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Choose the perfect lighting for your living or dining room

The living room lamps are the most important when it comes to decorating your home. The living room or dining room is the room where you spend more time in your home, you need to choose very well the decoration and especially the lighting because all your visitors, friends, family and yourself will be hours and hours in the room so it is very important that the light is adequate and pleasant. In this section of lamps for the living room you will find all the lamps to place in each area of the room that needs a point of light. The first thing is to decide the amount of light you need at each moment and if you need more or less light depending on whether it is day or night.

The second thing is to take into account the size of your living room or dining room. Every room is different, some of us have small rooms with a sofa and a TV, others have a large room with several tables to eat or work. In any case, we always need at least one lamp in the center of the room to serve as the main light. This main light can be a ceiling lamp, pendant lamp, ceiling strips, a chandelier or a ceiling fixture. As you can see there is a wide variety of lamps to give light and decorate the centre of your room. In the event that the room is small, a ceiling lamp and a table or floor lamp for occasional use may be sufficient. If we have a large room we have to light it with more lamps, several ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and even areas where you will need to put recessed or wall lights.

Lamps to place in living rooms

As the room is so versatile, it can be fitted with any type of lamp, including fans with light or technical lighting such as recessed lights. In a living room you usually have a ceiling lamp and a floor lamp next to the sofa so you can have both on at times when you want a lot of light and only use one of the two for more relaxed moments. But there are some rooms that require a light to illuminate a picture or shelf for which you can use living room lights or wall lights. Coffee tables, side tables and tables for the computer or for studying require specific lighting such as table lamps in living rooms or lamps for lamps. As you can see, all our products have a place in your living room.

What kind of lamp do I need in my living room?

Your living room always needs decorative lighting to match the style of the room. If your living room is modern in style, you might want to play with a metal or multi-material combination lamp, perhaps with LED lighting, which is usually accompanied by a slightly more modern style lamp. If you have a more classic decoration, you can fit in the ceiling lights or chandeliers for the living room, as well as the ceiling strips for the living room. On the other hand, a room with a retro or rustic design can use glass lamps with an aged and nostalgic air or a use of wooden lamps to give that different touch to your living room or dining room.

Which lamps do I use to light up my dining room?

In the dining room, the indispensable thing is to illuminate the dining table, the central and most important point of the room. If we consider dining rooms connected to living rooms or dining rooms, you should place a dining room ceiling lamp that gives you adequate light from the central part to the corners of the table. For small or round tables, ceiling lamps, flush lights or hanging lamps will give great ambient light from the top. For rectangular or large tables, it is essential to think about ceiling strips or lamps that distribute the light horizontally so that the whole table is well lit.

Modern lamps for the living room

Modern living room lamps are perfect for giving a more contemporary touch to your living room. The use of combining atypical and groundbreaking shapes is one of the easiest ways to tell if a lamp is modern and up-to-date. However, there are other features when choosing a modern living room lamp such as taking into account the materials and the light they provide. A modern living room lamp often uses integrated LEDs instead of traditional light bulbs and the structure is often made of metal and or different colour combinations. It can also be a lamp made of more classic materials, but the shape and distribution of the lights can have more modern touches and be different from the lamps of yesteryear.

Classic lamps for the living room

Classical style lamps give the living room a pleasant illumination without overloading the decoration because they are usually simple but very elegant lamps. Putting classic lighting in living rooms and dining rooms gives it that decorative touch that is pleasing to the eye and puts the icing on the cake in your room. The most common is to think of the typical classic ceiling lamp for the living room or use a classic chandelier or strip light if you want more than one point of light. You can choose between lamps with fabric shades, opal glass shades or with materials that join fabric, wood or metal. In principle, the aim is to decorate without overloading, so these lamps tend to go unnoticed, but other decorative elements in your living room such as paintings, sofas and wardrobes gain more prominence.

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