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Table Lamps

How to choose a table lamp

Table lamps provide perfect ambient light for use with other lamps in the room to provide more light or to use the table lamp alone to provide less light. It is perfect to place in those corners of your home that need a point of light to turn on when necessary, such as when you are reading a book, a magazine or watching TV.

able lamps can be small enough to be placed on any surface such as a bedside table or you can choose a larger table lamp to light and decorate large living or dining tables at the same time. The auxiliary light provided by these lamps can use an integrated LED lighting or you can use LED bulbs to save on the electricity bill by having a lower consumption of electricity.

Type of table lamps

A table lamp usually has a lampshade and a base or support and is also small in size as it is designed to be placed in small spaces such as bedside tables, hallways, corridors or tables in the living and dining room. In we have at your disposal a wide catalogue of table lamps with lampshade that can be adapted to your taste and will fit in any room where you want to place them. We have table lamps modern, classic, retro, rustic and we also have table lamps in arabic-granadine style and for children.

In general, modern table lamps tend to use metal with more daring and original shapes and can also use energy-saving LED lighting. Classic lamps have simple but elegant lines and usually have a round shaped textile lampshade. The retro style can have details with aged touches or the use of the rust finish while the rustic style focuses more on the use of wood and smooth fabrics. Granada lamps have a certain Arabian air and have colorful glass to give that touch of color that every room needs. Finally, the children's lamps with their drawings and fun shapes are ideal for the bedrooms of the smallest members of the house. Each style of lamp fits in with the decoration of the room in which you place it, although think that what matters in the end are your tastes and preferences, as you will have the final decision on which lamp will fit best.

Where to place a table lamp?

Once you have an idea of which lamp you want for your home you have to think about where you are going to put this type of lighting. To choose where to put a table lamp you will need to know which areas of your home need this extra lighting or less powerful ambient lighting for more relaxed moments. To do this you just have to think about which corners you could have an extra point of light to turn on at certain times of the day. For example, in the living room we all have an area near the sofa that is not fully illuminated by the ceiling lamp, there you will need to place a tabletop for when you want more light facing the sofa or for when you want to turn off the main lighting to leave only the table lamp on.

Table lamps are perfect for the bedroom, a bedside lamp is vital in any home. A bed has to be accompanied by at least one bedside table to leave personal items and of course to have a point of light that could be a bedside lamp or a wall light. We recommend that you choose models with similar aesthetics to the bedroom and that you take into account the tabletops that can be oriented to read in bed.

Other rooms in your home that may need a table light would be dining rooms or hallways and passageways in your home. These areas do not always need a table lamp, but having extra lighting never hurts.

When choosing between several models, you can use lamps that complement each other in each room thanks to the lamp collections, designed to place several lamps with similar characteristics that combine in a great way. If you combine the table lamp with the ceiling lamp, not only will you have ideal lighting, but you will also improve the decoration of the whole room by creating a more pleasant atmosphere.


Modern Table Lamps

The modern table lamps are perfect to illuminate and give an original touch to any room where you place it. They have bold, different and groundbreaking forms seeking to unite the design of current materials with good lighting of the room. In some of the samples modern table lamps are adjustable to direct the light to your taste.


Bedroom table lamps

The bedroom is a room that needs ambient lighting indicated to turn on at night or as soon as we wake up in the morning. The table lamps are ideal for both moments of the day so they are a must to place on each side of the bed. In addition to providing ambient light, table lamps can also be used at night as reading lights.


Children's table lamps

Achieving the perfect lighting in our children's room is one of the main objectives when deciding which lamps to buy. Children's table lamps offer fun designs and shapes so that the little ones in the house can relax in their room at bedtime or have fun with their toys. You can find more classic lamps made of fabric or more modern ones in the shape of animals.


Outdoor table lamps

Table lamps for gardens and terraces are perfect for lighting up evenings with friends. This type of lamp creates comfortable lighting and a cosy atmosphere for dinners and relaxing moments in the open air. They are protected against splashes of water and have a touch system to turn the light on and off easily.