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  • Ceiling Light Horizon (4 lights) Quick view
    108.54 tax included 166,98 € -35%

    Ceiling Light Horizon (4 lights)

    Horizon retro ceiling lamp with four points of light that you can orientate thanks to its structure. The upper bar rotates so you can leave all the dots aligned for more light linearly (on a dining table) or cross for better ambient light throughout the room. Perfect for dining rooms, restaurants, lounges and bedrooms.Dimensions: Height 50-78 cm. Diameter...

    108,54 € tax included
    166,98 €
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  • Floor Lamp Astrid Quick view
    146.8 tax included 195,73 € -25%

    Floor Lamp Astrid

    Floor lamp Astrid for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Place this lamp in a room of the home to give a stylish touch, while providing ambient light in the room. The elegant head can be turned either vertically (90°) or by itself (300°).Dimensions: Height 154 cm. Length 13 cm. Width 32,5 cm.

    146,80 € tax included
    195,73 €
    DISCOUNT -25%
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  • Chandelier Miyako (6 lights) Quick view
    120.4 tax included 130,87 € -8%

    Chandelier Miyako (6 lights)

    Miyako six-light chandelier. You can slightly change the position of the bulbs thanks to the three rods of this lamp that can be oriented. Place this chandelier in living rooms, dining rooms and large rooms in your home. You can place standard bulbs or with decorative LED filament to give it an original and retro touch.Dimensions: Height 52,5-80 cm....

    120,40 € tax included
    130,87 €
    DISCOUNT -8%
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  • Sofa lamp Quick view
    129.38 tax included 143,75 € -10%

    Table lamp Sofa

    Table lamp, with brown leather body and adjustable metal structure finished in oxide colour and sash shade in beige or brown colour. Ideal for placing on the arms of sofa earmuffs in living rooms or rooms as an additional lamp or backup. Dimensions: Height 25-30 cm. (adjustable). Conical lampshade 12 x 12 x 8 cm.Leather clamp: 37 cm.

    129,38 € tax included
    143,75 €
    DISCOUNT -10%
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  • Recessed Spotlight retro Flet Quick view
    10.35 tax included 12,94 € -20%

    Recessed Spotlight retro Flet

    Decorate any room in retro-vintage style with the Recessed light FLET. In addition, you can choose between various colours (lead, gold and bronze) to adapt the product to the aesthetics of the room. It incorporates a bushing for light bulbs with E-27 thread. Structure made of aluminium. Ideal for hallways, entrances, bedrooms, living rooms... Dimensions:...

    10,35 € tax included
    12,94 €
    DISCOUNT -20%
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  • Ceiling lamp Atomic New (60W)

    Ceiling lamp with adjustable height for you to adapt it to the size of your space. Made of metal with available finish in aged gold or black. Place decorative light bulbs and you will get a vintage style lamp for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms...Dimensions: Height 38 - 65 cm. Width 60 cm.

    79,12 € tax included
    In Stock
  • Pendant Lamp Flynn

    Pendant Lamp of industrial style. Very fashionable design in bars or restaurants that want to give a vintage/industrial style to their decoration. Made of metal with a black finish and a handle on the top with a gold-coloured element. It will look great in your kitchen, living room or dining room.Dimensions: Height 150 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    47,74 € tax included
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  • Light Bulb Globe II 80 mm.

    The Decorative Light Bulb filament Globe 80 mm. A beautiful Light Bulb with exposed filaments, Perfect for lovers of retro-vintage type, art noveau, Victorian decorations. The unique light of this Light Bulb creates a warm, candle-like ambience, ideal for lighting bedrooms, living rooms, offices, even for lighting and decorating any business.

    10,12 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Light Menja

    Ceiling lamp fine and elegant with a white spherical lampshade made of glass. Textile cable (can be shortened only once). Ideal for the living room or dining room, placing several of them in series. Brass structure. His vintage style is one of the most fashionable today. Dimensions: Height 17.3 cm. Diameter 20 cm.

    42,55 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Torún

    Torún wall light with metal frame and glass lampshade. The Torún lamp collection is characterised by its striking gold-coloured finish and its transparent sphere-shaped lampshade with the bulb in view. A filament bulb is recommended to enhance the retro-vintage style of the wall lamp. Height adjustable.Dimensions: Max. height 120 cm. Diameter 16 cm.

    38,00 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lamp German

    Ceiling lamp German made of metal with black finish. Adjustable heigth. The orange part of the interior of its lampshade helps to transmit a very cozy light effect. A perfect design for stays such as the kitchen or the dining room or for business, bars and restaurants.Dimensions: Diameter 32 cm.

