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  • Outdoor Portable Lamp LED Toc (2,2W)

    Portable lamp for outdoor areas, with Touch System to turn it on with a tap. Available in a striking yellow, white, grey or black. Integrated 7 W, adjustable intensity and warm colour temperature. Includes USB port for charging (5 hours of charging).Dimensions: High 38 cm. Width 11 cm.

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  • LED Lamp RUN (22,5W)

    Lamp LED for the ceiling modern (5 lights) with fixing cables that allow the Height to be adjusted. Chrome finish metal structure. High Power output LED lighting (22,5W - Warm light). Ideal to illuminate living rooms or dining rooms in a modern style. A Perfect lamp to place on elongated tables. Dimensions: Length 96 cm. High 6.5 cm. Total Height...

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  • LED Portable Lamp Bateria (3W)

    Table lamp fully portable thanks to the built-in battery, up to 7 hours of operation. Simple and modern design with rounded lampshade and base and different finishes available: all white, or white base and structure with black lampshade. Choose your favourite and illuminate the most beautiful spaces of the house. Dimensions: Height 33 cm. Diameter...

    172,50 € tax included
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  • Floor lamp LED Platon (23W)

    Platon floor lamp available in various finishes: white, leather, black, nickel or silver. LED lighting integrated in its two light points. Main 18 W and secondary 5 W ideal for reading or any task that requires visibility. An ideal design for modern and current rooms. Both lights turn on at the same time. Dimensions: Height 168 cm. Diameter 25 cm.

    37,03 € tax included
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  • LED Pendant lamp Narisa (5.5W)

    Pendant lamp Narisa with LED bulb of 5.5 W included  minimum consumption and maximum light intensity. You can adjust its height to adapt it to your space. Highlights the design of the lampshade, with little metal pieces in white, chrome or gold.Total dimensions: Height 35 - 190 cm. Diameter 18 cm.Lampshade dimensions: Height 22 cm.

    116,00 € tax included
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  • Outdoor LED Pedestal Lamp Cousteau (9W)

    Outdoor pedestal light with integrated LED lighting Cousteau. The design of this lamp allows it to be placed on different surfaces in the garden or terrace. You can place it as floor, wall or table lighting. Metal structure and polycarbonate diffuser. Pedestal light belongs to the collection of outdoor lamps Cousteau.Dimensions: Height 32 cm.  Length 20...

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  • 3-Light LED Cluster Pendant LED Rocio (15W)

    Pendant light from the collection Rocío with integrated LED lighting. It has three lighting points in lampshades with a drop-shaped design of solid glass decorated with bubbles. Possibility to regulate the height. Perfect for giving a modern touch to your home. Dimensions: High 140 Cm. Diameter 25 Cm

    263,00 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED India (6W)

    Pendant light Indian style. A beautifully crafted piece made of die-cast metal with a gold finish, white touches and gold details. Includes an 8W E27 threaded LED bulb. It will give a unique and differential style to your home. Ideal for the living room, dining room or bedroom. Adjustable height up to 110 centimetres. Dimensions: Height 55 - 110 cm....

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  • Pendant Light LED Tebas (8W)

    Thebes Pendant Lamp. Design with an oriental touch, made of die-cast metal with beautiful prints. The touches of gold and the white patina create great contrasts and a magnificent result. Ideal for illuminating rooms such as the living room, dining room or bedroom with a unique touch.  Dimensions: Height 75 - 130 cm. Diameter 34 cm.

    173,00 € tax included
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  • Floor lamp LED Zeus (18+6W)

    LED floor lamp Zeus made of metal with grey finish and methacrylate. It has two points of LED light, a reading lamp and an ambient lighting. It has a ball joint to direct the ambient light and double switch to choose the light you want to turn on. Ideal floor lamp to place in a dining room. Dimensions: Heigth 181 cm. Length 37 cm. Width 25 cm.

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  • Hanging light LED Bendis (5W)

    Bendis LED hanging light. Made of aluminium available in two finishes white and black. Its conical and stylized shape gives it a modern and original style. It is ideal for lighting living rooms, dining rooms and passageways in your home. At the same time, it is a perfect pendant light for your business, such as for restaurants or bar bars. Dimensions:...

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  • Pendant light LED Bendis (5W)

    Bendis LED Pendant Light modern style. With recessed system, being necessary to recessed the base to be able to install it. It is made of aluminum with white or black color, it will combine in any room in which you place it. It is an ideal ceiling light for living rooms, kitchen islands and dining rooms. Dimensions: Height 70-150 cm. Diameter 3,2 cm.

