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Sollux Lighting

Sollux Lighting is an innovative brand of lamps from Poland. Inspired by the sun, SOL (sun in spanish) + LUX (light in Latin), its lamps feature a wide variety of designs and shapes, as well as materials used such as steel, aluminium, glass, concrete or cement. They are characterized by their modern style lamps and innovative designs, without leaving aside the traditional lamps and chandeliers or other styles such as industrial lamps. Sollux Lighting maintains high standards in manufacturing and all its products are made in the EU. In addition, they work closely with experienced local craftsmen in Poland, producing the highest quality lamps by hand. Sollux Lighting seeks to make its lamps as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful and functional, while never ceasing to be innovative. Among Sollux Lighting's product catalogue you can find wall lights, flush lights, pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lamps.