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  • Track Spotlights Eye Spot (6 lights)

    Ceiling light strip with 6 spotlights from the collection Eye Spot. Given its length and number of spotlights, this strip is very useful for lighting shops, stores and large interior spaces. It is made of steel and available in several finishes, so you can choose the one that best matches the room's decoration.Dimensions: Height 9.5 cm. Length 119 cm.

    133,29 € tax included
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  • Track light Focus (4 lights)

    Track light Focus with four light points. You will be able to regulate your position and direct the lighting to where you need it. Made of metal and available in two finishes: aged brass or chrome. It will give a current and modern style to your house: in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens...Dimensions: High 16 cm. Long 80,5 cm. Wide 9 cm.

    113,05 € tax included
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  • Track light Kegan (2 lights)

    Track light Kegan with two points of light. Lampshade with spherical shape divided into small circles with crystals inside. Light up any room with a classic style, available in leather or chrome finish to match the room. Dimensions: Heigth 12 cm. Length 34 cm.

    33,47 € tax included
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  • Track Light Hum (3 lights)

    Modern Hum ceiling track light made of aluminium. It has 3 independently adjustable spotlights, allowing them to turn on themselves (230º) and in a vertical direction (90º). Their size and elongated shape make this track light very practical for lighting living rooms and kitchens, as well as commercial premises.Dimensions: Length 54 cm. Width 6 cm.

    97,75 € tax included
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  • Spotlight with spike Aramo

    Spotlight with spike to nail on the floor Aramo. Very practical spotlight thanks to the fact that it has a pick on the bottom. This way, you can place the spotlight on ground or grass surfaces on the terrace or in the garden of your house. In addition, the spotlight is vertically adjustable.Dimensions: Height 43.2 cm. Diameter: 9.8 cm.

    48,99 € tax included
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  • Wall light - Spotlight ATOMO

    Wall spotlight 1 modern-style light with a chrome or gold finish (choice of) and rounded glass lampshade. A modern-style wall light that is perfect for passageways such as hallways, living rooms or bedrooms.Dimensions: High 14 cm. Width 8 cm.

    22,31 € tax included
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  • Track light ATOMO (2 lights)

    Ceiling track light with with 2 spotted lights - Atomo. Modern style, chrome or leather finish and rounded glass lampshade. Perfect for lighting passageways such as hallways, living rooms or bedrooms.Dimensions: High 15 cm. Width 32 cm.

    41,75 € tax included
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  • Wall light modern Sonar (2 lights)

    Wall light with two lights adjustables in Spherical form made of aluminium and glossy chrome finish. Perfect for lighting hallways, living rooms or bedrooms in a modern style. The spotlights have a GU10 base to put the Light bulb you want or buy it directly with the included Light bulbs LED (Warm light or Neutral). Dimensions: Width 20 cm. High 15 cm.

    27,54 € tax included
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  • Pendant Spotlight Link

    Pendant with adjustable spotlight designed by Estudi Ribaudí, with original designed in tubular floodlight suspended on rigid arm. Made of steel and finished in white or black. Ideal for targeted lighting in bedrooms, living rooms or modern kitchens. Dimensions: High: 46 cm. Length: 22 cm. Width: 6.2 cm.

    41,75 € tax included
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  • Track light Arco (3 lights)

    Track light from the collection Arco with three Lighting points ideal for lighting hard-to-reach areas: bedroom dressing room, kitchen cupboard...It is made of steel and is available in different finishes: white, nickel or leather Dimensions: High 12 Cm. Length 60 Cm. Width 4 Cm.

    41,40 € tax included
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  • Track light New Lug (2 lights)

    Track light New Lug made of steel, zamak and satin nickel/chrome finish. Its two adjustable lights will allow you to direct the lighting to wherever you want in specific areas of difficult access such as dressing rooms, kitchen cabinets...Dimensions: High 8 Cm. Length 33 Cm. Width 12,8 Cm.

    27,83 € tax included
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  • Spotlight-Track light Aspe (3 X Gu10) Quick view
    77.92 tax included 111,32 € -30%

    Spotlight-Track light Aspe (3 X Gu10)

    Foco-Track light from the collection Aspe consisting of three lighting points (3 light bulbs GU10 not included). It is made of aluminium and finished in white. Its modern and modern style is perfect for lighting up the bedroom, living room, etc. Dimensions: High 12 cm. Length 58 cm.