    125,58 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED Altais (9x6W)

    Pendant light Altais with nine points of light. Modern ceiling light ideal to illuminate dining tables, living rooms or large rooms of your home. Simple metal structure and glass lampshades evenly distributed. Each lampshade is double, exterior transparent and interior opal so that the brightness of the bulb does not dazzle.Dimensions: Height 65-155 cm....

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  • Ceiling Lamp LED Antares

    LED ceiling lamp of linear design Antares. Natural wood structure held by tensors that allow you to adjust the drop of the lamp to your liking. The ceiling rose is also made of natural wood to combine with the lamp. Its design fits perfectly on wooden dining tables.Dimensions:Small: Height 75 cm. Length 70 cm. Width 8,5 cm.Large: Height 75 cm. Length 110...

    199,18 € tax included
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  • LED Spike Spotlight Drop (7W)

    Outdoor LED spotlight with spike Dro. Designed with IP65 protection grade, thinking specially in outdoor lighting. Very practical for nailing to the ground or grass and highlighting specific areas with its LED light point. It includes a pickaxe in its structure and allows a turning angle of 120º.Dimensions: Height 39 cm. Diameter 10 cm.

    132,25 € tax included
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  • Post Light led outdoor BERET (16W)

    Post Light LED for outdoor use, of modern design. Made in aluminium finished in dark grey and diffuser in opal PMMA. Ideal for signposting and illuminating gardens as well as any outdoor or transit areas. La LED Lighting (16W) guarantees minimum power consumption. Neutral Light (4000ºK). Water resistant (IP54). Dimensions: High: 180 cm. Diameter 6,5 cm.

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  • Table lamp Andrómeda (1 light)

    Bedside table lamp> or circular auxiliary, made of chrome-polished steel with 1 light. lampshade of chrome-plated vinyl mesh. Interior decorative effect with faceted glass chains and chrome-plated glass bubbles. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. The light passes through the lampshade through its dies and is reflected on the glass chains....

    126,00 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light Rocío (5 lights)

    Lamp of 5 hanging lampshades with LED Lighting made of chrome metal and solid glass drop-shaped and with decorative bubbles inside. dimmable in Height. Original design that can be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and other rooms with modern decoration. Dimensions : High 155 cm. Diameter 38 cm. Height dimmable: 45 - 150 cm.

    399,00 € tax included
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  • LED Pendant Light Pam (24W)

    Ceiling light modern inverted funnel-shaped made of aluminium finished in white with an original black exterior and gold interior. Designed for ambient lighting or to combine several pendants together. In living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, also for the hotel and restaurants. Dimensions: High 180.5cm. Diameter 25 cm. Lampshade high: 30.5 cm.

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  • LED Lamp Boomerang (45W) Quick view
    65.46 tax included 119,03 € -45%

    LED Lamp Boomerang (45W)

    Modern ceiling flush light , luminous inspired by the shape of the Boomerang, with 3 bodies. Chrome plated metal structure with PVC Lampshade. Nice effect when illuminated evenly. Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms decorated in modern style. Height adjustable with telescopic seat post. Dimensions: High: 43-72 cm. Width: 20 cm. Length: 87.5 cm.

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  • Solar light Table LED Capri 40 Light

    Capri Light 40 is a outdoor lighted table, perfect to decorate our garden or terrace giving a chill-out touch to the environment. Ideal for homes, restaurants, hotels or pubs that want to give a different lighting at night. Available in LED RGB Wireless, with SOLAR light charge. Dimensions: Diameter 58 cm. Height 39 cm.

    267,17 € tax included
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  • LED Pendant Light modern Ora (4W)

    Pendant light spotlight with adjustable tubular design. Made of aluminium and metal finished in white. Ideal for placing several points of light in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, halls and other rooms with a modern ambience. Dimmable in Height. Dimensions: High: 150- 180 cm. Diameter Ceiling flush light: 6 cm. Width: 4 cm.

    52,90 € tax included
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  • Table lamp LED Beacon T (10W)

    Table lamp LED of the Beacon collection. Highlights the particular design of its lampshade with polycarbonate decorations in white and grey finish. It has a main structure made of steel. It will fit perfectly in any room where you place it as the living room or bedroom.Dimensions: High 50 cm. Diameter 28 cm.

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  • Ceiling lamp LED Shine 9 (60W)

    Ceiling lamp Shine 9 of modern lines made of aluminium and polycarbonate with grey finish. It has LED lighting and option to regulate the temperature of the light as you wish through RGB controler (included). Minimalist and modern style to decorate the dining room, living room, bedroom...Dimensions: High 55- 120 cm. Long 120 cm.

