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How to choose the right lighting for outdoor use

The terrace or garden deserves the same care as any other room in the house. They are ideal places to relax in summer in the sunlight or to have a dinner at night in the moonlight, of course joined with a good lighting. The outdoor lighting we propose to you has a dust and water protection.

Outdoor lighting is a difficult choice due to the large number of possible solutions, we have wall lights, lanterns, bollards, pedestal lights, portable lamps, spike light, recessed spotlights or searchlights. When making the decision we should choose according to where we want to put the outdoor lamp and the type of lighting we are looking for.

Like any other type of lamp, wonderlamp.shop offers outdoor lamps with integrated LEDs or LED bulbs to save energy. In the case of outdoor lamps the option of LED technology is highly recommended as this type of lamp is usually in operation for quite some time and the savings in consumption is usually very significant

IP degree of protection

The IP rating is one of the most important factors in choosing an outdoor product. The IP degree of protection consists of two digits, the first one indicating the level of protection against dust and the second one indicating the level of protection against water. Depending on where we want to place the lighting we will have to choose a product with a suitable IP rating.

The lowest IP rating, without any protection, is IP00 as opposed to the highest IP68 rating, which is waterproof and dust-tight. The highest degree of protection against dust is 6 and the lowest degree of protection against water is 8, in both cases 0. In the following table we explain in detail all the levels of protection and their meaning.

Protection degree for Outdoor lighting

Types of outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor wall lights

The function of an outdoor wall light is to provide both ambient and general lighting. Decorative lighting is perfect for projecting onto façades to create a light bath effect. On the other hand, the general lighting offered by wall lights is ideal for terraces and will allow us to enjoy lighting in hours of low sunlight. You can place an outdoor wall light that projects light up and down on the wall or only on one side.

Outdoor Lighting - bollards in wonderlamp.shop

Outdoor Bollard Lighting

Other aspects when it comes to lighting in a garden are the passageways, where bollards are one of the most decorative and practical solutions that we can find. Outdoor bollards provide a soft illumination that is ideal for signposting any path or transit area. Beacons are also very useful for lighting other outdoor areas such as garage entrances or swimming pools.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor portable and table lamps

An outdoor portable lamp offers a practical and functional design to illuminate different parts of the garden or terrace. You can place this type of lamp on a table to illuminate a dinner or a reading moment or place them on the ground to provide comfortable lighting for evenings with friends. Portable outdoor lamps usually have a built-in rechargeable battery, either via USB cable or a solar charging panel, to offer a great autonomy of use.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor ceiling fans

The outdoor ceiling fans are prepared for proper operation in areas exposed to water, humidity and dust caused by the environment. These ceiling fans are perfect to be placed in porches and gardens at home or in terraces of bars, restaurants and hotels. Some of the outdoor fans have corrosion protection that allows them to be used in coastal areas close to saline environments.

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