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What type of lamp is ideal for my bedroom?

When we hear bedroom lamps, we often think of bedside table lamps. However, there are many types of bedroom lamps available to decorate and light rooms of all sizes and styles. In we have various types of lamps for your bedroom such as ceiling lamps of different sizes and heights, floor lamps and table lamps for your small reading corner, wall lights to put on the side of the bed or a handrail for children's rooms. As you can see, we have many options to light up every area of your room or your children's room. Most of the hanging lamps are height-adjustable, allowing them to be placed at different levels depending on the characteristics of your bedroom. In this way, you can put the lighting right above the bed or to one side of it, but the light or lamp cannot disturb us when we go to sleep. There are floor lamps of different heights, adjustable, with a switch to regulate the temperature of the light, even with an auxiliary light ideal for use in your quiet time and reading in your room. The wall lights are very practical lamps to place at the sides of the bed, and can be used sometimes as a substitute for bedside lamps or a complement if we want to have different types of light to read in bed. Some wall lights have a double function to read and have ambient light or have a practical shelf, perfect for use as a bedside table and even charge electronic devices, as some include USB port. With the safety and wellbeing of children in mind, there are glow-in-the-dark wall lights and a fence, as well as friendly lights that will accompany them in their rooms at night.

Decide on the style of your bedroom lamp

The lamps are that complement to the decoration so useful to illuminate and to give a personal and different touch to your room. Depending on the style you prefer, you have a wide range of different lamps to reinforce the rest of the decorative elements with which you have adorned the bedroom. In you will find from modern lamps that will adapt to all kind of rooms to a more classic style if you prefer it. Youth rooms, single person/individual bedrooms, double bedrooms, baby rooms, for each room there is a style of lamp.

You will surely find the bedroom lamp that best suits your style and decoration, whether it is a ceiling lamp, a ceiling light or a wall light. In addition, we also have a wide variety of lamp collections that allow you to combine several types of lamps in the same bedroom. Combine a floor lamp and a ceiling lamp from the same lamp collection and create a complete ambience in your room.

Most of the bedroom lamps available in include integrated LED lighting or have the possibility of placing an LED bulb. LED lighting offers low power consumption while providing high performance and long life, allowing your bedroom lamp to last a long time. Choose your bedroom lamp with integrated LED and enjoy your ceiling or floor lamp for many years.

Pendant Lamp for bedrooms has a wide range of hanging lamps among which you will find the one that best suits the size and style of your bedroom. Choose your adjustable in drop bedroom ceiling lamp, with a fabric or metal lampshade, finished in matt black or chrome metal, with a glass shade and the bulb in sight. Different lamp options to light up your bedroom while you feel comfortable. Select your bedroom lamp with a greater or lesser number of bulbs and light points, with a rectangular or round lampshade design.

Table Lamps for bedrooms

A place as personal and intimate as the bedroom needs an appropriate lighting and table lamp. Table lamps can be placed inside bedrooms in places such as bedside tables or on desks and side tables. Place a table lamp next to the bed as a mood light for the first moments of the day when you wake up or as a reading light before going to sleep. Inside the table lamps we found the desk lamps, perfect to place in desks and to use them as reading and study light.

Retro vintage lamps for bedrooms

Place a retro-vintage style lamp in your bedroom, whether it's in your little reading corner, on your desk or on your bedside table, and create a cozy yet modern atmosphere. Table and floor lamps combine black and gold colours, wall lights are perfect for placing decorative filament bulbs or ceiling lamps and floor lamps with elegant matt finishes.

Modern lamps for bedrooms

Give your bedroom a modern and up-to-date touch by placing a modern lamp on the ceiling, on the bedside table or on the wall on each side of the bed. Minimalist and innovative designs, curved and straight shapes, made of metal and aluminium or shiny chrome finishes. All types of modern bedroom lamps to create an innovative atmosphere in your room.

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