    34,04 € tax included
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  • Suspended Lamp Bellona

    Bellona retro vintage style ceiling lamp. Several pieces of black metal linked together form this original ceiling lamp for living rooms and bedrooms. The bulb is virtually visible through the lampshade, making it ideal for an E27 LED filament bulb or tinted glass.Dimensions: Height 36 - 150 cm. Diameter 38 cm.

    46,12 € tax included
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  • Desk lamp Retro-Vintage Sam

    Desktop for study area with Retro-vintage metal design, with flexible arm. Different finishes in white, black or red. Perfect for illuminating the study or work area in youth rooms. Dimensions: High 31 cm. Width 12 cm. Length 20 cm.

    10,81 € tax included
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  • Floor lamp Retro Macbeth

    Floor lamp of vintage design, in the form of articulated metal flexo. Top lampshade with rounded shapes. Metal with copper-colored finish. Perfect as auxiliary light in living rooms, offices, bars, current commercial premises and design. Dimensions:  High 135 cm.

    147,55 € tax included
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  • Pendant light Cairo

    Cairo retro style ceiling lamp. Unique shaped glass lampshade available in three different finishes, amber, smoked and transparent. At the same time each one has a chain that reinforces its retro style in bronze, tin and satin silver finishes respectively. It can be placed in large rooms accompanied by a decorative bulb. Dimensions: Height 52-150 cm....

    237,13 € tax included
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  • Ceiling Light Torún

    Torún pendant lamp in retro-vintage style. Its golden metal structure combines perfectly with the black cable. Transparent glass lampshade in the shape of a sphere available in two sizes and adjustable in height, adapting to the needs of your living room or bedroom.Dimensions:Small: High Max. 120 cm. Diameter 20 cm.Large: Max. height. 120 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    57,48 € tax included
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  • Light Bulb filament Globe 125 mm.

    The Decorative Light Filament Bulb in its Version Globe . A beautiful Light Bulb with exposed filaments, Perfect for the lovers of stylish decorations retro-vintage . The unique light of this Light Bulb creates a warm, candle-like ambience, ideal for lighting bedrooms, living rooms, offices, even for lighting and decorating any business.

    10,93 € tax included
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  • Recessed Spotlight retro-vintage Tejar

    Ceiling recessed spotlight. Designed with a rounded shape and made of aluminium. This spotlight offers a decorative lighting that will help you get a vintage touch in the room you want. It is perfect for use in restaurants, wine cellars, living rooms.... It is available in lead, old gold and bronze. Dimensions: Diameter 11.5 cm. Bottom: 14.7 cm.

    17,94 € tax included
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  • Table lamp Nicolas

    Table lamp Nicolas. Ideal for charming lighting small corners of your home. Important to choose a decorative bulb with style, since it will be the main protagonist of this lamp. The main structure is made of aluminium with black finish. For environments, rustic, modern, vintage...Dimensions: Heigth 27 cm. Length 15 cm. Width 15 cm.

    42,21 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Lymington

    Lymington wall light with structure available in white, gold or black. Its main characteristic is its opal glass globe-shaped lampshade. This vintage wall light is ideal for lighting entrances, passageways and bedrooms. Dimensions: Diameter 14 cm.

    46,00 € tax included
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  • Wall Light Mester

    Wall light Mester retro design. The structure of metal and wood gives it a retro touch, accompanied by the bulb at sight designed to place amber glass bulbs. Its design is easy to integrate with the rest of the decoration thanks to its simplicity. It can be used in corridors, bedrooms and living rooms as an auxiliary light.Dimensions: Height 22 cm. Length...

    52,33 € tax included
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  • Wall light retro-vintage ONE VIII

    Wall light of style retro-vintage, metal with lampholder, antique bronze finish and black lampshade. Perfect for lighting in hallways, bars, restaurants or commercial spaces that want to give an industrial touch in the decoration. The use of a filament bulb gives a result of the latest trend. Diameter 22,2 cm. Lampshade High 13,5 cm. Brazo: 22 cm.

    45,20 € tax included
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  • Industrial Lamp Pendant II Copper

    Pendant lamp made of metal with detailed industrial design incorporating decorative nuts and hinges of acrylic diffuser. Finished in copper color. Lamp of the purest industrial style perfect for rustic and retro-vintage ambiences, living rooms, dining rooms, pubs, establishments, etc. Dimensions:  Total height: 150 cm. Lampshade height: 39 cm. Diameter:...