    77,92 € tax included
    111,32 €
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  • Track light Kripton (2 lights)

    Track light Kripton of modern style with two spherical lampshades of original design in a cage. These and the main structure are made of metal and available in two finishes: chrome or leather. Choose the one that best suits the colors of your hallway, dining room, bedroom...Dimensions: Heigth 12 cm. Width 34 cm.

    28,18 € tax included
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  • Outdoor Floodlight LED Show (12W)

    Outdoor flood light with LED lighting Show. The main feature of this flood light is that you can adjust the light beam by having a telescopic opening system. It is designed to be placed in outdoor areas such as gardens or terraces thanks to its degree of protection IP 67. Dimensions: Height 9,8 cm. Length 12,3 - 14,8 cm. Width 6,1 cm.

    131,33 € tax included
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  • Adjustable LED Spot Light Stan (12W)

    Modern design spotlight STAN with integrated LED. It can be oriented in several directions,  and also installed on a wall or a ceiling. Its structure is made of aluminium and it is available in white or black finish. This wall light is perfect to give an extra point of light in rooms such as bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms.Dimensions: Width 15 cm....

    90,51 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light LED Adame (21W)

    Ceiling track light Adame with LED lighting and metal structure available in two finishes. It consists of 3 adjustable lampshades and is adjustable in height adapting to your lighting needs. The modern style of its design makes it ideal for placing on dining tables and kitchens generating a innovative atmosphere.Dimensions: Height 40-150 cm. Length 71 cm....

    173,00 € tax included
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  • Track light LED Particon (18W)

    Particon spotlights with integrated LED lighting low power consumption and metal structure. Thanks to the technology LED Philips WarmGlow you will be able to dim the light in a simple way creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The spotlights are adjustable to direct the light where you need at all times and the light they project is soft and warm...

    459,51 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Kenya (3 Lights)

    98,67 € tax included
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  • Adjustable Ceiling Spotlight Focus

    Ceiling spotlight Focus with aluminium structure finished in white. The light point can be adjusted vertically (90º) and horizontally (180º), allowing the light to be directed towards the area to be illuminated. Place several spotlights together on the ceiling to complete the lighting of the room.Dimensions: Height 19.2 cm. Diameter 6.5 cm.

    40,83 € tax included
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  • Track Light Hum (2 lights)

    Two-light track light from the collection Hum. It has two individually adjustable spotlights in several directions, allowing each point of light to be directed to a different side. Made of aluminium, available in white or black, this ceiling track light is ideal for use as lighting in bedrooms, kitchens and shops.Dimensions: Height Max. 15 cm. Length 32...

    69,00 € tax included
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  • Adjustable Spotlight Heli

    Adjustable spotlight from the collection Heli to be placed in the ceiling on the wall. Ideal solution for lighting specific areas that you want to highlight or for lighting rooms by installing several spotlights together. Available in two finishes, the point of light is adjustable on itself and vertical, adapting to your lighting needs.Dimensions: Height...

    28,75 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Ring (2 Lights)

    Ceiling track light Ring composed of two adjustable spotlights. Available in white or black finish, this ceiling strip provides very practical lighting for small living rooms and bedrooms. Each spotlight can be directed in several directions individually.Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Length 30 cm. Width 15 cm.

    62,33 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Ring (3 Lights)

    Modern style ceiling track light Ring. Ceiling track lights with adjustable spotlights provide lighting versatility, allowing each point of light to be directed individually. Perfect for use as main lighting in living rooms and bedrooms, you can select the strip in white or black colour.Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Length 45 cm. Width 15 cm.

    84,64 € tax included
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  • Track spotlights Eye Spot (2 lights)

    Two light ceiling track light Eye Spot. This strip achieves perfect focused lighting to illuminate both home and commercial spaces. Thanks to the cylindrical shape of its spotlights, the Eye Spot collection is ideal for giving a modern touch to the room. It is available in various finishes.Dimensions: Height 8 cm. Length 25 cm.

