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Massmi. Lighting made in Spain since 1942

Spanish lighting and lamps

Massmi, which has already more than 75 years, has been lighting and decorating thousands of homes with warm and elegant designs. Founded in 1942 by Andrés Massoni Sans, in Valencia, Spain, as a family business, the company is managed in our days by the grandsons, Héctor and Marisa Massoni Gómez.The company is a fast growing company that is cooperating with new designers. It is expanding with installation of new showrooms and its participation in the most important exhibitions in Milan, Moscow or Valencia.

Design lighting made in Spain

Massmi lighting products are the result of love and passion for lights. The soul and the personality of Massmi define each item made for your home. Just have a look at the range of their products and you will get in love in those classic wall lights, wall sconces, colourful pendant lights, drop shape pendant lights, big choice of LED lights, floor lamps of vibrant colours and shapes, retro vintage pendant lights, classic, retro and colourful table lamps.

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