    392,26 € tax included
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  • Pendant light LED Diamond (12W)

    Hanging light Diamond, Bulbs LED G9 included, opal glass lower diffuser and possibility to regulate the drop. A perfect design to illuminate classic style rooms such as the dining room, living room or bedroom. The main structure is made of chrome-plated metal and the Lampshade is covered with transparent glass coppens.Dimensions: High 24 - 130 cm....

    163,00 € tax included
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  • 4-Light Kitchen Island Pendant LED Fox (24W)

    Hanging light Fox with four light points LED designed with a modern touch. They are made of lacquered metal and consist of a double lampshade, glass exterior and interior covered by metal mesh. Dimensions: High 40 - 140 cm. Length 107 cm. Width 20 cm.

    383,00 € tax included
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  • 5- Light LED Kitchen Island Pendant Rocio (25W)

    LED Lamp with five Lighting points, from the collection Rocío, adjustable drop, with chrome or gold finished metal manufacturing and lampshades with drop-shaped design decorated with bubbles. To illuminate with modern style rooms like living room, bedroom etc.Dimensions: High 30 - 145 cm. Length 96 cm. Width 9 cm.

    425,00 € tax included
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  • 5-Light LED Cluster Pendant Rocio (25W)

    Pendant light Rocio adjustable in height with five LED lighting points (25W) designed in the form of an egg with decorative bubbles, made of glass and metal main structure finished in gold-plated colour. Dimensions: High 45 - 150 cm. Diameter 30 cm.

    420,00 € tax included
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  • Floor Lamp LED Elaz (18W)

    Floor Lamp Elaz. The main structure is made of metal with a satin nickel finish and incorporates three thin bars integrated with light LED which can be adjusted in intensity thanks to the button included in the lamp body. Ideal for use in rooms such as the living room or bedroom.Dimensions: High 193 cm. Length 60 cm.

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  • Table lamp LED RGB Mushroom (4.5W)

    A very youthful Table lamp with LED light in various colors: pink, purple, orange, green, yellow, dark blue or light. You can choose to set a specific one with a touch button or let it change automatically. USB port to charge the mobile if you wish. Once in your bedroom, you can not live without her.Dimensions: High 20 cm. Diameter 13 cm.

    45,94 € tax included
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  • Outdoor LED Floor Lamp Pancho (18W)

    Floor Lamp in the form of cactus with IP65, protection against dust and water. Made of polyethylene, a material that stands out for its lightness and available in two finishes, in lime or transparent. It has a four meters cable and 18 W LED lighting, cold colour temperature (white light). Ideal for gardens, terraces...Dimensions: Height 140 cm. Diameter...

    340,72 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED Ring O'lite (41W)

    Ring O'lite hanging lamp by Francesco Sani. Globe lampshade made of aluminium and methacrylate. A modern design with a futuristic air ideal as the main lighting in the living room or dining room. Integrated 41 W LED, high power that will ensure a correct visibility. Dimensions: Height 120 cm. Diameter 80 cm.

    245,87 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED Fidelia (48W)

    Pendant light with fine steel wires holding low thickness rectangular shapes and arranged with different orientation and position. They are made of polycarbonate. Its lighting LED has a power of 48 W, great intensity to offer a great visibility. Dimensions: Height 120 cm. Width 90 cm.

    191,25 € tax included
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  • Pendant Light LED India (18W)

    Pendant light in oriental style made of die-cast metal, details in white and gold colour. Includes three LED lamps of 6 W each, a form of lighting with minimum energy consumption. Its adjustable height allows you to place it in rooms of different sizes. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms....  Dimensions: Height 60 - 110 cm. Diameter 56 cm.

    278,00 € tax included
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  • Floor lamp LED Maribel (18+6W)

    Floor lamp Maribel with integrated 18 W LED and a 6 W LED arm ideal for reading or performing activities that require specific light. Metal manufacturing and two finishes available: leather or nickel. Perfect for lighting dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Dimensions: Heigth 180 cm. Base diameter 25 cm.

    100,97 € tax included
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  • Pendant lamp LED Chimera (64W)

    Pendant lamp with large rectangular lampshade covered by beautiful crystals. Beautiful aesthetic finish with main part made of chromed metal. Integrated with LED lighting of 64 W, intensity and colour temperature adjustable in three positions, warm, neutral or cold. Ideal for lighting large rooms. Adjustable height. Dimensions: Height 30 - 80 cm. Length...

    287,27 € tax included
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