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How to choose a recessed downlight or porthole

The recessed downlights for ceilings, also known as portholes, are an ideal choice for lighting different spaces. For example, they are often used in entrances or corridors, but they are also widely used in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

When choosing which downlight we want to place, we will have to determine the size of the room, and as always in the form and color to suit our tastes and the aesthetics of the space. In kitchens usually opt for downlights of medium or large size, on the other hand, in corridors and entrances the preferred solution is the small size portholes.

LED lighting is integrated in two ways in the recessed downlights, one of the options is that the downlights incorporate integrated lighting and another option is to include LED light bulbs in the portholes. In both cases we will achieve savings in electricity consumption without sacrificing quality lighting. In addition, the LED is a fantastic solution in rooms with frequent on and off.

One of the characteristics of portholes is that we can place light bulbs with different beam angles to direct the lighting as we want. We can place light bulbs with a closed angle of light if we want to highlight a specific object or site, but we can also place light bulbs with an open angle of light to light up the room in a general way. Another feature that have the recessed downlights is that some have tilting while others are fixed. Tilting helps to direct the light wherever we want.

By being able to choose the light bulb that we want to place, we can choose the light temperature that we prefer. In the case of the downlights with integrated LED lighting we will have to see what color temperature they offer, in these cases the downlight already incorporates a light color.

And if we want to be able to regulate the temperature of light? In the event that the lighting of the recessed spotlight is by means of a light bulb, we only have to pay attention to the fact that the chosen bulb incorporates the light color regulation function. If the lighting of the recessed downlight is with integrated LED, we will have to see if the LED is ready to regulate the color temperature.

Although when we talk about recessed downlights we usually talk about downlights with a point of light, in we also offer other options such as double downlights. The double downlights have the same characteristics as the simple except that they have two points of light in the same piece. This is useful for its aesthetic and practical function at the same time.

How to install a recessed downlight

The portholes or downlights are recessed that are installed in the false ceiling, so before choosing one we should know the space we have since if the height is too low we would have to opt for the extra-flat models.

The installation of a recessed downlight for ceilings is simple, in just 5 steps we will have it installed:

  1. Disconnect electricity from the space where we are going to work.
  2. Make a hole to install the porthole, the size varies depending on the model we have chosen.
  3. Connect the light cables to the lamp holder.
  4. Fold the tabs of the downlight to place it in the hole that we have previously made.
  5. Place the LED light bulb.
recessed downlights for kitchens-

Recessed downlights for kitchens

The kitchen is one of the mos used rooms in our house, for this reason placing LED lighting is one of the main solutions to save on electricity consumption. The downlights are ideal as kitchen lights because they can have the LED integrated or you can place a LED light bulb on it.

LED downlights -

LED Recessed Downlights

As we have already seen, LED and downlights are a simple but very effective combination to light up any room. With LED technology you will not only get quality lighting, but you will also save on electricity consumption. Renew the lighting of your home or business!

Recommended brands

Wonderlamp is one of the brands that we recommend when buying LED recessed downlights, LED portholes, LED spotlights or LED bulbs. Wonderlamp is a reference brand, reliable and with all the guarantees of quality in its products. With a wide variety in both style and design, Wonderlamp brings us everything we need to properly light up our home or business.

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