    222,87 € tax included
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  • Light bulb LED Candle Fumé (4W-neutral)

    Decorative LED Light Bulb Candle design- with led filaments of 4W. Neutral light (4000ºK). Not adjustable. European thread E14. Glass finished in smoky grey to give a highly decorative retro-vintage touch.Dimensions: 98 x 35 mm.

    10,35 € tax included
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  • Led desk lamp Retro Zaha (6W)

    Table lamp with retro style. It incorporates LED lighting to achieve energy savings and greater brightness. Neutral light of temperature 4000K. Product made of aluminium with white, black or silver finish. Perfect for use in work or study areas.  Dimensions: Diameter base: 15 cm. Spotlight Diameter: 10 cm.

    39,56 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lamp Nicolas (4 lights)

    Ceiling lamp to place in retro style rooms. Lamp made of aluminium with black finish, transparent glass and four points of light. The retro-vintage style can be completed by including decorative light bulbs. Possibility of regulating the height, ideal to place in dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants...Dimensions: Heigth 45-150 cm. Length 100 cm. Width 27 cm.

    116,73 € tax included
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  • Wall light Turis

    Wall light Turis with smooth textile lampshade and body available in satin nickel finish and leather. The arm is flexible which allows to direct the illumination to your taste. Its style between retro and classic, makes it ideal for bedrooms can be placed in corridors and lounges, it is also perfect for hotel rooms or hostels. Dimensions: Height 18 cm....

    36,23 € tax included
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  • Outside Wall Light Capri II

    Lamp Capri to place on exterior walls. Made of aluminum in dark brown and glass plates which give it a very elegant retro look. The pieces of glass let the light of the bulb pass in all directions for good lighting. Great for lighting entrances and porches.Dimensions: Height 41 cm. Length 20 cm. Width 22 cm.

    55,78 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED Soho (6 lights)

    Retro vintage pendant lamp Soho. Its original design draws attention, with six lights distributed two by two located at the end of three rotating metal bars. With the structure finished in matt black and details in satin gold, this ceiling lamp is perfect for placing as main lighting in lounges and dining rooms.Dimensions: Height 45 - 165 cm. Diameter 62 cm.

    189,00 € tax included
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  • Standard filament bulb

    Decorative Light Bulb incandescent with the filaments exposed. Light bulb inspired by the original Thomas Edison sketches. Highly decorative, perfect for any space or room retro-vintage style. Very decorative soft lighting.

    10,93 € tax included
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  • Ceiling lightRETRO

    The ceiling light RETRO (small size) by Pujol Iluminación it is an original pendant light with a steel frame and a methacrylate lampshade. A perfect lamp for living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens of vintage or retro style. It is available with the lampshades in different colours (White, Black, Orange, Red). Dimensions:Diameter: 34 cm.

    139,03 € tax included
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  • Light Bulb Globe 80 mm.

    The Decorative Light Bulb of filaments Globe of 80 mm. A beautiful Light Bulb with exposed filaments, Perfect for lovers of retro-vintage, art noveau or Victorian style decorations. The unique light of this Light Bulb creates a warm, candle-like ambience, ideal for illuminating bedrooms, living rooms or offices including any business.

    10,12 € tax included
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  • Retro-vintage Lamp Marlin -black-

    Marlin it is a Ceiling light made in aged gold and finished in black. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms or to decorate businesses such as restaurants, hotels, shops etc.. Lamp with a certain retro-vintage look. Dimensions: Lampshade High 19 cm. Diameter 30 cm. (total height 200 cm.)

    50,37 € tax included
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  • Table lamp ENDO

    Endo it is a Table lamp in a modern style, with an avant-garde design. Made of metal finished in chrome color and lampshade round opal glass. The structure can be moved to adopt a completely vertical position or to turn the opal lampshade (see pictures), changing positions. Dimensions: Height 40 cm. Width 26 cm. Diameter base 20 cm.

    236,56 € tax included
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  • Light Bulb LED filament Edison (4W-warm)

    Decorative LED Light Bulb Edison type cauldron with led filaments of 4W (equivalent to 30W). Warm light (2800ºK). Not adjustable. European thread E27. Replace your conventional bulb and get a decorative effect. Retro-vintage style. Dimensions: 146 x 64 mm.

    16,79 € tax included
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  • Light Bulb filaments tube shaped

    Decorative Light Bulb incandescent with the filaments exposed. Elongated shape tube shaped. Light Bulb Highly decorative, perfect for any space or room retro-vintage style . Lighting tenuous. Its unique light creates a warm candle-like atmosphere to illuminate any corner of rooms, living rooms, offices, even in any business.

    7,82 € tax included
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