Light Bulbs LED included for you to save on your electricity bill. It has a beautiful Lampshade with a truncated mesh mesh in a chrome finish decorated inside with chrome-plated glass chains and bubbles. Dimensions: High 33 Cm. Diameter 37 Cm.

    205,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling flush light LED Verdi (16W)

    Ceiling flush light from the collection Verdi with Light Bulbs LED 4 W included. It stands out for its designed by classic style with decorative elements in the shape of a leaf. It has four lights, made of metal and decorated with faceted glass beads. It is finished in ivory and gold leaf. Ideal for placing in your bedroom, dining room etc. Dimensions:...

    173,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling light LED Beacon 2

    Ceiling light LED of the Beacon lamps collection with lampshade composed of white and grey polycarbonate plates and main structure made of white steel. It is a perfect alternative if you want to light your home with a modern and daring style.Dimensions: High 18 cm. Diameter 42 cm.

    162,84 € tax included
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  • Flush Light rounded LED Bilo

    LED Bilo ceiling light available in various sizes. It has a round design made of aluminium with a white finish. It integrates perfect LED lighting to save on the light bill. You can place it in rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms.Dimensions: Height 4 cm. - Small: Diameter 40 cm.- Medium: Diameter 50 cm.- Large: Diameter 60 cm.

    105,80 € tax included
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  • Ceiling flush light LED Dana I (18W)

    Ceiling flush light from the collection Dana with circular design made of metal and steel with Transparent and amber glass decorating the whole structure. Integrates 18 W LED light, an innovative technology with which you save on light consumption. Dimensions: High 8 cm. Diameter 23 cm.

    110,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Flush Light LED Ariadna (54W)

    Ceiling flush light from the collection Ariadna with nine Light Bulbs LED included. Design with structure made of chromed metal and Lampshade made up of several transparent glass bars. Available in chrome or gold finish. Perfect for moderns decorations in rooms such as dining room, living room or bedroom.Dimensions: High 26 cm. Diameter 53 cm.

    446,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling light LED adjustable Tub (8W)

    Ceiling light with two lighting point LED, 4 W each (possibility to adjust the intensity). Tube-shaped design, fabrication of stainless steel and two finishes available: white or aluminium. You can adjust the angle of rotation (320º) and opening (180º) to direct the light accurately.Dimensions: High 12.4 cm. Long 8.5 cm.

    156,29 € tax included
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  • Flush Light LED Doron (20-30-40-50W)

    Flush Light made of aluminium with a white finish. Integrated lighting LED available in different powers (20, 30, 40 and 50 W) and luminous intensities. Its rounded aluminium design is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms... Dimensions:- Small:Length 22.3 cm. Width 2.6 cm.- Medium: Length 32.7 cm. Width 2.6 cm.- Big: Length 40 cm. Width 2.9 cm.- XL:...

    77,97 € tax included
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  • Ceiling flush light LED warm light (40W)

    Ceiling flush light modern integrated with LED technology (lower electrical consumption on the market), warm light temperature, 40 W of power output and 120 degree lighting angle. Ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.Dimensions: Length 48 cm. Width 10 cm.

    72,22 € tax included
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  • Ceiling light LED Bubbles (9W)

    Ceiling light with three LED lighting points placed in different positions and angles, acrylic and chromed metal fabrication and IP44 certification that will protect against splashes of Water. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms...Dimensions: High 18 cm. Long 20 cm. Wide 20 cm.

    132,25 € tax included
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