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Rustic lamps & lighting

Rustic lamps and lighting are ideal for decorating places with style in your home such as the dining table, the center point of your living room or as the main lighting in your cellar.

At we have available for you all kind of rustic lamps to decorate any room of your home: rustic ceiling lamps for your living room, rustic wall lamps to decorate your dining room, rustic table lamps for your bedroom as a night light or general rustic lighting fixtures to decorate your restaurant and make it warm and cozy for your dinner guests.

The rustic lighting looks very good with different types of materials such as fabric on the lampshades or steel and iron in the structure, without forgeting the coloured glass or mosaics, which provide a magnificent appearance.

Discover also handmade lamps made in forge from the Spanish manufacturer Artesania Joalpa: pendant lamps, chandeliers, wall lights. Ideal for rustic style places such as cottages, wineries, mountain hotels...

Another of the great manufacturers of lamps and rustic lighting with a great prestige is Savoy House Europe. Click on the previous link to discover its catalog and surprise yourself with its spectacular rustic chandeliers.

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Rustic Chandeliers

When you renew the decoration of your house, lighting is one of the most important points. If you really want your interior decoration to stand out from the others to surprise your guests you need spectacular lamps that attract the attention.

The rustic chandeliers are perfect to complement the rustic decor of your home. You can also see chadeliers of other styles to create contrast with your decoration.

rustic lighting for bathrooms

Rustic lighting for bathrooms

The rustic style bathrooms are unique. The bathroom is a room that is usually forgotten when decorating the house, but it is also one of the most used rooms. Therefore, both decoration and lighting are crucial in your bathroom.

You can play with different lighting styles in your rustic bathroom. Here you have an example of how well a modern style track light fits with a rustic decor.

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