    44,85 € tax included
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  • LED Spike Spotlight Drop (7W)

    Outdoor LED spotlight with spike Dro. Designed with IP65 protection grade, thinking specially in outdoor lighting. Very practical for nailing to the ground or grass and highlighting specific areas with its LED light point. It includes a pickaxe in its structure and allows a turning angle of 120º.Dimensions: Height 39 cm. Diameter 10 cm.

    132,25 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Spotlight LED Dube (9,2W)

    LED spotlight for installation on the ceiling Dube. Spotlight with tubular design in white or black, designed to illuminate all types of home and business interiors. The spotlight is installed on the ceiling by means of a driver adapter, and several spotlights can be installed in the form of a flush light or a strip (see available adapters).Dimensions:...

    115,12 € tax included
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  • 4-Light Kitchen Island Pendant LED Fox (24W)

    Hanging light Fox with four light points LED designed with a modern touch. They are made of lacquered metal and consist of a double lampshade, glass exterior and interior covered by metal mesh. Dimensions: High 40 - 140 cm. Length 107 cm. Width 20 cm.

    383,00 € tax included
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  • Track Light Awinion

    Ceiling track light with three adjustable lampshades. Available in white or grey, the ceiling track light Awinion is ideal for lighting living rooms and bedrooms. The lampshades are made of fabric, creating a cosy lighting effect in the room. You can combine the strip with the wall light from the collection.Dimensions: Height 28 cm. Length 66 cm. Width 18...

    133,29 € tax included
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  • Track light Rolo (3 lights)

    Track light Rolo for moderns rooms with three lights that you can direct to where you need to go. It is made of metal and available in two finishes: leather or chrome. The design by its lampshades stands out, with decorative metal threads inside. Ideal for lighting dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms etc.Dimensions: High 17 cm. Length 62 cm. Width 16 cm.

    54,28 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Track Light Crux (3 lights)

    Crux track light with three conical-shaped aluminium lampshades. These shades available in two finishes have a beautiful golden interior. In addition to the elegant contrast, the light from the bulbs you place will reflect on the gold giving a cozy and comfortable light. It can be installed on dining tables.Dimensions: Height 100 cm. Length 85 cm. Width...

    163,19 € tax included
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  • Track light steerable Aspe (3xGU10) Quick view
    53.82 tax included 82,80 € -35%

    Track light steerable Aspe (3xGU10)

    Track light with adjustable spotlights modern design, angular head with structure in white and black metal finish for Light bulbs GU10. Perfect for corridors, living rooms, bedrooms and other areas for targeted lighting. Option to select the Light bulbs.- WITHOUT Light bulb.- WITH Light bulb LED GU10 7W mate. Warm light (2700ºK) or neutral/day (4200ºK)...

    53,82 € tax included
    82,80 €
    DISCOUNT -35%
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  • Ceiling Track Light Bolton (3 Lights)

    Bolton ceiling light available in two finishes for you to choose the one that best suits the decoration of your room. Its three lampshades are made of metal and consist of small diamond-shaped crystals. It is adjustable in height, giving the possibility of placing it at different heights depending on your lighting needs.Dimensions: Height 50-80 cm. Length...

    58,30 € tax included
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  • Track light Floki (3 lights)

    Track light Floki with three adjustable lighting points so you can focus the light where you need it. They are made up of double lampshades, the interior is designed by red and the exterior is made of transparent glass. Available in two finishes: grey or brown. Perfect for placing in any room and providing precise Lighting.Dimensions: High 19 cm. Length...

    62,45 € tax included
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  • Track light Quebec

    Track light Quebec. Possibility of adjusting the height to adapt it to your dining room, living room... An ideal design for stays of modern style, with white cylindrical lamp shades of rough texture and decorative frames finished in chrome. Dimensions: Long 68 cm.

    83,84 € tax included
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  • Wall light industrial Celia

    Wall light Retro-Vintage industrial style. Made of metal and steel finished in black matt, it has an extendable arm with cable and switch. Perfect for use in reading areas due to its orientation or to illuminate tables close to the wall in the hotel and catering industry. Dimensions: High 14,5 cm. Length 42 cm. Width: 15.5 cm.

    73,60 € tax included
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