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Which outdoor wall light should I install?

There is a huge variety of exterior wall lights. Therefore, it is important first to decide in which part of your garden or terrace you want to install it and what your lighting needs are. You can place a wall light on the wall with a point of light to illuminate a particular area or you can install several wall lights in a row in areas of passage and porches. The wall lights with motion sensor that turn on the moment a person passes in front are very comfortable for crossing outdoor passageways. If you're looking for decorative lighting instead of functional, there are also classic antique lantern designs perfect for house entrances on both sides of the door. In Wonderlamp.shop you will find a multitude of models and styles of outdoor wall lights to place on the wall of your garden, balcony or terrace, both to light up and to give an original and decorative touch.

When it comes to choosing an outdoor wall light, it is important to ensure that it has an adequate IP degree of protection so that it can be placed in outdoor areas. Depending on where we want to place our wall light, either on terraces or covered porches, we should look at its IP rating. From an IP44 degree of protection, the wall light is protected against adverse weather conditions such as water and dust, but there are higher IP degrees up to IP68. The higher the IP the more protection, so the wall light can be exposed to high amounts of water as in the wall of a swimming pool that can receive large amounts of water or even submerge if is suitable.

Which outdoor wall light is the right one?

Outdoor wall lights are lamps designed to be installed on the wall in outdoor areas such as terraces, porches, facades or gardens. Depending on our lighting objective we will choose a wall light with some specific functionalities or others, without forgetting either its style, you can prefer simpler wall lights of current style or go to retro exterior wall lights that imitate lamps of yesteryear. Within the functionalities, we can choose to light a specific point, such as balconies or entrances to houses, it is usually common to install wall lights with a point of light adjustable to direct the light where we want at any time.

It is also common to place LED spotlights in more than one direction, so that the light is projected onto the wall where it is installed. The effect created by these wall lights is to bathe the wall, so you can see the wall and areas near it in addition to the wall bath is a very decorative light effect. The wall lights with motion sensor on doors or in passageways that connect two areas of your home, are an excellent solution to have a point of light that you do not have to worry about turning it on or off. Most models of sensor lights usually have a solar panel to work independently and have an easier installation.

Lighting is another factor to consider before buying an outdoor or other appliance. Integrated LED lighting in outdoor wall lights is the best solution to combine many hours of power with a very low energy consumption. Although if you don't usually have the light on for hours and only need to turn on the light for a few minutes a day, you may prefer outdoor fixtures with a slightly more classic design that use bulbs, which can also be LED bulbs.

Finally, the wall light is not always decided by the lighting or functionalities, it is chosen by the structure and design that will decorate the exterior of your home. To do this you should select a wall light with a style and a design that suits your tastes and a suitable light. In our online store you can find modern outdoor wall lights with LEDs made of metal and finished in white or black to fit any outdoor environment. You can also find something more classic wall lights or retro-vintage style with brown finishes and transparent glass lampshades, such as wall lights in the shape of antique lantern ideal for placing in entrances to houses.

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