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Desk lamp LED Asimo

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Desk lamp LED Vader

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How to choose your desk lamp

Desk lamps are the main type of lamp used for direct lighting. The most common use of these lamps is in work, study or reading areas. In you will find a great variety of models with different forms, colors and functionalities.

When it comes to directing the light from a desk lamp, the most normal thing is to adjust the shade, although some models also allow you to adjust the body of the lamp to direct the light. There are two possibilities to adjust the structure, some models have a flexible body and others have an articulated one. If we focus on the functionality, we will notice that there is no difference between the options. The biggest differences are found in the styles of the lamps, the lamps with flexible arm usually have a more modern design against those with articulated arm that have more retro or rustic design.

The vast majority of desk lamps have a table lamp holder, but there are also some models with a clamp holder. The clamp mount option is ideal for rooms with limited space and can be installed on the headboard, a shelf, a mirror or anywhere you need.

Another important aspect in a desk lamp is the type of technology used for the lighting. As it is a lamp that we can have for a long time while we work or study, we are interested in keeping consumption to a minimum. In most of the models the LED lighting is integrated, contributing a great saving in the electrical consumption and the last technology in the sector of the lighting. Another of the possibilities is that the desk lamp incorporates a space to place a bulb, the best solution would be to place a LED bulb that would bring us all the advantages of consumption savings and instantaneous ignition.

Although we believe that the only function of a desk lamp is to be used as a study or work lamp, it can incorporate other functionalities and make it even more useful. Some of the newest features that a flexo can have are: a USB port to charge cell phones or other devices, a lampshade with a relay and an alarm clock, a touch button to turn on/off and regulate the intensity, different colored ambient light or even a fan to avoid passing heat.

LED Desk Lamps -

LED Desk lamps

The LED is the latest technology to reduce power consumption and the desk lamps are a type of lamp that is usually on for long periods. For this reason most desk lamps have an integrated LED as a lighting system, they are perfect as desk lamps.

Modern Desk Lamps -

Modern desk lamps

Desk lamps are no longer used only for lighting, but also incorporate new functions and utilities. The designs that have a more modern style fit perfectly with all the new features they can incorporate. These lamps are ideal for use in bedrooms, hotel rooms, reading rooms or offices.

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