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Buy lamps by lighting styles follows the lighting trends for your home, office, business and garden. Any change in your interiors or outdoors starts with a an idea, than transformed in a project, no matter if it a small one like changing the lampshade of your kids’ room or a more extended like the reform of your commercial premises reform. Here you will find some advises in lighting styles, with the link to the type of lamps you will need for your project.

The most important is to assure the comfort of your interior, which means a proprely organized lighting, with quality. Lighting in the house is considered an important design element.

Usually the lighting styles are part of the entire interior or outdoor decor, like modern and classis interiors, or hi-tech outdoors. For each lighting project you will need to decide where you need the light:

  • - The general lighting, with the main lighting source,
  • - Ambience or Local lighting, with orientation of the lighting sources and regulation their brightness or luminosity,
  • - Shadow or Decorative Lighting, Active lighting style determines the direction and representation of shadows

Lighting styles in

Each lighting element performs its functions. Teh armnonioues mixture of all of them can bring espectalural results for cretaing teh right atmosphere for your room. The general light provides good visibility in the room in the dark, the local one helps to distinguish separate zones of the interior, decorative - it beautifies and attracts attention to detail.

Take into account that they are special standards for lighting of each room. If the kitchen needs bright light, then in the bedroom - muffled. Make the calculation of the required power - this will help determine the number of light sources. Placement of fixtures should be considered before carrying out renovation works, in order to conduct properly the wiring.

To make the interior look holistic and harmonious, the fixtures should repeat its style. An exception can only be new-fangled design solutions, for which a characteristic is the selection of contrast devices in order to create accents.

Classic style lighting

Classic lighting style

Classic Lighting style is a timeless design for your interiors, relevant today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. Decorate it with a massive chandelier in the center of the room, for achieving the luxury and respectability characteristics for this style, and complete it by adding wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps made in woods, stones, brick, and natural fibers such as cotton to accomplish the desired classic interior.

Buy modern lamps and lighting

Modern lighting style

Modern style decoration is not an artistically exposed luxury and chic, it is a delicate and subtle manifestation of status and prestige. Modern means rounded or broken lines, asymmetric, multilevel, rejection of right angles. It combines functional lighting with decorative lighting, symbioses and harmony of both. Stone and wood, leather and glass are the basic materials for a modern style, as you can see natural materials are more demanded.

Ecologic lighting style

Eco lighting style

Country style is very popular among residents of megacities, because it allows you to feel the unity with nature. The design direction means recreating the atmosphere of a country house. This interior is simple, cosy and colourful. Lighting should be soft, diffused and unobtrusive. The main goal is to create a comfortable space. To realize this task, use lamps made of natural materials - wood, metal, and glass.

Retro-vintage lighting and lamps

Retro-Vintage lighting style

Retro refers to a fairly free style of decoration of premises. This is a kind of mixture of all the best that can bring light harmony into the house, but do not think that the designer will add to the project an element of anarchy and unsystematic. Loft gravitates to a large, free space in the interior, so the lighting should be thought through more carefully.

Buy industrial lamps

Loft/Industrial Lighting Style

The loft or industrial style appeared in America, when people began to settle in factories because of a lack of housing. Those are spacious and dark rooms with high ceilings. For this reason, lighting in the style of the loft necessarily includes several diverse sources of light. Chandeliers, lamps on long chains, floor lamps on a curved metal leg and the spotlights will help you to achieve an unrepeatable atmosphere.

Minimalist lamps

Hi-tech/ Minimalist lighting Style

Practical minimalism style assumes that the room has only the necessary things for a comfortable existence. Today this direction is becoming very in demand. Lighting in the style of minimalism is realized with the help of simple, laconic lamps of geometric shape. They should not clutter up space and attract undue attention. A good choice will be spotlights, track systems or suspensions lamps.

Country lighting. Buy rustic lamps

Rustic / Country lighting style

For Rustic style in lighting the designers use chandeliers made of forged iron, textile cords, decorated tree branches, flower bushes. The style of "Provence" will fill the room with beige, white and blue light. These discreet shades will give the rooms a compelling feeling of cosiness, warmth, visual and spiritual comfort.

Oriental lamps. Oriental lighting style

Oriental lighting style

Lamps in the oriental style are very detailed, in various forms, decorated with patterns, ornaments, multicolour glasses and even precious stones. Handmade mosaic Turkish pendant and wall lamps give piece of exotic features to your bedroom, living room or hall design.

Granada lanters. Buy Moroccan lamps

Granada style, Moroccan Style

Lanterns from Granada (Spain) and Arabic Lanterns are made by artisans and follow the design of the ancestral styles. The tribes of North Africa, living in Morocco, endowed it with folk authenticity, the Arabs brought to it the subtlety of the East, and the temperamental Spaniards brought the riot of colours. The distinguishing features of lamps made in the Arab style is luxury and colour.

Lamps of mediterranean style

Mediterranean Lighting Style

The Mediterranean style in the interior is a design that features a simple and romantic ambience: light, earthy and marine shades in the interior, as well as extensive use of lighting made of ceramics, wood, wrought iron and cotton. If you want to fill your home with the sunny Spain, the abundance of warm colours in Italy, the freshness of Greece and the spices of Morocco, choose the interior in the Mediterranean style.

Buy festive lights. Lights for parties

Festive lighting

We propose you Wedding lighting, party lighting and holidays lighting starting with fairy lights, LED candles, uplighters and spots to lighting your pathways, adding your glowing initials to the dancefloor and creating a magic ambience. Our festoon lights are suitable for outdoor spaces, gardens, marquees, tents, and high roofed venues. Use the outdoor fairy lights around trees, bushes, stairways, and across ceiling.

Buy kids lamps. Nursery lighting

Children lighting

The most necessary minimum for artificial lighting of a child is a ceiling light, a lamp near the bed and lighting on the desk. The lighting should not be very bright or with a sharp transition from light to shadow, as this can damage the child's vision. Soft diffused light in the nursery will create not only the comfort of being in the room, but also protects the child's eyes from too bright lighting.

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